Naruto: The Outsider's Resolve

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A big group of shinobi sat around in the thick bushes deep within the lush green forest that spanned hundreds of kilometers. They sat in silence, tending to their weapons, checking their ghillie suit, and applying face paint and insect repellent in preparation for the task that had made them travel so far from the Hidden Leaf village.

Nenro glanced at the three shinobi teams, including his, participating in the current mission. Until two months ago, he didn't believe he would be traveling outside the Hidden Leaf into a deep forest away from most civilization for a mission— usually, shinobi worked near towns and cities where their clients resided, but for the current mission, they had been hired to go deep into the forest.

The client?

Nenro looked to his front, where his friend Takuma sat on the ground with his legs crossed, observing a rough map of the area that they had drafted in the jungle itself in the past three days. Eight months back, Takuma had told them that he had been given the command of a small team in the Police Force, but if Nenro had been told that eight months later, Takuma would be recruiting him for a mission on behalf of the Police Force, he would not have believed it. After all, Takuma was an outsider in the Police Force, a genin at that; even if he was placed in a great position, there was a limit to the freedom he would have in the Uchiha home ground.

"Do you understand this, Masaaki?" Takuma said.

Nenro glanced to the right where Masaaki, his hometown friend, and roommate, was squatting and squinting down at the map.

"No," Masaaki replied.

Takuma didn't look bothered; instead, he asked Masaaki what he didn't understand and explained that part of the plan of action once more.

Nenro wasn't the only one, Takuma had contracted Masaaki as well to participate in the mission.

Technically speaking, the Leaf Military Police Force's jurisdiction encompassed all the Hidden Leaf shinobi— current and, in some cases, even retired— meaning no matter where the shinobi were, they could have a run-in with the Police Force if in suspicion of violation of the law. But, in reality, the Police Force only operated in the Hidden Leaf and some areas around it. They couldn't stretch their hands more than that as they didn't have any of the manpower to do it. The Uchiha was but one clan, and even with their allied clans, they only had enough people to cover ground inside the Hidden Leaf, which had the highest density of shinobi of any place in the world.

However, situations arose when the Police Force needed to operate outside the Hidden Leaf. In those cases, the Police Force would recruit shinobi to assist them, as generally, they couldn't spare officers for excursions outside the village.

This was one of those situations. Nenro and Masaaki and their respective teams had been recruited to aid the Police Force for a mission outside the Hidden Leaf.

"What do you think, sirs? Any suggestions that you would like to add?" said Takuma.

Nenro wasn't surprised that Takuma had recruited two teams, as there was plenty of precedent for it. The point of surprise was the composition of the two teams.

In the circle sat the chunin team leaders of Nenro and Masaaki's team. They observed the map as well and worked for the past three days to draft it and construct the strategy based on it, along with Takuma and all three teams.

It all started when Takuma came to Nenro and Masaaki with the proposition of a mission outside Hidden Leaf's borders. He told both of them that he needed two teams and had come to them because they were his friends. Takuma didn't just want them, he wanted one of the chunin Nenro worked under, and he wanted to exploit the Akimichi connection through Masaaki. He explicitly told them he needed a chunin leading their teams and wanted them to bring a chunin who wasn't arrogant jerks and would be willing to work together without their egos getting hurt.

Takuma hadn't told them any details about the mission; he wanted to meet the chunin before revealing anything. That wasn't common, but it wasn't strange— it was the Police Force, and they might want to keep details confidential until a few things were finalized.

He and Masaaki went to the chunin they liked working with and presented them with the possible opportunity for a mission collaboration with the Police Force. It wasn't difficult to get the chunin interested when the Police Force was involved, and it only took a few days to set up a meeting. They thought Takuma would be bringing a Police Force chunin to the meeting, but when they arrived, Takuma was the only one there.

There was no Police Force chunin; Takuma was leading the operation.

It was then that Nenro realized why Takuma had asked them not to bring someone with fragile egos. It was going to be a Police Force mission, and with no chunin involved, Takuma, a genin, was the highest authority— they would be technically working for him.

Nenro did not think the meeting would go successfully, but surprisingly, Takuma sold the mission so well that the chunin agreed on the spot, knowing the stipulation that Takuma had the final say in any and all matters. He had managed to convince a chunin from a shinobi family that Nenro invited, and the Akimichi chunin Masaaki had brought along with him.

Only after the chunin agreed did Takuma share the mission details.

They were going to hit a big drug farm and laboratory, which was known to be the source of an in-demand stimulant currently popular in the Hidden Leaf.

Shinobi confrontation was expected—making it an official B-rank mission.

B-rank mission…

Nenro hadn't been on a B-rank mission. He had done C-rank missions in high double-digits, but a B-rank mission wasn't something even floated to him. He was well-liked by all the chunin he worked for, but his background as an outsider from the Hidden Leaf hindered him— he hadn't ever been considered for a B-rank mission by any of them. But Takuma brought him one— and more importantly, Takuma had made it so that Nenro was the one to pitch it to a chunin. That was big. It had a significant impact on his reputation— he could now be seen as someone who had connections in places high enough to get a B-rank mission.

Most B-rank missions were taken by teams made-up of all chunin and were usually led by a jonin, tokubetsu jonin, or a highly experienced chunin. Genin was rarely involved in B-rank missions because the base criteria for a B-rank mission was a conflict against enemy shinobi— and genin were rarely ever in those situations; the most they faced were bandits, who were trained shinobi. The rare B-rank mission, which did come by a genin without fail, went to the genin teams led by a jonin leader.

It wasn't in the cards for Genin Corp shinobi like them, even for genin like Masaaki, who was sponsored by one of the major clans.

Until now, that is…

The current mission was a special one. According to the intel Takuma had, the drug farm was run by a rogue Hidden Leaf chunin (missing-nin) and had a number of civilians who were trained in chakra, making them genin-equivalent, protecting it. Two chunin and ten genin were a suitable mix of people to take care of the farm while the situation still qualified as a B-rank mission.

Moreover, the missing-nin was in the Hidden Leaf Bingo Book, making it attractive for the two chunin who could claim the bounty on his head if they apprehended the missing-nin. It was one the centerpieces of Takuma's pitch during the meeting with the chunin.

"Looks right to me," replied the Akimichi chunin. The man was short, but big in the way that every Akimichi was.

"I have no problem as well," said Nenro's chunin leader.

Even though Takuma was the client and the mission leader, he naturally had to give up some authority in the presence of two chunin. But if Nenro was asked, he had done it magnificently. Takuma had made them feel respected, made them feel valued for their experience, and had used their suggestions and advice every step of the way— it not only made sense from a team synergy standpoint, but it was also common sense to listen to more experienced shinobi.

Takuma had kept his position as the leader— someone who listened to his team's opinions and incorporated them into the strategy, allowing the team to feel they were being valued.

And finally, Takuma had 100% left the missing-nin to the two chunin. They could approach that problem in any way they wanted without any real intervention from him as long as they got what he wanted— the drug farm shutting down and more than enough evidence against those involved.

"How do you feel, Takuma? Your first B-rank mission, and you're leading it. I don't think I've ever known a genin to be in this position," asked Nenro's genin, smiling.

Takuma looked up from the map and lightly shook his head. "Not my first B-rank mission, sir."

Everyone was surprised. Even Nenro and Masaaki.

Takuma continued, "I was involved in the Land of Frost incident. The investigation closed last year… they categorized it as a B-rank." Takuma chuckled, which sounded hollow to Nenro. "This will be my second… and I sincerely hope everything goes fine this time."

Nenro looked at Masaaki, who shook his head. Takuma hadn't told them that the investigation had closed.

Currently, the Land of Hot Waters and the Land of Frost were at war against each other; the latter being the aggressor. But the truth of the matter was much bigger— The Hidden Leaf was supporting the Hidden Steam while the Hidden Frost was being backed up by the Hidden Cloud. The Hidden Leaf and the Hidden Cloud were engaged in a proxy war against each other on lands foreign to both. The two great shinobi villages weren't officially at war against each other, but people understood that the two superpowers were currently going through a simmering conflict under the guise of supporting their smaller allies.

Nenro wondered if the Land of Frost incident factored into Hidden Leaf's current stance.

He would have to ask Takuma about the details later.

The sound of chimes sang, and immediately everyone stiffened up and took out their weapons. They had laid wire traps that pulled on bells to alert them in case someone approached vicinity. They could hear the sound of footsteps and the rustle of bushes, and the tension rose until they heard a sharp whistle that calmed everyone down.

A moment later, three genin appeared into view. One each from Nenro, Takuma, and Masaaki's team. They were the scouts.

"How was it?" Takuma asked his teammate, Minoru, a sensory-nin—a valuable asset to the team. Nenro was surprised when Takuma told Minoru he worked for him as part of his team. He realized he didn't know much about what Takuma did in the Police Force.

A valuable asset, thought Nenro as he looked around.

A B-rank mission was a huge thing for a genin, so when Takuma told the chunin he needed three genin each on their teams, it was clear that the chunin would try to sell the precious chance to have a B-rank mission on their resume to the highest bidder. It was an open secret, something Nenro was sure Takuma had anticipated.

Masaaki's chunin had brought along an Akimichi and a Yamanaka, while Nenro's chunin had brought along an Inuzukaand a Yuhi. On Takuma's side, other than Minoru, who was a civilian-born shinobi, he had purchased a Fuma and an Uchiha along with them.

Nenro was sure that if not for Takuma insisting that Nenro and Masaaki be on the teams, they wouldn't have been able to be part of something like this. For that, he was extremely grateful.

"It's time… the chunin is on the farm," Takuma announced as he stood up after taking in the information from scouts.

Nenro took in a deep breath before he stood.

He had been given an opportunity, he was going to make the most out of it.



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