Naruto: The Life of Shirai Haruno

(18+) Truck-Kun claims another Victim, Sean. Sean meets an old man, A ROB perhaps or a god, and gets reincarnated into the Natutoverse as Shirai Haruno, The older brother of Sakura Haruno. What will he Do to Carve his name in this Dangerous world? Will he even Survive?

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26 Chs


The village was basically in ruins by this point, the crisis of the Kyubbi was solved by the sacrifice of the fourth but the destruction left in wake was turning out to be far more problematic than I thought.

The third just gave his speech in the matter, even his wife perished so am a little sympathetic towards the old man for now, if he repeats the same mistakes he did in canon, I will make sure to Unalive him personally.

I was sitting inside done of the tents, Sakura in hands. The girl was sleeping soundly, unknowing of the death of her creators. It has been a day, thankfully I have been able to get her some food and water to drink.

The money I stole from my parents was just below three hundred thousand yen, although it might should like a large amount of money, it can only last a few years at best, considering the village isn't going to be paying for my housing, or I can also go to the orphanage and live with the rest of the orphaned children.

Although my parent's business has now been shutdown, I will still get the inheritance once I turn 16 or become a gennin. At which point, I will be considered an adult by this world's standards.

I sighed lightly upon thinking of all the possibilities, I looked down. And there is the problem of also taking care of my sister, the best course of action would be to send her to my aunt's and Uncles, Aka the fodders of Haruno clan.

I don't simply trust them to raise my sister right. They are probably thinking that the both of us are dead as well since they haven't come looking for us.

I should really ask someone for the shadow clone technique, it would relief me of most of my problems.

For me, the best option is to just join the orphanage. The matrons can take care of my little sister and they are experienced at taking care of children too. But there is also the danger of Danzo. I thought, every conclusion I came up with turned out to be worse than the other.

The deep regret of not saving my parents also came up in my mind a couple of times. But I put them aside, there is no reason to cry over spilt milk.

I guess I will just have to go to the orphanage, since it is one of the only good choice sihave for the long run, taking into account that I dont fall in the grasps of Root.


I signed the orphanage form, it was open for the children orphaned by the Kyubbi attack, the village didn't have enough resources to pursue children to admit into their orphanages.

I filled in both mine and Sakura's form and thanked the receptionist. When I entered the orphanage to expect a gloomy atmosphere but it was the complete opposite, children were playing with eachother, singing rhymes, some were also studying to get into the academy.

"Hello Darling, What is your Name?" A Matron asked me, She seemed like the sweetest lady I had ever met but the warning of the creator also lingered in my mind, Do not trust others.

"My name is Shirai, She's Sakura." I told the lady with a smile, it was better to treat her with respect and positivity than to be cold towards her.

"Call me Matron Miku, Kay." The matron, now identified as Miku told me. I nodded at her.

"Where should I keep my things?" I asked her, I first needed to know where to put my belongings safely, I had three hundred thousand yen worth of money so it was better for me to store it somewhere safe.

"You can go to that room, you can ask for a locker key to put your belongings, the sleeping area is also there." Matron Miku pointed at a door, I nodded in affirmation.

"Can she stay with me?" I asked the matron, I don't trust anyone else in this village to keep her safe she is my only living relative after all.

"Yes, I cannot separate you two cuties." The matron said with a small smile, I smile back.

"Thanks, I'll be going no Matron Miku." I said to the matron, she nodded and waved off.

27 potential recruits, Leader-Sama will be delighted. The matron secretly thought, looking at the kid walk towards the bedroom.


I peeked my head out of the book for the umpteenth time, She was still sleeping. A few days had passed quietly and seemingly uneventfully. I was sitting on my bed, with a book in my hands.

The cover of the Book read "How to remember Words." But in actually the book was on the topic of, Elemental theory by Hiruzen Sarutobi, The current hokage. This was the most advanced book I could find in this library, all other books were related to basic knowledge on the language, reading, writing et cetra.

Some were on economics but I was an economics major in my last life, albeit I almost failed but those are books meant for little children. Although I wouldn't be able to get the book I am reading right now, I simply swapped the covers of the books.

There was a book in the library with a cover which read "Basic Elemental Theory" but had the contents on how to remember Words. You might ask how I performed the deed, well there are no CCTV cameras and the most amount of staff the village could provide right now is a single chunin guarding the gate of the orphanage.

"Waaa..." I heard Sakura crying, I bent over and checked her back side, it's stinky.

I removed the diaper housing the stinky and wiped the remaining stinky off, I went over to the trashcan and put the stinky there.

I am still awaiting for the moment when she starts cleaning her stinky by herself, ahh Those will be the good days.

I put her pants back on and started playing with her, making weird faces and ticklling her. It felt sort of sad that I am the reason her parents are not alive right now, I probably stole her of a good childhood.

I sighed, I seemed to be doing it a lot often these few days.

There was a small nursery room for smaller toddlers and new borns, I was planning on taking her there today. She was awake now, which was a good time to take her.

The room was just across the living room, the floor was softer and the room seemed to be baby proofed. As I stepped on the floor, it felt softer, matresses were likely placed below the carpet.

I put Sakura down, she didn't want go down, so she was tugging in my hair.

"Stop Saku, Stop." I tried to get her the message in simpler words, she didn't understand any words except her name, well an abbreviation of her name "Saku" from "Sakura".

She giggled happily upon my pleading, deciding to instead pull harder. I managed to get her hands out of my hair somehow and placed her down.

"Play, Friend." I pointed at another kid, there were three to four kids there not including Saku. She didn't seem to understand what I said but instead followed my finger.

She crawled up on the child and started tugging his hair instead.

"No, Saku." I stopped the girl from causing any more harm to the innocent kid.

"She is a wild one." An one woman said worth a chuckle, she seemed to be the one taking care of these small kids.

"She is, she loves doing that." I told the old matron, Sakura was now playing with one of the toys, by playing I mean throwing it at me. The matron giggled like an elder woman upon Sakura throwing the toy, which coincentally seemed to be a kunai.

The kunai reminded me of how long it has been since I last trained, I sighed an sat down, supervising the problem child.

Sighing has become a habit to me hasn't it? I thought as I looked at the small girl. The regret of basically orphaning her has been the biggest burden to me. I have dreamet of them and the childhood I stole from this innocent girl.

I was wrong at first, realising my mistake really made me emotional, being in a child body has strange effects. Although I didn't like them for the majority of the time I'd been with them, I wish I'd done things differently.

I didn't accept kazahsi and Mibuki as my parents, That's okay, taking the parents of an innocent girl away from her is not okay.

I can never not regret the decision I made that day.