Naruto: The Hidden Protector

A soul was employed by a higher being to help him manage his world. How will our protagonist live her life to the fullest while also fulfilling her new duties? I don't own Naruto. I adjusted the story to my liking. English is not my main language so don't bother about grammar mistakes too much. If you guys want to read advanced chapters go to my Patreon account. patreon.com/Nauty_Manu

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Chapter 27

In negotiations, maintaining a calm and composed demeanor is crucial. However, despite their awareness of this fundamental principle, the occupants of the room couldn't help but feel their anger stir at Izanami's provocative words. After all, having ruled Konoha for over 30 years, they possessed a deep-rooted sense of pride that was not easily shaken.


The first to react was Danzo, known for his arrogance and pride above all. His voice, laced with a palpable aura of killing intent, dripped with threat as he spoke. "Who are you to speak to us like that, brat?" he snarled. "Do you wish to make an enemy out of Konoha? Do you truly believe that simply because you're a representative of the World Bank, there will be no consequences for your insolence?"


Izanami's smirk widened into a menacing grin. "Oh, do you dare to suggest that Konoha has the audacity to attack me? Izanami Yosokuna, the direct kin of Nagisa Yosokuna, the CEO of the World Bank? I wonder where Konoha summons such reckless confidence," she taunted, her voice laced with a chilling edge that sent shivers down the spine.


At that moment, Danzo trembled involuntarily. The name Nagisa Yosokuna still brought terror to him, sending a chill down his spine. Back when he was first appointed as the Root Commander, he had entertained the idea of controlling Nagisa, believing it would provide him with significant financial backing. But oh, how wrong he had been.


Before he could even make a move towards his goal, his financial situation had crumbled. In fact, it was no exaggeration to say that he was on the brink of bankruptcy. Just as he was considering embezzling funds from the village, a warning letter arrived—bearing the unmistakable mark of Nagisa Yosokuna.


The letter contained only a few words: "This is the last warning I'm giving you. Try something like this again, and I will make sure you are penniless in the next moment."


This incident instilled in Danzo an instinctive fear of the World Bank. Subconsciously, he knew better than to cross them. If it weren't for hearing that name again, Danzo might have forgotten about the incident altogether, lost amidst the fog of old age.


Seeing Danzo's reaction, Hiruzen was honestly shocked. He had never seen his friend back down just from hearing someone's name. This realization left Hiruzen deeply concerned. If Danzo, known for his unwavering resolve, was reacting like this, then this incident might be far more disastrous than any war they had faced before.


"Hahaha, why don't we all calm down for now," Hiruzen interjected with his usual kind smile, though the underlying threat was unmistakable. If Izanami didn't back down, Konoha would have justifiable cause for war. After all, protecting one's honor was a valid reason for conflict.


However, Hiruzen's assumption was gravely mistaken. Izanami couldn't care less about starting a war. With the contract that once bound her now disappeared, she no longer felt constrained. Moreover, as Madara's teacher, she possessed formidable power, capable of taking on all four hidden villages without breaking a sweat.


"But before we descend into further argument, let's put an end to this," Tsunade interjected firmly, cutting Izanami off. "Bickering amongst ourselves won't accomplish anything. Let's just get this negotiation over with. I have other matters to attend to." Her tone brooked no further dissent as she directed the conversation back to its intended purpose.


"Tsk, fine," Izanami replied with a click of her tongue, her tone dripping with disdain. "But don't make it seem like I'm the one seeking quarrel with these old fools. This young miss has better things to do than engage in something so unsightly."


Tsunade really wanted to comment that she was the oldest among them, but in the end, she didn't dare to voice it aloud. Not when her sensei was giving her a resentful look. If she had to put it into words, her sensei would most likely want to say, 'Couldn't you have informed us about this annoyance before all of this happened?'


Inwardly, Tsunade cursed, 'Hey, don't blame me. How the hell should I know Izanami has a switch that instantly turns her like this? And do you honestly believe I would even say anything to you after all you've done to me?' 


After everyone was seated, Hiruzen posed the million-dollar question, "So, how can Konoha be of service to you?"


Izanami regarded him as if he were a fool before retorting, "Well, obviously, you can be of service after paying off your debts."


Silence insured after those words verbarated in the Hokage offce. Tsunade was trying very hard not to break her poker face and laugh out loud. Shizune herself was faring no better. 


Hiruzen with twitching eyes said with a forced but calm voice, " Oh can you specify the debts we owe to the World Bank "


Izanami nodded upon hearing this and gestured for Shizune to hand her some documents. Placing them on the table, she began, "This here is the contract that was signed by your First Hokage, Hashirama Senju. It states that for the betterment of the village, he borrowed the sum of 100,000,000,000 ryo. Over the years, the village has only managed to pay up to 25,000,000 ryo, and that's without taking into consideration the interest that has been accumulating for the last few years. The World Bank insists that you pay at least half of the debt before any negotiations can proceed."


Hiruzen didn't say anything as he took the contract to inspect it. After reading it, he handed it to his friends. Although faint, there was a sense of relief in his eyes. The contract was exactly as they had been informed. So their earlier countermeasures would be enough to repel this disaster.


Izanami, seeing this, had an evil smirk on her face. Thankfully, the fan was covering her face, or else everyone else would have run out of the room in fear. And her smile only widened when she heard Hiruzen's answer, 











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