Naruto: The Great Swordsman

Ding! [ The novice period is over, the system is disbanding, good luck on your journey of Ninja World] Timeline: Shippuden Yoshitake Azuma, finds himself occupying the body of a kid who died in Konoha Crush Plan, after training for two years, he finally becomes strong enough, just about the time when the real story starts. Read chapters ahead on P@treon.com/Navyking6666.

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Chapter 1 System Disband


The sun hung high in the sky, shining down on Konoha, one of the Great Five Villages.

Five great stone faces of past and present Hokage, representing the village's history, were carved on the Hokage Mountains.


Konoha Third Training Ground

There was a rare silence on the grassy ground today, with three logs in the middle and forest on both sides, with a river running through the middle.

A figure was leaning against one of the logs. His eyes were closed, and he held an ordinary sword in his hands.

The figure had short black hair spiked up, a handsome and sharp face, and a small slash mark on his left cheek, which added to his charm.

He was dressed in a green flak jacket with a blue shirt underneath and blue trousers with white stripes on his left thigh.

{Ding! The Template "Dracule Mihawk" has been extracted till 100%.}

A prompt rang out in the figure's mind, causing his eyelids to tremble and sharp yellow eyes resembling hawks to appear.

{Ding! Rewarding The Black Blade "Yoru" and Perfect Haki]

Host: Yoshitake Azuma.

Age: 16


Observation Haki, Perfect, Future Vision

Armament Haki "Perfect"

Haoshoku Haki "Perfect"

Great Swordsman

Lightning Style: "Change in Chakra Nature"


"Yoru the Black Blade"

{Ding! The novice period is over, and the system is disbanding; good luck on your Ninja World journey!}

When he saw his abilities and the system disbanding, the figure with sharp yellow eyes maintained his usual cold expression.

A long, curved black blade with gems inlaid on its yellow hilt appeared beside the figure leaning on the log.


"As one might expect from a Supreme Sword."

Azuma picked up the sword and waved it around with the same poker face as this sword was enough to withstand his complete strength.

It's time to go back."

Azuma stood up, fixed the massive black blade on his back, and strode back, leaving the third training ground.

"How long can this peace last?"

As he walked through Konoha's streets, Azuma reflected on the happy people around him, knowing that the peace would soon come to an end.

The people around Azuma gave him a shocked look, or more precisely, the sword fixed on his back, which looked really cool.

Yoshitake Azuma, a Konoha shinobi, died in the Konoha Destruction Plan two years ago, and the traverser from Earth took over his body.

The parents of this body were also killed in the Konoha Crush Plan.

Azuma had always loved swords in his previous life, and his personality was also a little withdrawn, with him minding his own business, not attending social gatherings, and so on.

When he had free time after practicing his swordsmanship and had nothing to do, he would watch anime to pass the time.

He took over this body, which was only a Genin at the time, two years ago, but his cheat as a traverser also came at that time.

He obtained the Dracula Mihawk template, and in order to advance the template, he needed to defeat the Pirate World opponents in System Space.

During these two years, he progressed from fighting small opponents in the system space to defeating the likes of Marco the Phoenix, Katakuri, and today, he fought Big Mom and defeated her as well, completing the extraction.

Mihawk's strength rivalled Yonko's, but he was still insufficient to defeat the likes of Big Mom, and he wasn't a system slave.

He also practised Ninjutsu during these two years, and perhaps due to Mihawk's talent, he was able to master the change in lightning nature to the extreme in just two years.

His previous self only knew a few weak lightning-style Jutsu, but now he is at the pinnacle of the lightning style in this world, with only Raikage comparable to him.

The system may have left him, but with his current strength he had enough confidence to fight anyone as his abilities gave him that confidence.

Just the future vision makes him able to fight guys way stronger than himself.

No one in Konoha is aware of his true strength, and he is only a Chunin promoted this year.

He didn't do it on purpose, but there was no reason to make trouble when he could get strong quietly.

If he had revealed his strength earlier for the sake of fame, the likes of Danzo would only come to bother him.

His opponents in this year's Chunin exam were all weak guys, so he was able to defeat them and become a Chunin by using a little strength.

Azuma was well aware of the entire plot, and it had been more than two years since the protagonist, Naruto, had left with Jiraiya.

He was from the same period as Neji, Lee, and Tenten, and was one year older than Naruto and the others.

But he had no interaction with any of them because he was a loner who only minded his own business.

"Oh, I almost forgot."

Azuma paused as he passed the Yamanaka Florists, remembering that today is the day he honors the parents of this body.

Even though he never met them, he was grateful to them and would come to pay his respects once a year or so.


Azuma strode over to the shop and pushed open the door. A blonde girl with green eyes, dressed in a cropped purple dress with her belly exposed, greeted him enthusiastically.


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