5 Prologue (4)

"What name would you like to give this sword young one?"

I think for a name and then I remember Shisui Zoro sword 's name but then I remembered there is Uchiha Shisui with the same name.That would make the name of the sword less cool.

I have finally thought a name for the sword and I say to God

"It would be called Tsumukari Muramasa"

"Very well"

'Yes with this most of my weaknesses are covered. Wait there is one thing that remains. Should I ask the God for it. What if he thinks I am being greedy, fuck let's just ask it and get on with it.'

"Umm.. God San will it be possible for me to have enhanced regeneration better than even most Uzumakis?"

"Well, you can have it but you will have to give up one of your other Uzumaki abilities which are mind eye of kagura, Adamantine chains and healing people from biting you."

'Let's give up the biting one, I don't want people to bite me, besides I would have an excuse to bite another Uzumaki female if they have such ability kukukuku'

God looks at Arthur weirdly and thinks 'Is this brat really a 45 year old soldier?'

"I would give up the biting ability. And can you make the regeneration so that I don't die like Hashirama from too much healing myself."

"Don't worry, It will be done."

God looks at Arthur for a few minutes silently and then says

"Since I like you and you showed good mental capability and didn't succumb to pain in the void for a long time I will give you an extra wish but make sure it's not too much or else I will take one of your other powers."

'Phew, I was scared of the silence there for a minute but anyways what should I ask for ? This is one time life opportunity for me.' Suddenly my eyes twinkle and I know what I want

"Can you give me a summon contract which will help me form a contract with any beast/animal and the summoned beast will follow all my instructions willingly and will be loyal."

"That's an interesting wish but you can form contract with any beast clan you want with their contract scroll. Are you sure with this?"

"Yes" I said confidently

"Very well then, I will do you one better and give you 2 such contracts but remember this contract is valid for only one beast each and not an entire beast clan. It can also be not used on any Humans. Also to make the contract function, you will have to drop the beast's blood on the scroll to form the contract."

"So here are the abilities you will get along with their usage. You can also get creative and use them since I have not mentioned everything. If you have any questions regarding anything, you can ask now or stay silent forever."

Suddenly a blue screen came in front of me with all the information about my abilities.

[Name -??

Clan- Uzumaki

- Clan abilities

- Mind eye of kagura

- Adamantine chains

-High level of regeneration

1 Dojutsu -

- unique right eye which is able to view the lifeforce of living things — including your own — in the form of fire-like shadows and perform Sukunahikona, a Shinjutsu technique that will allow you to instantly shrink yourself or anything non-living target you see and just as quickly restore its original size. After shrinking a target, you could use Daikokuten, which let you store any of your shrunken targets into a pocket timeless dimension, which you could summon at full size at any given time. You could manifest these objects anywhere among your surroundings as well as freely manipulate them once brought forth. You could use these abilities in combat to great effect by shrinking weapons and objects and then summoning them to full size right onto his opponents, causing severe damage by surprise, or by reducing the size of elemental attacks and projectile weapons to prevent them from harming you. You could even reduce the size of buildings to cause severe collateral damage and remove stable footing from your enemies.

- You could also manifest massive black cubes which disrupt sensory abilities.

- You will have the ability to produce and summon a myriad of special black rods, you could summon black rods at various sizes and in great quantities to impale your foes with tremendous force,Having the ability to produce and summon a myriad of special black rods, You could summon a lot of black rods to impale your foes with tremendous force.[A/N : For animations you could see Isshiki Otsutsuki battles ]

- Like byakugan and sharingan, this Dojutsu helps resist Genjutsu . It's even better than them.

Only Genjutsu like Tsukuyomi will be able to have some effect on the user but it would be easy to break through it

2. Demon slayer breathing techniques - You will have memory of how to train for them and perform them

- Water breathing (11 forms)

- Flame breathing (11 forms)

- Thunder breathing (11 forms)(A/N : there are only 7 forms in the anime )

Permanent demon slayer mark :

- It will increase your physical strength . It will increase your arm strength by 100x when avtivated

-Transparent World: Bearers of the Mark can potentially gain access and see into the 'Transparent World', allowing you to perceive the bodies of others as if their skin was transparent. This will enable you to track the flow of blood, breathing, muscular contractions and joint movements of the person you are looking at which can be used to predict their movements and evade their attacks with ease. Additionally, those who can access the Transparent World can perceive the world in slow-motion, further increasing your reaction and movement speed.

-There are also no drawbacks of this mark and is permanent

3. Rho aias- In its greatest form, it is said to be seven flower petals made from light. It takes the form of a seven layered Bounded Field in the shape of an iridescent flower.Each flower petal layer has the defensive power of a fortress wall.It is necessary for its user to provide constant chakra to form the shield. It can also be projected from distance and can be used to protect others.

Tsumukari Muramasa- Self made sword by you Name also given by You . Customized by You

Abilities of sword:( Given by God)

- Can be stored within your soul so can't be stolen and can also come flying back to you like mjolnir . It can also be not destroyed or damaged. Very sharp can cut kunais or tantos easily

-Ability given by you to the sword

- sword can extend for upto 500 meters

- Ability to set 5 teleport points( Use of hand signs is compulsory to teleport to these points) No more than 5 points can be set. To add a new teleport point , one of the previous point has to be removed. This teleport point is set by stabbing the blade where you want to set the point and then doing specific hand signs.

- Scabbard 's ability: Can store chakra equal to 5 times the amount of your current amount of chakra . For example if you has 10 chakra points sword can store 50 chakra points. If your chakra rises to 20 , sword can store upto 100 points of chakra. This chakra can be used anytime . Also the chakra regeneration is the same rate as you . Sword automatically recovers chakra at this rate .

4. 2 100% beast contract - You will be able to form a contract with any beast as long you will place a drop of blood on the scroll

The beast will be loyal to you ]

Like I thought the Dojutsu helps in evading Genjutsu. And with this most of my weaknesses are mitigated. With this no one can stop me from becoming the strongest. The so called God of Shinobis Hashirama and Madara will beg for me to go easy on them. Kekekekeke

"Don't get overconfident young one, you would still have to train your abilities to become strong until then you are still vulnerable."

'That's right I can't get overconfident, many overconfident young masters die young. You should know that you are a humble man Arthur. Don't let the pleasures of this world sway you.

'Amitabha' I keep repeating this in my mind to make sure I don't get overconfident and die young.

"What do you want to look like in your next life young one?"

Once I knew I would be born in Uzumaki family with breathing sword techniques I had already decided what I wanted myself to look like.

"I want to look as Yoriichi Tsugikuni from demon slayer." He even has red hair just like Uzumakis.

"Very well, Young one it was nice to meet you and thank you for keeping old me company for so long. You would have reincarnated as a baby in a random Uzumaki family based on your luck but since you didn't enjoy familiar love, I would revive you in a nice and loving family. Good luck for your next life."

With that he snaps a finger and a white light comes to take me back to the world of living I guess .

"Thankyou for everything God. May Jesus bless you." With that he was gone on his journey.

God looks at the empty spot and thinks "Was he really a soldier?"

Author Notes

And with that the prologue is done how did you like the story till now. Do you think I made the right wishes. I kinda feel I make him a little too overpowered but I always like overpowered mcs so mehh. Give me some ideas if you have for the story


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