4 Prologue (3)

"So let's see what 3 power ups you will get " says the God and snaps his finger and with that 3 more roulettes come into being.

" There are 3 roulettes here . The first one contains power ups from the Naruto universe like a kekkei genkai , a tailed beast , a forbidden jutsu etc. The second roulette contains powerups from outside the Naruto verse and from other animes like MHA 's quirks like overhaul , hot and cold quirk etc or Haki or a devil fruit or a Pokemon or a grimoire etc. The third roulette contains weapons from all over the omniverse like mjolnir , shisui ( Zoro 's sword) , different noble phantasms etc. You will get to spin each roulette once. It does not mean you will get only one thing from each roulette . There can be a combination of 2 or 3 things too. So now spin the first roulette."

' Intresting things we have got here. There is even a thing called "power of friendship" in the roulette '

I spin the roulette and the roulette spins and spins and slows down on ' complete collection of icha icha paradise ' and my heart skipped a beat there . I mean I would not mind having the collection but I would prefer buying it on my own in the Naruto world but thankfully it moved to the next thing on the roulette and that was

' Isshiki Otsutsuki Dojutsu '

God says " Young one, you got some pretty good luck there that's an overpowered and an amazing ability to get . "

I have not watched boruto but I have watched clips on YouTube so I know it's a pretty dope ability. Isshiki with this Dojutsu was able to beat Naruto in nine tails form and Rinnegan Sasuke.

I think the ability of this jutsu is to shrink anything including the user except other living beings and store them in a pocket less dimension which can be summoned at full size at any given time. Another ability was to create those black rods of any given size and also those black cubes which can stop sensors from sensing anything.

All in all it's a pretty OP ability.

Now my path to the top of the shinobi world won't be so tough anymore.

Imagine if Madara uchiha, the so called ghost of the uchiha summoned a meteorite on me , With a simple nonchalant look at it , it will be disappeared and I would throw it at double speed to Madara the next second. Imagine the looks of the entire shinobi alliance when they see it . Onoki's back would probably break after seeing this and those kunoichis will be so awestruck

*Ahem Ahem*

As I keep thinking I heard clearing of throat from God, oh how could I forget about him I should probably apologize

"Sorry God San, Forgive me for my carelessness and my lack of manners. Thank you for this opportunity and this power. Do you want me to do anything in the Naruto world like creating your temple or something I would happily do it."

God chuckles and says It's okay young man and no need to do such things just enjoy your next life. As for your power , you will have to develop this power. First of all this Dojutsu will be activated only when you are 10 . Also you would not be able to spam this jutsu like Isshiki since he was an Otsutsuki and had a lot of chakra. And you would not to be able to shrink meteorites and buildings from get go, You would have to practice a lot to do that."

Hearing this I become solemn 'Yes I can't spam this technique if only I had a lot of chakra even if I am an Uzumaki this will not be enough to spam this technique . Maybe I should consider having a tailed beast sealed inside me.'

Like God was hearing my thoughts he said "Don't worry you would be able to decrease the chakra used after a lot of training and practice. Now spin the second wheel."

I spin the second wheel and prayed to the God standing in front of me to give me a nice power

When the wheel stops , I couldn't help but say


It said Demon slayer techniques

I haven't watched much of the Demon slayer anime but from what I have watched the animation and fights were so cool and all those sword technique and it will all be mine. I could perform Sun breathing and annihilate my foes.

I puff my chest and think but then God interrupts me by saying

"Sorry to break it to you young one you would not be able to do Sun breathing or moon breathing.

You will only able to do breathing techniques of your respective elements i.e. Fire, water and lightning so you will only be having breathing according to these elements flame breathing, water breathing and thunder breathing."

'Damn and here I thought I will become OP enough to beat everyone with a sword slash but these breathing are also cool and strong.'

"God San, will the sharingan be able to copy my techniques?"

I didn't want anyone else to steal my spotlight and especially not those red eyed freaks.

"Don't worry, They would not be able to copy these techniques. Even if they do they would not be able to perform them as only you can perform them."

I sighed in relief and asked "How would this work? Will there be a system to teach me these techniques?"

" No, There will be no system . I would be giving you a ' knowledge pack' which will be stored inside your memories which you can access anytime. They will have the required training for achieving the techniques , kenjutsu arts and how to perform and train for each step of the breathing techniques."

' That works too. But wait a minute'

' God San will anyone able to read my mind?'

God says " Don't worry no one would be able to read your memories . There will only see already created false memories."

' Yamanaka's beware your nightmare is coming bahahahaha.'

" I have another question God San will I be able to keep my memories after my reincarnation?"

"Yes, you would keep them as it's not much of a 'reincarnation' if you don't have memories to begin with." He says.

" Alright so let's get the last roulette rolling. Let's see what weapon is in store for you "

I spin the wheel and watch and hope whatever weapon it is , it better not be wonder woman panties or the ultimate dildo.

The wheel starts slowing down , it lands on Tony stark Iron mark 3 , moves to Batman utility 's belt and stops on ' Rho Aias and a customised weapon '

IT WAS A COMBO!!! I really am lucky , maybe I am God's child . Is this guy my father ? I look suspiciously at my supposed father or God

God looks at me awkwardly and says " Another good thing you got ther young one"

He is right Rho Aias is a 7 petal shield. It covers my defense I guess . And a customised weapon , I wonder what can I make my weapon into maybe an infinite gauntlet with all the infinity stones.

" God I want to make a weapon similar to infinity gauntlet of Thanos with all the stones "

" You are too greedy child. You can't have that. Let me help you to customise your weapon. First tell me what weapon would you want. Since it's a ninja world so only cold weapons no guns , bombs ,etc."

So no snapping fingers and wiping all the Otsutsuki . Focus Arthur Focus.

Let's see what weapon would I need. Since I am going to perform demon slaying techniques , I should ask for a sword or a katana to be specific

" Katana with its scabbard" I decided on katana because they are cool and they are perfect for all my 3 breathing techniques.

" Very well , now tell me how would you like to design it "

"The sword handle should be red and the edges of the blade should have flame like patterns. Scabbard should be purple also with flame patterns."

" Alright now let's come to the abilities of the sword. You can ask for 3 abilities - One major and 2 minor abilities .They can't be too strong . So if you want something like Aizen's kyoka suigetsu you can forget about it even if you pick it as a major ability it's too strong for it. Similarly for other Bankais ."

" For my first minor ability I would like my sword to extend whenever I want like Orochimaru 's kusanagi sword for upto 1 km ."

" You could assassinate people from a kilometre distance with this , it would be a major ability . 500 meter for a minor ability. "

" Fine "

Alright so let's see what all I lack

- Genjutsu

- Escaping from Genjutsu

- Kekkei Genkai which is not a Dojutsu

- Space- Time ninjutsu

- Escaping from another dimension, jeez just imagine if kaguya or obito trap me in another dimension for me to just die of hunger and thirst.

I think my Dojutsu should help me in Genjutsu or atleast help me in escaping it. Now how do I cover rest of my weaknesses

Suddenly my eyes twinkle, I got an amazing idea

" Before , you tell me about the other abilities of sword let me tell you the passive abilities I will be giving to the sword - it wouldn't be able to destroyed , you could store the weapon inside your soul so no one can steal it , it will be very sharp and the weapon will come flying to you whenever you want but you won't be able to fly with it . "

' Damn that's good '

" For my major ability I want my scabbard to hold 10 times my chakra which I can use anytime I want"

" It's too much . You are an Uzumaki you would already have a lot of chakra. I will make it 5 times your chakra and make some necessary adjustments . Don't worry you would like it"

" Fine, As for my final ability , I want Space mark ability which means , wherever I place mark with my sword , I would be able to teleport to that place. Now before you say that it's an overpowered ability let me tell you some of its limitations to make it less amazing. I could only place 5 marks at a given time . To place another mark I would have to remove one of the previous 5. Also to perform the teleportation I would have to do a lot of hand signs that would mean I would not be able to use this in the middle of combat ."

" It's still too much but since I am God I will be magnanimous and grant you your wish."

" Thankyou very much God San!!"

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