36 Problems of having a Dojutsu

Besides the chakra absorbing rods being faster in absorbing chakra and can grow in strength it can have more utilities. I mean I am an Uzumaki with my grandfather and father as level 5 fuinjutsu masters and my potential of being one too.

I can use it for different things. I can use these rods just like Nagato's rinnegan to absorb any ninjutsu. I know it's not technically possible but everything is possible with research and experiments just look at Orochimaru, Tobirama and Kabuto. They developed so many jutsus with experimentation which were theoretically not possible like making dead people fight for you.

I might not be as intelligent as them but I can always employ these geniuses to do this work for me. My dad was a genius himself.

Well You would be wondering why I want to absorb ninjutsu when I can just shrink it and store it for future use. Well I can only shrink one thing at a time for now, I don't whether this limit will increase in future or not. So let's take an example of a simple fire style phoneix flower jutsu, I would only be able to shrink one of the fireball at a time and the rest might just hit me before I could shrink them. That's why I wanted to absorb ninjutsu.

Anyways back to how I can use these chakra absorbing rods in future.I can just create them for the whole army by modifying it for the person.

Once these rods awaken they won't be able to be used by anyone other than me as once someone touches it, his or her chakra would be absorbed. So if I can customise the rod for the respective person and not make the rod absorb his chakra, it would be an OP weapon for the village with an infinite supply. Just thinking about it makes my blood boil with excitement.

Suddenly my eyes twinkled.

"Grandpaaaaaa, COME HEREEEE" I shouted excitedly.

"Oh looks like little Yoriichi has an interesting idea again. So tell me what's on your mind." Grandpa said

I asked him to hold one of the normal rods I created and he managed to hold it and the rod didn't dissipate like I thought it would in another person's hand.

"We can use and sell these weapons since they are stronger than a normal kunai and even have a bigger range and most importantly with me here we will have an infinite supply of it as long as I have chakra."

I said excitedly

Hearing this Grandpa also got stars in his eyes and started laughing "We will be rich, we will be rich hahahahaha"

"Well father I don't think it would be a reasonable idea for now since there are spies within our village and if they got hold of these weapons they would be even stronger. For now we can only sell this to the people we trust the most." Dad said breaking our excitement.

"I will be given some money out of the sale right? I mean I am the one that is creating them, I need some share or else you can forget about it." I said with a firm stance.

"Fine, You will be given 20 percent of the sale."

Grandpa said

"Just 20 percent, I want at least 50 percent of the money." I said

"You are too young Yoriichi, You won't be able to handle so much money." Grandpa said sternly

"But I am already 10 years old." I countered

"But you are still not a Shinobi so only 20 percent besides your grandpa is old, we should store some money for any illness or disease I will get due to old age." He said

'Absolutely shameless just like father. Old, he looks like just a 30 year old right now for God sake. Just wait once I become a Shinobi I will run your pockets dry.'

"Dad, we have a bigger problem on hand" Father said to grandpa

Hearing this Grandpa got serious and asked dad "What do you mean Haru?"

"If people get to know about this ability of Yoriichi to create endless weapons, he will constantly be in danger from people who would want his eyes or at least destroy his eyes so he won't be able to produce these endless weapons." Dad said

Dad was right. I was strong but I was strong for a kid and there were still many people stronger than me who could take my eyes easily or destroy my eyes. I will sadly have to hide them, I don't like hiding my powers, I mean if I have something so strong why would I hide them.

Hearing this mom got a lot of worried. I can tell that from her troubled expression.

"You are right Haru, We should restrict people from knowing about this information and keep it as an S class clan secret. No let's just keep this secret between us. The less people who know about it, the more safe Yoriichi will be." Grandpa said

"You four, you better tell that doctor to keep his mouth shut about it. If anything happens to my grandson because of his loose mouth. He will have to say bye bye to his mouth." Grandpa said to his four guards.

"We won't have to worry about these guards since all my personal guards have the Cursed Tongue Eradication Seal to prevent any leak of information. I placed this seal on them after finding that there were spies in the village." Grandpa said

You might be wondering if my Grandpa is evil just like that egghead Danzo but no he is not.

This seal was made by Tobirama with the help of Grandpa with the intention to prevent any leakage of confidential information. It's not harmful to the user, it just prevents them from saying that information.

Unlike danzo, grandpa does not force them to kill their loved ones or kidnap people to become his tools. All in all Cursed Tongue Eradication Seal is not evil in itself, it's just Danzo who made it look evil.

"Father if someone manages to steal Yoriichi eyes and Sage forbid use this power against our village we will be in a lot of trouble. We will have to find a solution for it." Dad said

"I am not letting you gauge my baby's eyes and destroy them, You MONSTER." Mom said with tears in her eyes and hugged me while glaring at dad.

"I didn't mean it like that, I mean finding a solution with the help of Fuinjutsu." Dad said with a scared look.

"Oh sorry sorry" Mom got up with an embarrassed look.

"I think I might have a solution" Grandpa said

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