1 Tragedy will always out do miracles

October 10

It was just like any other day in the leaf village. Kids were playing around. Adults were laughing with each other. Shinobi peacefully training with one another. It was peaceful. No war, no conflict, just peace.

As the day ends, parents come and take their kids home, friends are saying goodnight to each other. You know, the usual.

Well, for the most part. Kushina Uzamaki was in labor as she was getting ready to give birth, as the sun was setting. What's different about this woman giving birth then any other?

You'd be surprised at how dangerous this really is.

There Kushina was, along with Minato, in Hokage Mountain. Why?

Kushina is a jinchuriki. To be specific, the jinchuriki of the 9 tailed fox, otherwise known as Kyuubi. When a jinchuriki is giving birth, the seal used to trap whatever beast inside significantly weakens, making it a risk to give birth in a hospital with all those other people.

Speaking of hospitals, their was another women giving birth that night. A purple haired women to be exact.

This women was a former Shinobi. A jonin to be exact. Although giving birth is one of the most painful things a human can feel, it wasn't more painful than war. This woman has known war. It was a part of her life she will never forget. After all, she lost her last loved ones to war.

This woman's name is Nami Suiha. Suiha was crying, not tears of pain, but tears of happiness. Her child was just born. Tawny brown skin, the opposite of his mothers. Golden brown eyes, contrary to his mother's black eyes.

"Golden Brown eyes..." is the first words that were spoken when Suiha finally held her baby.

"Just like his..." she barely manages to say.

It looked like she was on the verge of death, though in reality she was just exhausted.

"His name will be... Kinchairo Daiko Raijin" were her last words of consciousness, on that night, before she inevitably passed out.

As she passed out, the nurses took the newly born Kinchairo out of his mothers hands and wrapped him up in a small baby sized blanket.

This all happened in a bunker, near the back end of the leaf village. Why in a bunker you ask? Why in the back end of the leaf village you ask?

The Kyuubi had broken free of it's seal, minutes after the birth of Kushina's child. It was wreaking havoc upon the leaf village. It was restricted to the front area of the leaf, but it still wreaked havoc. Only a few buildings were left in the front side of the leaf.

At this moment, the Kyuubi had landed a fatal attack on the Hokage and his wife. It was not long before the leaf village will lose its most powerful Shinobi.

Minutes before his death, Minato Namikaze, the current Hokage had one last resort.

He weaved multiple hand signs, which resulted in an Oni demon appearing. That's what most people would say. In reality, the grim reaper himself has appeared. Minato offered half of his soul to bind Half of the Kyuubi to his son, sending his son down upon a path of fate that he would now be forced to take in his life.

He then offered the other half of his soul, Binding the Kyuubi to it, as the grim reaper took his and his wife's soul.

The last words he spoke of were of his son, Naruto. As Naruto's cries echo in the night, his only family had died, and the leaf village, was no longer in danger.

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