Naruto template system : fujitora

He reincarnated into Naruto as. Uchiha! Sadly he was a blind Uchiha. luckily he got the template system and his first template is fujitora! "Although I am blind, I am a swordsman." * not my fanfic just translating because the mtl using xianxa names*

Tom_tucker2 · Fantasy
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15 Chs

chapter 10

kurenai was puzzled.

One day passed, and there was still no news about the assault on asuma, the son of the hokage.

He put a blade against his neck, and even cut his skin, leaving blood.

However, there is no punishment that was administered

Even the person involved, Sarutobi Asuma, did not take any action.

It's incredible.

kurenai knows a lot about asuma after trying to court him after all these years.

She learned that Asuma is an unruly and hot headed person.

Uchiha Chiba made him lose face, it is impossible for him to let bygones be bygones

Revenge in the same day is the most normal development in kurenai's view.

However, it was too quiet.

Girls tend to mature earlier than boys.

She recalled what Chiba had said to her.

Hiruzen has a perfect hokage image and he can't let it be tainted by anything even if it's just petty child squabbles.

Is it really so?

After thinking about it, kurenai saw the man that's trying to court her dangling beside her again.

Sarutobi Asuma.

"kurenai, do you still want to eat dangos today? Its my treat."

She didn't answer, just looking at Asuma very confused.

What happened yesterday seems to have never happened.

Or is he getting revenge in private

"Did you do anything to that blind Uchiha kid?"

Hearing that, Asuma's complexion froze.

His expression looked like he was eating shit.

why? why? Why did kurenai bring up that damn Uchiha blind man again?

Sure enough, it was because I was embarrassed.

Obviously, I said "you wait for me", but in the end I didn't do anything.

Will kurenai think I'm a loser?

The damnable father, it's just a blind Uchiha, why can't you trouble yourself with him?

I didn't even get to use anything.

The last time I was at the meatball shop was just my carelessness.

As long as I get serious, how could that kind of blind Uchiha be my opponent.

he was very angry.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got.

Now that kurenai especially mentioned it, he became even more angry.

At this moment, kurenai was very puzzled.

She looked at Asuma who had constipated expression and was stunned.

I just asked casually, you just need to answer yes or no.

Why do you have such a constipated face

"Did you do it or not?"

kurenai hurriedly asked, wanting to know the exact answer.

And this question.

It was like a knife stuck in Asuma's heart.

No, I must retaliate against this injustice.

Father's advice?

fuck of with it!

I just want to teach that Uchiha kid a lesson

bottling my feeling has never been my style.

"You wait for me, kurenai! I'll be back soon!"

Asuma spoke to kurenai very formally, with a look of excitement on his face, his face was flushed, just as if he was beaten with blood.

Without waiting for kurenai to reply, Asuma ran away, leaving a stunned kurenai behind

So, did Asuma retaliate?

I just wanted to know the answer.

Why is it so difficult that he had to run away?


Inside a training ground of Konoha.

Chiba and Itachi looked at each other.

They are far beyond the strength of their peers and they don't think there is anything to learn in a ninja school.

At this time, they just used a shadow clone to attend school in there place

For Itachi and Chiba, the Ninja school is just part of the requirements to be a konoha ninja

Itachi wants to catch up with Chiba. At the same time, he also wants to go to the battlefield, find out what a ninja is and what is the meaning of life.

"Not attending class on the first day of school. It's not like you at all Itachi!"

"With a Shadow Clone, it doesn't matter! And… I don't think what the school teaches can be compared to our training!"

With that said, Itachi took out a handful of kunai from the ninja bag and looked at Chiba with a very serious attitude.

And Chiba just stood there quietly.

He was leaning on his cane and his eyes were covered with black cloth strips.

Just standing there, it released a murderous air.

"In this case, let's start!"

"Then… Chiba-san, you have to be careful!"

The moment he finished speaking, Itachi moved.

At this moment, Itachi exploded with a terrifying speed, and the instantaneous speed shouldnt have been achievable by a five year old

"As expected of Uchiha Fugaku's son… He has a strong fighting talent!"

In the grass next to it, a small white snake stuck his tongue out and watched all this silently.

Rumor has it that Itachi was taken to the battlefield by Fugaku when he was four years old.

And when a Rock Shinobi ninja suddenly attacked at close range, Itachi directly cut the opponent's throat.

That is the instinct of a natural fighter, this type of talent is horrifying

Now it seems that it is wasn't a rumor.

Itachi's talent was even more terrifying than Orochimaru had imagined.

Following the change of his right hand, Itachi threw three shurikens in an instant, but the direction was not pointing towards Chiba.

It seemed that Itachi had missed the shot.

However, shortly afterwards, Itachi fired three shurikens again, this time the Kunai was faster than before.

The fast shurikens caught up with the slows ones and there was a metal collision between each other.

The little white snake was startled.

The impact of the shuriken changed the trajectory.

The six shurikens that had deviated from their trajectory actually fired at Chiba from six different directions.

"What a clever Shuriken Technique…is this even achievabke without opening the Sharingan?"

The terrifying Uchiha clan.

Uchiha Itachi's talent is probably higher than Uchiha Shisui.

However, this time Orochimaru's observation object is not Uchiha Itachi, but his opponent at the moment, Uchiha Chiba.

So, how will Uchiha Chiba, who can't see anything deal with it?

Chiba still leaned on cane in, standing quietly in place.

He seems to be waiting for the arrival with the cane in his hand.

The six shurikens hit at the same time

Three hundred and sixty degrees with no openings.

If you don't Dodge it, there will be no chance.

Chiba still didn't move.

Is it over confidence? Still have absolute confidence in yourself?

Soon, the white snake saw the answer.

The instant the cane sword was unsheathed, six knives were cut in half mid air

Such superb swordsmanship!