Naruto Taught By Aizen (TL)

Naruto is a Kyubi’s Jinchuriki from Konoha. One day he woke up in a sealed space and met Aizen from the Shinigami world. He accepted Aizen's teachings, once a gentle and refined child, but now he has become ambitious and deep-minded. No one stands in the sky from the beginning, whether it's Hokage or the God of Ninja World. Naruto’s ambition is to stand in the sky with the power he learns from Aizen! Please give this novel 5 stars review and power stone ;) Read a few chapters ahead on readfanfic.com Read up to 30 chapters ahead on p atreon. https://www.p atreon.com/ThePirate Our community on discord: discord. gg /t66agbE

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Everything i do is for hate

All kinds of emotions intertwined. All of Ninja stared at Uzumaki Naruto, who was standing in the sky like a god.

This kind of power, this kind of pressure, even my hands can't help but tremble. Naruto has already surpassed Kage-rank. Even I may not be his match. Jiraiya was shocked.

Disbelief, fear, and shock.

This was the emotion in everyone's heart.

"Impossible! This is not the gentle Naruto, impossible!!" Iruka's face was full of disbelief, covering his face in pain.

In the past, Naruto was his proudest disciple.


But it will be a traitor who will hurt Konoha!

"The Uzumaki Naruto I know is gentle, always taking care of, protecting others, and inheriting Will of Fire. Why did he become like this?" Kakashi's eyes were dull, and his face was ashen as he muttered to himself.

Looking at his own life, it was a life of failure.

Seeing his father and his partner die, there was nothing he could do.


He could only watch his apprentice go against Konoha.

Kakashi's heart was in pain.

What was the difference between the genius Kakashi, who was known as Ninja, and the trash?

"Naruto!" Sasuke's eyes were full of anger.

The last hope was completely shattered.

He could not believe that Naruto had really reached this step.

"You were the one who pulled me out of the abyss. Why are you leaving now? Damn it! Even if I, Uchiha Sasuke, break your limbs, I will still leave you behind." Sasuke clenched his fists, and Mangekyou Sharingan's eyes started to spin wildly.

"Goodbye, everyone. The next time we meet, we will be enemies." Naruto indifferently swept his gaze over the faces below.

In the next moment, time and space distorted. A huge black hole appeared in the blue sky. A few big Hollow revealed their faces from within and coldly stared at Konoha below.

A large amount of negative emotions were brewing in their bodies, and the entire sky seemed to become a bit gloomy.

Kyubi, Minato, Shion, and Haku all stood in the black hole, quietly looking at the flourishing Konoha below, welcoming the return of the king.

The boiling blue light slanted down, pulling Naruto, Rock Lee, and Neri up slowly.

Everyone looked at the black cavity, cold and fear emerging from their souls.

The ferocious face of the great Hollow awakened the fear in countless of Ninja's hearts.

These Hollow were the monsters that once appeared in Konoha, Sword, and the others!

Then everything was clear.

It turned out.

Uzumaki Naruto was the culprit behind all this.

From a long time ago, he had a plan.

What was funny was that.

No one noticed that he was stupidly thinking that he was the Uzumaki Naruto who loved Konoha.

What made them even more afraid was the human standing in the black cavity.

Although they couldn't see their faces clearly under the dazzling sunlight, the pressure they exuded was no less than that of Kage-rank.

Many sharp-eyed Ninja saw that familiar golden hair.

They narrowed their eyes and barely saw their faces.

"Yondaime? Is that Yondaime?" Someone cried out in alarm.

That brilliant golden hair and gentle face completely matched the Yondaime, Hokage, and Namikaze Minato they remembered.

"Minato!" Jiraiya's face was shocked, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

Minato was his disciple, so he was naturally familiar with everything about Minato.

In his opinion, the man floating in the sky, the black man, was Yondaime, Hokage, who had died on Kyubi's night, Namikaze Minato!

"Why is Minato there" Tsunade muttered to himself, unable to hide the shock in his eyes.

It was an indisputable fact that Minato had died in the seal.

But now, how could he be alive in the sky?

What was even stranger was that.

He was actually on Naruto's side?

Yondaime, Hokage, and Namikaze Minato are also standing on the opposite side of Konoha?

This information is too shocking, too ironic.

This will be an unprecedented blow to Konoha's morale!

"Impossible, it must be Henge no Jutsu." Jiraiya swallowed his saliva with difficulty and said to himself.

It was as if he was comforting himself.

But he knew.

With the arrogance that Naruto showed, he did not want others to use Henge no Jutsu as Minato to provoke Konoha's Ninja.

"Sensei!" Kakashi looked at Minato's familiar face and felt guilty again. He looked away, not daring to look again.

At this moment, he was like a stray dog.

"Long time no see, Konoha!" In the sky, Minato's voice was gentle, as if he was seeing an old friend.

Hearing this familiar voice, countless Ninja's eyes welled up with tears.

"Lord Yondaime, Hokage!!"

Minato retracted his nostalgic gaze and no longer spoke.

He knew that Haku was not the main character of today.

Looking at Minato's expression and actions, all of Ninja already understood Haku.

The former Yondaime sacrificed himself for Konoha.

Now, he stood on the side of his family.

For the enemy of Konoha.

This was very reasonable

It was also very sad.

"It seems that you have made a decision, Minato." Jiraiya suddenly revealed a relaxed smile, and the depression disappeared.

Facing the sun, he smiled:

"I am happy to see you live in another way. Even if you are an enemy of Konoha."

"Jie Jie Jie." At this time, Kyubi sneered and walked out from behind Minato.

His 1.6 meter tall figure was blocked by Minato and the others, making him very unhappy.

The moment Kyubi appeared, Jiraiya and Tsunade's expressions changed.

"Kyubi" They cried out.

It even caused the other Ninja to be shocked and terrified.

"When did Kyubi reconcile with Naruto and even join their camp" Tsunade stared at the smiling Kyubi, his eyes full of fear.

Yondaime, Minato, and super Kage-rank, Naruto and Kyubi.

Such a lineup was too desperate.

If they wanted to destroy Konoha, Konoha would not be able to stop them.

Moreover, there were two mysterious experts standing next to Kyubi, looking like they were on equal footing.

This meant that even without Naruto, there were still four Kage-rank experts.

"Haku? It's Nami no Kuni's Jonin" Sasuke recognized Haku's appearance and couldn't help but be shocked.

"Haku, that looks like Oni no Kuni's priestess, right?"

A different voice appeared in the crowd.

The identity of all the experts with black lines had almost been guessed.

Jiraiya and Tsunade couldn't help but gasp.

How could Naruto already have such a terrifying force without them knowing?

Jiraiya suddenly felt a little uneasy.

The momentum of Konoha's Ninja reached a low point, and they could only watch as Naruto continued to rise into the air, their eyes full of contempt.

"Damn it! Young man! I don't believe that you really abandoned your youth! I don't believe it!" A green figure suddenly shot up from the ground, quickly approaching Naruto and the others. His expression was full of uncontrollable anger.

The person who came was Might Guy.

Unable to accept reality, he directly made a move, hoping to leave Naruto and Rock Lee behind.

But he was destined to be disappointed.

"Hadō's #90: Kurohitsugi."

The black coffin that faintly revealed a turbid coat of arms rose out of thin air, directly enveloping Might Guy.

The aura of death that it emitted was even more chilling.

Even though Might Guy had gone through countless training sessions, his physical body had almost been tempered to the extreme.

It was also unable to stop Kurohitsugi who had suddenly appeared and was instantly devoured.

Being trapped in Kurohitsugi, Guy only felt that his body was soft and powerless. His skin felt waves of pain, and he could feel his skin burning.

Not only that, his soul seemed to be frozen.

The violent energy entered his body through his skin, blocking Chakra's connection.

Guy was like an ant in the sea, unable to fight back.

He could only wait quietly for his final song.

A few seconds later, Kurohitsugi dispersed. Inside, Might Guy had already lost consciousness. His entire body was emitting black gas as he slowly fell from the sky.

Jiraiya hurriedly caught Guy, but he was shocked to find that there was no longer a piece of intact skin on Guy's body. His aura was even weaker, and he was on the verge of death.

"It's time to write down the end." After defeating Guy in one move, Naruto looked at Rock Lee.

Rock Lee followed Sandaime, who was about to be on his shoulder, and threw him down.

* whoosh * The Kidō who bound Sandaime was released, and Sandaime fell to the ground with a pale face.

The image of Minato was still echoing in his mind.

The moment he saw Minato, his heart was filled with guilt.

He felt guilty towards Minato and Naruto.

He felt even more guilty towards Konoha.

At this moment, he was already determined to die.

Just as Sandaime was about to fall to the ground, a ray of Haku's light burst out from Naruto's fingertips, piercing through Sandaime's heart and causing blood to spray out.

The light in Sandaime's eyes gradually faded away.

He was still dead.

He had done so many wrong things in his life, and died for Konoha...

It was a pretty good ending.

Where the leaves danced, the fire grew endlessly.

I would turn into withered leaves and become nutrients for the newborn.

Will of Fire would continue to circulate.

My death will also come to an end.


"Lord Sandaime!" Below, Ninja was filled with grief and indignation. Many people had tears on their faces.

Maybe Sandaime did do something wrong and hurt Naruto.


After all, he had worked hard for the village for most of his life!

He did not deserve to die!

Don't you, Uzumaki Naruto, have no feelings for the village?

Are you really so cruel?

"Naruto, why did you do this? Have you been swallowed by hatred?" Jiraiya asked with hatred, completely giving up on Naruto.

The moment Naruto killed Sandaime, his relationship with Konoha was already irreconcilable.

Killing Hokage was the same as stepping on Konoha's dignity.

For Ninja who humiliated Konoha, Konoha would never be merciful!

"Konoha did bring you pain, but he raised you. It's your home. Even if you leave, you don't have to be so cruel." Jiraiya said bitterly.

"There's no need to talk nonsense. Jiraiya, Uzumaki Naruto has already lost his humanity." Tsunade bit Kiba and said harshly.

He saw the shadow of Uchiha on Naruto.

The same coldness, the same paranoia!

"Hatred? That's right. One of the reasons I killed Sandaime was hatred."

Naruto said expressionlessly.

His words caused an uproar.

"Just because of what happened during childhood? It's really terrifying." Jiraiya smiled sadly.

"But... it's not the hatred you think." Facing the misunderstanding, Naruto chuckled, his tone full of disdain.

"Konoha has been peaceful for too long. It used to be the cradle of geniuses, but now people are bullying it. Under the rule of Sandaime, Konoha lost its former bravery, just like a sleeping lion."

"But even so, Konoha is still the strongest village."

"The big villages seem to have reached a delicate balance, but they have been secretly fighting."

"The price is paid by civilians."

"This kind of Shinobi world is too disgusting."

"Konoha, which has lost its courage, will be slowly eaten up. The cradle of the former genius will also go to the abyss completely."

"But! The death of Konoha's elder, Danzo, the death of Konoha's Sandaime Hokage..." Naruto raised his palm, and a red Rasengan suddenly appeared, constantly expanding.

The Reiatsu that it contained made everyone afraid.

The high temperature even distorted the air.

"It will be the beginning of Konoha's transformation."

"For the weak, hatred is the best catalyst."

"On this day, Konoha will experience unprecedented pain."

"And I will bear the hatred!"

"I look forward to the day when you can catch up to me!"

"Proveto me that the dignity of Konoha can not be offended!"

"I think that day will be the most interesting day."

"This is what I meant by hatred."

"It's the hatred of the entire Konoha, not my hatred for Konoha..."

"Because I have a hatred for Konoha."

"There is no hatred."

Naruto gently threw down the red Rasengan.

The huge red Rasengan suddenly expanded, emitting heat and light that dyed the entire sky of Konoha red.

Then it exploded, and endless light and heat burst out like fireworks towards every corner of Konoha.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!" Konoha was suddenly enveloped in a continuous explosion, and everywhere was burning, and everywhere was filled with smoke.

The villagers screamed in fear and pain.

The entire Konoha...

It was ignited.

The fire was endless, and the hot light filled everyone's faces, reflecting Naruto's calm face.

His indifferent tone echoed in the sky, "Will of Fire is endless. I will turn into flames and ignite Konoha."

He looked down at the angry and disbelieving eyes and chuckled.

"This is my goal."

"The Uzumaki Naruto that you all think is non-existent from the beginning."

"What I want is to awaken a sleeping Konoha -"

"That's all."

The others looked at Naruto in disbelief.

Jiraiya and Tsunade's brains even went blank for a few seconds.

As for Naruto's purpose, they had made countless assumptions.

Maybe it was hatred for Konoha, or maybe it was to cut off the bonds with Konoha, or maybe it was even instigated by Danzo.

However, he had never imagined that the purpose of Naruto was only to arouse the blood in Konoha's body.

It was undeniable that after the third Great War of Shinobi world, Konoha had lost its former blood in peace.

Whether it was a genius or a core force, both had a great decline.

Compared to the past Ninja, the new generation of Ninja could even be said to have grown up with honey.

The various tests in other villages were very cruel and realistic.

Even if they did not have many geniuses, under the more cruel training system, the experts born were not worse than Konoha.

What Naruto did would undoubtedly awaken the former Konoha.

In just a few years, the awakening of Konoha would give birth to even more terrifying experts.

Before Naruto fought against Shinobi world, he was the first to become stronger.

Just because Shinobi world was too weak?

What kind of conceited thinking was this?

What kind of overbearing idea was this?

Everything suddenly became clear.

No wonder Naruto did not kill Kakashi and Sakura, because there was no need at all!

His eyes were just to provoke Sasuke, to make him stronger in hatred, completely stimulating his own potential.

Whether it was releasing Kyubi, killing Danzo, or capturing Sandaime, they were all preparing for this final scene.

It was also the final performance that Naruto spoke of!

The Ninja that gathered revealed the truth that he had killed Danzo.

He revealed his ambition and determination to rebel.

And then kill Sandaime in front of everyone.

Every step would push the emotions of Konoha's Ninja.

Either fear, anger, or sadness.

When all of Ninja's emotions reached the extreme, hatred would be ingrained in their hearts.

They would be eager to become stronger, eager to kill Naruto.

In the end!

Ignite Konoha, awaken all the people, including the fear and anger of the villagers!

All the extreme emotions could only vent on Naruto.

Naruto will become the devil in their eyes!

In this way, in the next twenty years, no, even fifty years later, Konoha will treat Naruto as the worst enemy.

A steady stream of geniuses will target Naruto!


This was Naruto's true goal!

He was not afraid of any genius or even encouraged the birth of a genius.

How arrogant was this!

Was he not afraid of personally creating a monster that far surpassed him?

Jiraiya was puzzled and shocked.

For the first time, he understood the real Naruto.

It turned out that his gentleness was all a disguise.

No one had expected his ambition and pattern.

Sasuke stood rooted to the ground with his mouth wide open, his eyes full of shock.

The two of them were clearly the same age, but Naruto was far ahead in terms of strength and temperament.

This kind of Naruto.

Can I really chase him back?

"Everyone attack Uzumaki Naruto!" Tsunade, who could not control her anger, stepped forward and shouted loudly.

She knew Haku and could not follow Naruto's rhythm.

Otherwise, all of Konoha's Ninja would lose control.

Now, they could only vent the anger of hatred!

Ninja, who was holding back his anger, directly used their strongest Ninjutsu.

Different colors of Ninjutsu intertwined together and shot towards Naruto's team in the blue light.

The sky was full of brilliant colors. After hitting the blue light, it exploded, bursting with beautiful colors.

However, it was unable to shake the blue light that was pulling Naruto upwards.

Below them, their expressions were filled with anger and fear.

Above, his expression was indifferent and confident.

This gap was clear at a glance.

All of Ninja felt a sense of helplessness in their hearts.

They were actually enemies with such a god.

It was really.

It was too despairing.

Naruto had a confident smile on his face, and his eyes met Jiraiya's.

He could see the anger in Sensei's eyes.

"Goodbye, everyone. To be able to see the birth of Konoha's anger, Hollow is not here."

Naruto's indifference and the anger below formed a sharp contrast.

Soon, under the guidance of the blue light, Naruto entered the black cavity.

As the black cavity closed, the sky returned to clear, and the terrifying pressure quietly dissipated in the sky.

Ninja and the others looked at the sky as if they had lost their minds.

"Even if we attack together, we can't break that Ninjutsu. Can Konoha really defeat such an enemy?"

They were suspicious, afraid.

But at the same time, their hearts were brewing with anger.

Jiraiya and Tsunade looked at the blue sky and could not talk to themselves for a long time.

They gathered their emotions and quickly ordered Ninja to act.

At the very least, put out Konoha's fire first.

Under this fire, Konoha will definitely suffer heavy losses.

The following days will definitely be hard to endure. Once the other villages know that Kyubi is not here, they will most likely attack Konoha.

Put Uzumaki Naruto as an S Tsunade said in a deep voice.

"Do not reveal any information about Kyubi."

The fact that Uzumaki Naruto was Kyubi and Jinchuriki had yet to be understood by most of the Ninja Village, so announcing that Naruto was an S

But it could not be hidden for too long.

"Prepare for war, our Konoha will not cause trouble, but we are not afraid!" A cold light flashed in Tsunade's eyes.

Just as Naruto expected, the giant lion of Konoha woke up.

Under the leadership of Tsunade's iron-blooded methods, it would definitely show a different face.

When Ninja was almost gone, there were still a few people who remained in the same place with confused expressions.

"How could Naruto really betray the village?" Iruka's eyes lost focus as he murmured.

This responsible and responsible Konoha Sensei fell into deep confusion at this moment, and even doubted his professionalism.

"Is there something wrong with my teaching that caused Naruto to defect?"

"If I gave him enough concern, he might not have taken this path."

"It's all my fault."

"It's not your fault. If you want to blame someone, it's my problem." Kakashi came to Iruka and said in a low voice.

"Damn it." Sasuke clenched his fists, his eyes full of unwillingness.

Even if he awakened the Mangekyo, he could not stop Naruto at all.

All he could do was watch Naruto walk on the path of betrayal.

How could he become stronger now?

Kakashi had almost taught him everything.

Sasuke's eyes soon fell on Jiraiya. His eyes flashed, and he finally made up his mind and walked over.

"Lecherous... Lord Jiraiya, please guide me in my cultivation."

Looking at the determined face of Sasuke, Jiraiya was a little dazed.

"Why do you want to become stronger?"

"I want to protect the things I want to protect and find Naruto."

Sasuke's words made Jiraiya's nose sour.

"I got it." Jiraiya nodded.

"Wait a minute." Tsunade suddenly said and gave Jiraiya a look.

Konoha has also participated in the extermination of Uchiha. If Sasuke knew the secret, he would inevitably hate Konoha.

For Konoha, it was not a good decision for Jiraiya to accept Sasuke as a disciple.

For this reason, Jiraiya sighed deeply.

He turned around and looked at Sasuke seriously.

"Your talent is enough to become my disciple, but I hope you don't indulge in hatred."

"Hatred?" Sasuke's expression was a little dazed.

He knew that Tsunade and Jiraiya probably thought that he wanted to kill Itachi.

He shook his head and smiled. "I do bear the glory of Uchiha, but there is no hatred."

Seeing the suspicious gazes of Jiraiya and Tsunade, Sasuke continued, "I will find out the truth about Itachi's extermination and ask him to atone for his sins."

"But for me, my current goal is to have the power to catch up to Naruto. I will bring him back to Konoha."

"He is my best friend. I can't watch him fall into the abyss."

Looking at Sasuke's determined eyes, Jiraiya secretly nodded.

He decided to believe in Sasuke.

"I will take Sasuke to Mount Myōboku for cultivation, in order to improve his strength in a short time. Next time we face Naruto, our Konoha will not be vulnerable."

"We have no choice, Sasuke is the best candidate."

With Sharingan, Sasuke is the hope of Konoha in the future.

Tsunade also understood Haku's point, and in the end, he could only helplessly agree.

But he still couldn't help but retort,

"Just don't nurture a second Naruto."

But in reality, the truth of Uchiha's extermination had always been in Tsunade's mind.

I only hope that Sasuke will not go astray under the guidance of Jiraiya, and will still be able to fight for Konoha after knowing the truth of the extermination of the clan.

After Sasuke mastered the Mangekyo and Sage mode, I believe that he will have a chance to win against Naruto.

Jiraiya thought.

At this time.

The flames of the entire Konoha almost dyed the sky red.

Under the cooperation of Ninja, the flames began to reduce.

After hard work, the dense, blazing starfire was finally extinguished.

All of Konoha's Ninja looked at the ruins of Konoha, his eyes full of tears.

As Godaime Hokage, Senju Tsunade's eyes were full of sadness. She took a deep breath and shouted,

"Today, our Konoha has suffered unprecedented pain."

"But we can't break!"

"Today, we will be the new students of Konoha!"

Tsunade stood up and completely took over the ownership of Konoha as Godaime Hokage.

From a certain point of view, it was not a bad thing.

Her reputation reached a peak, and all the families expressed their loyalty to Tsunade.

The entire Konoha was operating, and the speed and efficiency of any order was unimaginable.

The big families also realized

Naruto was now the biggest enemy of Shinobi world.

After taking Sasuke as a disciple, Jiraiya stayed in Konoha for a few more days. Finally, one morning, he decided to take Sasuke to Mount Myōboku for cultivation.

Jiraiya also wanted to use Mount Myōboku to contact Naruto.

They wanted to test out Naruto's possible follow-up plan.

However, even Mount Myōboku could not contact Naruto.

The two Sage expressed shock and disbelief at Naruto's betrayal.

After all, the gentle and elegant image of Naruto had been deeply ingrained in their hearts.

Perhaps he was deliberately trying to draw a clear line, but Naruto did not deliberately go to Mount Myōboku to explain anything.

What shocked everyone more was the appearance of Yondaime, Namikaze Minato, in the black chamber.

"Minato, have you fallen? He also chose to stand on the opposite side of Konoha. The former Yondaime, Hokage, also chose to betray the village. This is too ironic." In Hokage's office, Tsunade could not help but hold his forehead and feel a headache.

Jiraiya's eyes were complicated. In the whole incident, he was the most painful.

Because both Naruto and Minato were his disciples.

"In the past, they dedicated themselves to Konoha."

"Whether it is Minato or Naruto, they only want to grow safely in Konoha."

"But in the end."

"The one who pushed them away step by step and felt the pain was us."

"What reason do we have to complain?" Jiraiya said with tears in her eyes.

In the past, Konoha had done something too chilling.

It was precisely because of Haku that Jiraiya chose to escape.

However, he unintentionally hurt others.

Indulgence was also a sin.

"Are you feeling guilty? Jiraiya, are you feeling guilty for your enemy? Remember, you are Konoha's Ninja!" Tsunade noticed Jiraiya's mood and could not help but coldly say.

"No matter what Konoha did wrong, they are now our enemies!" She took a deep breath, her eyes full of boiling killing intent and determination.

"Don't let these emotions bother you. Right now, we are the pillars of Konoha." After so many things, Tsunade, the Princess of Konoha, finally shed her fear and confusion, becoming an indomitable Konoha Hokage.

Konoha had nothing to do, but there were all kinds of stories about Naruto and Minato in the crowd.

"Yondaime Hokage is not dead, he became the enemy of Konoha."

"Naruto is actually Yondaime's son. In the past, we didn't take good care of him. Now they both betrayed the village."

"Impossible, Yondaime is so gentle. He will not betray the village."

"But this is the truth. Konoha has been messed up by Sandaime. Now retribution is coming."

"We can only believe in Lord Godaime Hokage. Our Konoha can't stand the second pain."

The villagers all expressed their opinions and expressed their reluctance to leave Yondaime.

At the same time, under the arrangement of Tsunade, the comments about Godaime Hokage's trust began to spread in the crowd.

"Since the enemy has become a fact, then let's fight! Our Konoha will not rest until Uzumaki Naruto dies!"

"Yes! This time, Lord Godaime Hokage's performance was very outstanding. He perfectly understood all kinds of Uzumaki Naruto's plots, so he reduced the losses to the minimum."

"Although our village is in ruins, there are no casualties!"

"I believe that under the leadership of Godaime Hokage, our village will rise."

Leading public opinion was far more powerful than controlling public opinion.

Under a series of means, Konoha's Ninja and the villagers showed unprecedented vitality and toughness.

The other day finally came.

Sasuke and Jiraiya bid farewell to all kinds of familiar faces.

"Come on, Sasuke, you can do it." Kakashi looked at Sasuke with an inexplicable look in his eyes.

The former genius of Konoha had fallen to the point where he could only rely on his disciples.

"Sasuke." Sakura took a step forward. Her injuries had healed a few days ago.

But after recovering, she looked out the window like she had lost her soul, like a zombie.

In the end, she only regained her spirit after she opened it.

"Sakura." Sasuke looked at Sakura with a complicated expression. Her lips moved.

He wanted to comfort Sakura, to cheer him up.

But he couldn't say a word.

Naruto was like a mountain pressing down on their hearts, as if it was a taboo. No one would mention this name.

Tears gushed out from Sakura's eyes. She looked at Sasuke and sobbed,

"Sasuke, please, please take Naruto back... This is my lifelong request."

Sasuke stared into Sakura's eyes, her expression unprecedentedly serious. "I will, I will definitely bring Naruto back!"

"I will not lose my partner again. This is my patience."

In the crowd, Hinata held Hanabi's hand. After hearing the conversation between Sasuke and Sakura, the corners of her mouth curled up slightly.

"Let's go, Hanabi. Let's go home."

"Oh, okay, sister." Hanabi obediently held Hinata's hand and walked in the direction they came from.

Hinata's eyes were still dull and he walked cautiously.

The few Hyuga clansmen at the side stood guard.

"Sister, from now on, I will be your eyes." Hanabi said in a crisp voice.

Hinata nodded and revealed a smile.

Even if there was no light, life was still full of light.

Everyone had to bear some things.

Their choices would determine their future fate.

From this moment on, the silly Hinata who liked Naruto was dead.

"I will become the head of the family, revitalize Hyuga Clan, and find the direction of Byakugan's evolution," Hinata said firmly in his heart.

After bidding farewell to Sasuke, Tsunade returned to Hokage's office.

The former office was now deserted.

She closed her eyes and rubbed her temples, quietly thinking about the future development of Konoha.

Konoha was destroyed by unprecedented destruction and was directly ignited.

This news quickly spread throughout the entire Shinobi world.

The Ninja Village, who hated Konoha, was gloating and also investigating who Ninja was.

One must know that right now, Konoha has Tsunade and Jiraiya in charge, and their strength is definitely at the peak of the past ten years.

Ninja, who can ignite Konoha, is definitely stronger than Kage-rank.

He is also good at Katon...

Is it Uchiha Clan?

Wasn't Uchiha exterminated?

The villages were very afraid and constantly tried to find relevant information.

In the end, they found out that the S class rebel was called Uzumaki Naruto. He was 13 years old this year.

The 13 year old super strong Kage-rank was shocked in the villages and even had fear.

It was common knowledge that among Shinobi world, talent could determine everything.

Uchiha Itachi, who had Sharingan, had also become Kage-rank's powerhouse at the age of 13, and Konoha Sannin had become famous in the continent when he was young.

There was also the strongest Kekkei Genkai, the owner of Mokuton, Shodai Hokage, who had dominated Shinobi world in the past.

In Shinobi world, talent was almost equal to everything.

But now, a 13-year-old super Kage-rank had caused all the higher-ups of the village to fall into chaos.

Super Kage-rank could do whatever he wanted in any village.

One person could fight a village.

The good news was that Uzumaki Naruto betrayed Konoha.

The bad news was that no one in the village could underestimate Naruto.

Uzumaki Naruto was enough to cause unprecedented damage to any village.

These villages used all their resources to gather information about Naruto, but they had no choice but to keep the secret of Konoha very well. Their intelligence team almost failed.

Although Konoha suffered a lot of losses, there were many strong people, including Kyubi, so the other villages did not dare to make any moves for the time being.

However, they did not know that Kyubi had also left Konoha.

In Suna Village, Gaara, who had received the news, showed a relaxed smile, feeling happy for Naruto from the bottom of his heart.

"It seems that Naruto already has the power to control fate. It's really good."

"Well, it seems that Kyubi has also escaped. He should also have obtained Shinigami's mentality." Shukaku pouted and said to himself in a bad mood.

"That bastard is not bad in strength. Now he has mastered Zanpakutō. Damn it! Where is this cat's Bankai?"

Shukaku was very unwilling to roll on the sofa.

Although he did not want to admit it, he was definitely pulled away by Kyubi again.

Unwilling to give up, he could not wait to tear up a few of Akatsuki's members and play with them.

"Gaara, we are here." At this time, the door was knocked and Kankuro and Temari walked in.

Shukaku immediately jumped up as if he saw an oasis in the desert. With an excited face, he grabbed their arms and walked out, muttering,

"Let's go, let's go shopping."

Kankuro's face immediately turned green.

Although the two of them were unwilling, they did not dare to provoke Shukaku, this little ancestor.

He was a pervert who could easily abuse Kage-rank.

Watching the three of them leave, Gaara could not help but smile.

He was very satisfied with his current life.

"Someone, send the scroll to Oni no Kuni." He called a subordinate and handed over the scroll.

There was a letter written to Naruto in the scroll.

Gaara knew that in Naruto's plan, it would only take a few years for Oni no Kuni's ambition to be exposed, and Suna Village would become Oni no Kuni's ally.

Lure the entire Shinobi world into battle.

Just thinking about it was exciting!

Inside Akatsuki, Pain and others quickly received the information about Uzumaki Naruto betraying the village.

Before, when Deidara and Sasori were repelled, he planned to bring forward the plan to capture the tailed-beasts.

But unexpectedly.

Naruto first gave him a surprise.

"Kyubi betrayed the village? He even directly destroyed Konoha?" When he received this news, Pain was shocked.

According to the information, wasn't Naruto only 13 years old?

What was wrong with this world?

A 13-year-old could fight against a village?

"Konoha has been destroyed?" Uchiha Itachi, who received the message, was even more dissatisfied with the killing intent in his eyes.

Whether it was the extermination of the village or the rebellion, his goal was to protect Konoha and Sasuke.

"Gather all of Uzumaki Naruto's information and find his location." Kyubi was an indispensable part of the plan. Nagato immediately ordered.

"Uzumaki Naruto actually has that kind of strength?"

Uchiha, who was hiding his identity, was even more shocked.

Naruto's change had affected the entire plan.

"Uzumaki Naruto." He repeatedly chewed on Naruto's name with a dangerous look in his eyes.

"Sensei's son? His talent is really good. It seems that it is necessary to meet him."

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