Naruto Taught By Aizen (TL)

Naruto is a Kyubi’s Jinchuriki from Konoha. One day he woke up in a sealed space and met Aizen from the Shinigami world. He accepted Aizen's teachings, once a gentle and refined child, but now he has become ambitious and deep-minded. No one stands in the sky from the beginning, whether it's Hokage or the God of Ninja World. Naruto’s ambition is to stand in the sky with the power he learns from Aizen! Please give this novel 5 stars review and power stone ;) Read a few chapters ahead on readfanfic.com Read up to 30 chapters ahead on p atreon. https://www.p atreon.com/ThePirate Our community on discord: discord. gg /t66agbE

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A Resentful Soul

"Hmm? Something interesting seems to have happened?" Aizen, who had just emerged from the sealed space, had a playful look on his face.

"Naruto's first time?"

He pushed up his glasses, his eyes filled with anticipation.

A young eagle who has never experienced life and death is still a young eagle. Having a painful childhood experience, will you become a person who will sink into depravity and enjoy slaughter, or a person who controls slaughter?

Aizen sat quietly on the mountain peak, allowing the cold wind to brush past his drooping hair.

His thoughts gradually drifted away.

The number of times he came to seal the space became less and less, and it was because he was too busy during this time.

From Naruto, he saw the potential of both Chakra and Reiatsu cultivating at the same time.

It was also because of this that he had already started Chakra's experiment on part of Shinigami.

He first found a puppet whose consciousness was controlled in the Modern Realm and let it carry out Chakra's cultivation. He used special methods to extract Chakra into the container.

Then, through a series of small tricks, he let Shinigami "disappear from the world" and injected the extracted Chakra into Shinigami's body.

However, what gave him a headache was that Shinigami, who had been forcefully injected into Chakra, had various degrees of decay in a short time.

Shinigami, who was lucky, did not have any changes in his body, but the Chakra in his body would also disappear in a short period of time.

From the current known experimental situation, Shinigami, which was made of spirit particles, could not cultivate Chakra.

From the Chakra system that Naruto had learned.

The product of Chakra's spiritual energy and physical energy mixing together evenly.

Chakra flowed through the meridians of the human body, forming a perfect balance.

Did this mean that only the physical body of a human could cultivate Chakra?

There were too many questions in Aizen's heart.

All of this needed to be answered by Naruto.

After the souls of the people in Shinigami's world died, they would go to the Soul Society or turn into Hollow.

What about Naruto's world?


Coincidentally, Naruto was also thinking about things related to the soul.

In the past, when he communicated with Aizen, he learned that Shinigami and Hollow, who existed in his body, had a chance to become Aizen after death.

People with obsession would have a chance to become Hollow after death.

This was different from the world of Ninja.

At least for now, there was no forensics person who could mutate in different situations after death.

Moreover, in Shinigami's world, humans could not see Shinigami and Hollow.

Even if Hollow really existed in Ninja's world, no human would be able to see him.

But Naruto was different.

He, who cultivated Reiatsu, was considered half a Shinigami, so he could naturally see some unnatural objects.

The commission this time was also a test opportunity for him.

Where would the humans who died go?

Was there a possibility of becoming Shinigami?

These were all very interesting topics.

Thinking of this, Naruto couldn't help but look forward to it.


Several figures flashed under the moonlight, bringing with them the slight sound of wind breaking.

Only the swaying leaves remained.

In the town.

The hidden sentries who were keeping watch at night could not help but feel a little tired.

After all, they were not Ninja and did not have such a high level of vigilance.

Moreover, the town had been conquered for four days, and even if they were lazy for a day, they would be fine.

The town was silent. He closed his eyes and listened carefully. Occasionally, he could hear some strange sounds coming from the room.

This was the usual routine of the mountain bandits.

After taking down the town, they could freely enjoy it, and when they were tired of it, they would kill it.

"Whoosh" A few black shadows flashed past, and a mountain bandit on duty rubbed his eyes in a daze, still thinking that it was an illusion.

But in the next moment, he only felt a cold sensation on his neck.

His eyes were wide open, and he rubbed his neck in a daze. The feeling was warm, and something sticky liquid was constantly flowing down.

Enemy attack.

He covered his throat, but he could not make a sound. His scattered pupils saw a black shadow appear in front of him at the moment of his death. His eyes were cold and ruthless.

Crack. Sasuke retracted his hand and wiped the blood off Kunai.

It was the first time he killed someone, but his mood was unexpectedly calm.

"Itachi, are you in the same mood when you kill your own kind?"

Sasuke's eyes became cold, and he disappeared in place, heading towards the second target.

"Sasuke is the natural Ninja." Kakashi, who was secretly observing, thought in his heart.

On the other side, Naruto had already approached the house where the leader was.

Chakra was evenly attached to the soles of his feet, allowing him to steadily stay on the ceiling and observe the sleeping leader.

At this moment, the leader was sleeping.

Naruto could sense Chakra, who was extremely weak in the body of the leader.

In the past, this leader was also a Ninja.

Just like this, Naruto stood upside down like a bat, his eyes cold as he observed the leader, his expression no longer gentle.

In Ninja's world, the strongest was Ninja in the Ninja Village, but to the commoners, the most dangerous were these weak ants that even the strong disdained to step on.

It was precise because they were weak that they were even evil.

Naruto had once learned from the knowledge of the modern world that strict laws could bind the weak and reduce the crime rate. At the very least, it could allow civilians to have a relatively peaceful life.

Unlike in Ninja's world, the weak with no chicken in their hands lived in threats.

The strong disdained taking the initiative to protect the weak, only benefits would drive them.

Just like the current Naruto.

If not for the commission, he wouldn't have come here to help the Night Hope Town that was taken down by the mountain bandits.

Buzz. Along with the gentle cry of Sword, Kyōka Suigetsu appeared in the hands of Naruto. Under the dim moonlight, a green light appeared.

With a gentle wave of his hand, a fresh life would pass.

The pleasure of controlling the length of life was intoxicating.

However, Naruto's eyes regained clarity in an instant.

Only the weak would indulge in killing.

The dark green Sword flashed across the leader's neck.

The room fell silent again. The leader's body did not move at all, but his chest was no longer undulating. At first glance, he seemed to still be immersed in a dream, quiet and serene.


Naruto put away Sword. The still bright and clean face of Sword reflected his heavy lens and a pair of calm eyes hidden in the lens.

"Okay.. boring." He muttered softly, "The only thing that brings about by stepping on a lowly ant is an endless void. This is not what I want."

He looked out the window at the cool moonlight, and there was finally a hint of enjoyment in his eyes. "The moonlight tonight is particularly charming."

At this time, Naruto noticed that the body of the dead leader suddenly began to glow. Then, a glowing soul slowly emerged from the corpse.

This is... a soul

The eyes under Naruto's lens were filled with surprise and joy.

Inside the sealed space, Aizen also widened his eyes.

"I want to live. I want more money." Naruto suddenly received an obsession belonging to the leader in his mind.

"I want to take my subordinates to find a suitable place to live and build a paradise!"

"Damn Ninja, I want to destroy those evil Ninja Villages."

The leader's voice was full of anger and resentment.

The person who hated the devil eventually became the devil in the eyes of others.

Naruto's eyes were cold. Threads of Reiatsu seeped out of his body and entered the body of the leader's soul.

Since that's the case, I will give you a chance to become my experimental subject.

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