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Obito waited with the twenty warriors as time passed. Everyone tried to get some shut-eye, the Mist won't attack until it was night. Shinobi worked better at the time.

Of course, the Mist shinobis sent scouts to check the small and yet empty village. But they didn't find anything unusual, a simple trick of physical genjutsu and they were misled. While the sensors were misled thinking the bat's chakra signature for human ones, which they were experts at mimicking.

Tamaki was still a bit skeptical of the masked man (Obito). Always told his warriors to keep a close eye on him. But when he sent the animals of the forest to the Mist camp, Obito's words came true. They were preparing to slaughter his clan. And it was then the man started to trust the masked man a bit.

Tamaki had other reasons for sending a few of his strong warriors with the migrating group. If the masked man wanted to backstab them, then having fighters defend their people would be good. And yet nothing like this was going to happen.

Tamaki understood now that the masked man was truly here to save them. And he felt a bit ashamed that he didn't trust him before. It also made him smile a bit, that his son had made a good comrade that saved his clan. He knew the reality of war, he had been in one. And yet he still wanted to live. But that is how all humans are, even the ones who turn made from time to time.

Obito for his part knew what might be going on in their head. But he was too busy, preparing for the fight. Two High rankings Jonins weren't that tough, he had been fighting and training under Kage-level shinobis since birth, basically. And yet something told him this fight wouldn't be easy.

Obito of course had a few sparing with High ranking Jonins back in Konoha, most of them were Uchihas. And all the time he lost, which was given, as he couldn't show all of his ability. But even if he did he wasn't confident that he would beat them.

High-ranking Jonins were quite rare in a shinobi village. Because only they have the talent to push to the ranks of Kages. Even Konoha for his vast Military had only around a hundred High ranking Jonins. They weren't given ranks in Konoha unlike in other villages, but everyone knew of their abilities.

For example, if cannon Kakashi was High-rank Jonin at the start of the series when fighting Itachi. Then Kurenai would be a low to mid jonnin. Even most Anbu's were low to mid-level Jonnins. And sparing with high-leveled shinobis were on thing, but a death battle. That had a lot of possibilities for danger.

But he was trained by Kagami of the Crow, Red-Hot Habanero Kushina, and the Yellow pervert... no I mean Yellow Flash Minato.

Yet the boy was a bit scared… scratch that he was terrified. But it didn't make his resolve any less. It was his first all-out battle. And he would prioritize his safety first. He doubles… no Tripple checked the barrier seals and the explosive seals he set up. Nightwing and Robin also had set up their part of the work, and now it was the waiting game.

Other than his clones he had many other bats that specialized in sneak attacks that were also in the area. But there were no bat elders here... bat elders were powerful, even more so than Nightwing, being able to use the advanced version of fear toxin and other jutsus. But they were also quite old, and couldn't keep up after they worked so much in creating the new home for Jugo's clan. And the bat clan was always about being stealthy, they weren't like the toads or snakes. They relied on their hiding skills more.

Obito also made new fuinjutsu weapons specifically for this battle. Don't underestimate the prep time of a fuinjutsu user.

He had also inscribed a few more defensive seals on his mask and clothes. Making them a bit heavier. Yet he wasn't worried about the extra weight. Unlike his speed, his body was still fragile.

He was only nine, and had a decent amount of muscles. He had tough skin with all the taijutsu training with Guy, Duy and Mukai. But that won't do shit against powerful ninjutsu. So he was prioritizing his safety. And that meant checking all the things.

In speed Obito had his advanced body flicker, an amalgamation of soru, geppo, and the normal body flicker, that was too hard to follow with normal eyes. Obito still remembered the days when he would sprain his ankle in trying to make the jutsu work. And it worked quite fine and safely if Obito opened any gates above the third gate.

Obito's mind raced through all the scenarios, and the boy barely slept and ate anything except ration bar or fruits the bats brought him. Actually, he had to force himself to eat, cause in the fights the gates would use a shit ton of energy.

And like that time went on and the sky started to bleed red. The day passed, and the sun began to set.

Obito looked at the west, his clone sending him memories. The mist were coming. He took a deep breath standing up before speaking. "Take your formation, we go to war now."

The Chudoku clan members nodded, transforming into their beastal state, beforehand. Some were bigger than others, while some had more muscles, while others had more exoskeleton covering them.

All of them nodded and started taking position, as they previously planned. Obito had made put chakra nullifying seals on each house, and if one hides in it, it should fool most sensors in believing that no one was there.


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