179 Chapter 179 | The discussion

179 | The discussion

Hiruzen's face fell immediately. "An investigation is on its way… and are there any hints… anything you picked up on?"

"Sadly all of them were dead. The traitors I mean." Obito said, "Even the last one… I tried to make him fall into a genjutsu to give me some info… but he had a slave mark on his tongue and behind his left ear… and he was killed before I was able to get anything out of him."

Hiruzen didn't react. But he could feel the shift in his emotions.

Sure he couldn't tell Hiruzen about his usage about his Yamanaka jutsu, but that mean, the Uchiha clan had no other way to probe info out of someone's mind. Though it was a long process, and that's the reason why he learned the mind-reading clan's jutsu in the first place.

"Also, I might have another theory…" Obito hesitated. But it was a theory, not related to Danzo fully… but.

Hiruzen frowned, before sighing. "Go on…"

"I think the Uzumaki clan might have had a hand in planning the attack."

The whole room fell silent, while Hiruzen looked at me as if I was telling him a joke.

"Okay, it's only a guess, but I'm pretty sure I'm right…" Obito said as the Hokage motioned him to carry on. "You see when I was capturing the beast." Pointing at the covered jar on the side of the table. "I was able to come to the conclusion that… only a good sealing expert could damage a Jinchurki's seal to that state. And that led me to suspect the Uzumaki's… because there are no one who knows how to twist a seal to that limit unless he's from that clan… I would know as I was taugh by one. Also, the use of adamantium chains was also visible on the seal…It's a theory though… you would need to have the Yamanaka probe the last remaining mist swordsmen..."

"Yes… about that… he was killed during transport."

"I even made Rin wrap him up for you…" Obito facepalmed, before staring at the Hokage with judgemental eyes. "And so our village is infested with traitors… huh. And none of them seemed to be an Uchiha."

Hiruzen looked at him with a hurtful expression.

Bitch! You let our prime suspect die. It was a low blow on his part as Hiruzen felt quite shameful about the actions he had done previously, but who cared? Obito was just pissed.

Also, he did want to save the Uzumaki clan. But after what they did… he was actually pissed at them. Because he was almost certain that one of them helping mist was the reason for this whole situation. And that was important info that he didn't want to keep to himself.

Many good Konoha shinobis lost their lives that day. And he couldn't just hide it. Also, it might flush out Danzo's involvement even more.

"Don't tell me you have lost the swords as well?"

"No, all six of them are in Konoha custody for now?" Hiruzen said. "Want one…"

He didn't answer just gave the man a flat look. Well at least the swords are safe. "Anyway, it's really bad that we don't have any way to confirm the information," Obito said, it would have cleared things out.

Hiruzen stared at the Uchiha for a while before rubbing his head. "There is a way to recheck the info."

Obito looked at the kage with confusion.

Rather than explaining, Hiruzen removed the cover on the glass jar. "We can always ask him."

Obito blinked, blinked several times as he looked at the sealed glass on the table. Inside a small flaming monkey was sleeping or what appeared to be sleeping. The tailed beast looked harmless right now, his four tails wrapped around beneath him acting like a bed, while he lay on his side lazily.

Obito looked at Hiruzen, giving him a look 'seriously'?

The Hokage didn't say anything, just tapped on the glass jar a few times. And it had awakened the beast, and now was glaring at Obito with all hate and vigor.

"He doesn't seem to like you?"

Obito gave him a deadpan look. "He's just going through a phase…"

Hiruzen blinked, laughing at the joke. "It's never boring with either you or Kagami."

Obito just rolled his eyes. "Yo, can you hear us?" he said as he tapped on the jar with his finger.

The beast jumped up inside the glass jar, smashing the glass —failing miserably to break it— but it seemed to be shouting at him.

But the Obito remembered, "I think I should tweak the seal to add volume to our mute monkey."

Hiruzen nodded and gave him permission. And after a bit of tweaking the mic for the monkey was one.

"…going to kill you. Pluck out your eyeballs…" Obito lowered the volume again.

"Yeah… this is going to take some time."

Hiruzen sweatdropped at the situation. As a monkey summoner himself he felt kinda sorry for the trapped beast.

And after some minutes of swearing, the monkey seemed to have calmed down.

"You chill bro?"

"Fuck you." The monkey replied, before sitting grumpily inside the glass jar.

Obito looked back at Hiruzen. "I think he doesn't like me…"

"You…" the monkey grumbled. "You are the sole reason, I'm stuck here."

Obito snapped his head back. "Na-ah…" he gingerly replied, getting clearly amused at the frustrated monkey. "I in fact saved your life. If I didn't seal you into the jar… you would have died going boom boom… like how you were supposed to go. A caged monkey is better then a dead monkey."

The monkey fell silent. Before gruffing. Wait… did he just win a verbal war against a tailed beast? Neat.

"Obito… the questions," Hiruzen said, getting tired of the Uchiha's antics… even if they were all amusing.

"Oh right." Obito then looked at the monkey. "Hey one question, big guy. Then you can have your eternal peace in your glass jar." Obito continued with out pausing as the beast looked at him. "Who messed with your previous jinchurki's seal?"

The tailed beast snorted. "Like I would ever tell you!"

Hiruzen clicked his tongue, but Obito wasn't the one to listen to a refusal.

"Too bad then," Obito said, sighing at the Hokage. "The Uzumaki's want you back for their research… you know fair skin and red-haired people, uses adamantium chains and all the jazz. Very good with fuinjutsu… they want to give you a better home…" But he was cut off.

The monkey's confusion turned into fury. "I'm going to kill that whole clan… one of them is the reason that I'm here in the first place. Roshi is dead because of his messing with my seal. I will never forgive that red-haired bastard… I annihilate them all."

"Now… now… your tendency to cause mass genocide to a whole clan won't give you back your freedom. Let's feelings and stuff."

The monkey then jumped up enraged after he realized something. "You tricked me." He said pointing his figure at him. "And I'm going to take sick please in killing you…" Obito turned down the volume again, before looking at the Hokage.

"On a lighter note… it's confirmed that the Uzumaki betrayed us."

"This might have been the dumbest or might be the smartest thing I have ever seen…" Hiruzen said pinching the bridge of his nose. "But at least you got the info out…"

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