187 Chapter 137

Chapter 137

"Now, now… only five more to go," Obito said, as he laied in the grass, lazily reading a book. Man Jiraya was sure a good writer. This wasn't his Icha Icha series, but a simple adventure story, and it was quite amazing.

A bit far from him, Shisui could be seen sweating bullets as he pushed himself hard for another squat. To the untrained eyes, it seemed that he was doing only bodyweight exercise. But the small cracks beneath his feet told otherwise.

"…I'm done." Shisui said, with gritted teeth, when suddenly he fell forward due to the change in gravity. Obito had released him from the gravity jutsu, or weighted bolder jutsu whatever you name it. The boy panted on the floor as he huffed and puffed for air.

"Now that wasn't all bad was it…" Obito said, "If you want to be fast you have to build legs that could do that… honestly, in my time I had to put several gravity seals and do the drill myself."

"Yes, I'm oh so thankful. Obito-sensei." Shisui said rolling his eyes, while Obito gave a small smirk.

"Sarcasm won't get you anywhere, now practice the hundred Soru drill now that your legs are all warmed up."

Shisui's face paled. "Wait, I just finished the five hundred squats. I cannot even feel my legs anymore… except the pain, of course."

"Hmm…" Obito looked up from his book. "That sounds like a you problem. Now go on… I don't want to hear you complaining."

If this was the real world, that sort of training would be overtraining. But here. It's not. Ninjutsu are really wonderful.

Shisui just sighed and stood up with shaky legs.

Obito would have trained himself. He can't. It wasn't apparent at first, but Obito's body was suffering from some horrible chakra exhaustion. Sealing a tailed beast had taken a toll on him.

So for now he could just do some basic ninjutsu and taijutsu work. Well, he didn't need to do anything that pushed his body anyways. Grand Lady and he was working on their curse seal project. And Minato was busy with his training as well, and wasn't present in the village yet so he couldn't start learning Harishin no jutsu… so all in all other than being bored he was doing just fine.

And even though he was a human, he couldn't just train all the time. So spending some time with his grandma or Shisui was kind of a break for him.

Other than training Obito was also keeping an eye on Danzo. After gathering some info it became clear that Hiruzen had given Danzo his last chance.

Obito would have liked it if Danzo was eliminated. But then again, he could see from Hiruzen's perspective a bit. Danzo was his friend that saved his life multiple times. Always strive to make the village better, Danzo might be a scheming bastard but he contributed a lot in the village.

And the thing was unlike the original Danzo never tired to assassinate Hiruzen. No, he knew not to do that. That's why Kagami and Torifu didn't protest that much when Hiruzen gave Danzo one last chance.

But did Obito care about their bromance? No. He woudl have Danzo dead, and you don't need to always use a kunai to do the killing. Destroying the old man's reputation and exposing his deeds would be a good way to force Hiruzen to take action.

But he couldn't do it personally. That would ruin his relationship with Hiruzen. Someone else needed to set Danzo up. And he knew just the guy, but for now he needed to set the stage, and that meant carefully planning things out.

"…huff… I can't anymore." Shisui said as he collapsed to the ground.

Obito sighed. He wanted to threaten… no, motivate his disciple a bit, but he then stopped himself after looking at the boy's state. He might have pushed him too far.

"Fine don't be a baby," Obito said, getting up, and closing the book. "Wash up… we will get something to eat outside today. It's my treat." Doing his first accident S-rank mission paid quite a lot. Other than money every one of his teammates got that would help them in future.

"Wohoo!" Shisui would have jumped in joy, but his legs weren't working properly.

After some time both of the Uchiha's left the Uchiha compound to get something to eat. Everywhere they walked people stared at Obito and gossiped about him.

People started calling him all kind of names… of course good ones after the border incident. It also made the civilians fell a bit safe when child prodigies like him walked amongst the masses.

The tension of the upcoming war was quite nerve-racking. But in times like this people looked towards certain people to hope. Obito wasn't going to lie. He loved the attention, but it also made him realize the responsibility of the situation.

It also kinda made him fell bad. Because if something were to happen, he would prioritize his loved ones and friends rather than civilians that he barely knows. He wasn't a good person, he never claimed to be one. It was freeing in a way.

He could never do something selfless as the canon Minato like sealing the biju, or Itachi killing the clan. He wasn't that type of guy. He would of course help people if he could.

'Hmm… if I was a marine admiral. My justice would be, Impulsive Justice.' Obito mused as he walked with the smaller Uchiha. 'Impulsive to help others when it's not my damn business. And not helping others when I have certain priorities…' He liked it that way. It wasn't justice per say, and he knew it was wrong in some aspects, but it reminded him that he was still a human.

'I'm barely a ten-year-old, living in this world for almost five.' He thought, 'And I'm already having a morality crisis.'

Meh… it wasn't that important.

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