109 Chapter 109 | Back in Konoha

"Reporting back from the mission." Obito smiled cheekily as he tossed the scroll towards Hiruzen.

The man with the hat caught it with a raised eyebrow. "You know I gave you a week off only… and you are late."

"But it was two days… and it's not like I am a kid or anything."

Hiruzen squinted. "Boy, you are not even ten. Sometimes I forget you are the same age as Asuma." He sighed, shaking his head. "I was about to send Kagami or Minato to find you… another day and that might have happened. Missing in Action. And not to mention the Uchiha clan shenanigans I have to deal with later… Anyway, prepare yourself to be punished for being late."

"But… that's." But the Hokage cut him off.

"You are going to do D rank for the next week while keeping up with Minato's training. I don't want you to be slacking off for the upcoming chunin exams."

"Hey, that's mean old man." Obito pouted. "Just wait till I get that Hat and become the Hokage… I will be the one giving D-ranks to you then."

Hiruzen chuckled, dragging his pipe. "Oh, already having dreams on taking the hat from me… then you need to be disciplined even more if I want to entrust the village to you… You know what… I will hand pick the D-rank missions myself. Don't want them to hog all of your time… Hm… One week in the Inazuka litter cleaning duty sounds fine. Their cleaning duty are worth D-ranks…"

Obito paled a bit, taking a step back. "You wouldn't!?"

"Oh, I will," Hiruzen said before he took out a particular scroll with the Inazuka logo on it and put a stamp on it. He tossed it to the Uchiha, who caught it with a grim expression "And I did. Now go along… shu… shu… I have to work to do."

"Fine!…" Obito whined as he exited the Hokage's office. "Well, this sucks…"

Obito walked outside as his expression changed to neutral.

It's been three days since his fight with the Mist. And he was fully back to health now… actually whatever the late Chudoku clan leader did took away all of the damage in his body. It's sad that he couldn't thank him for it.

The man did Obito a huge favor in healing him, and he died early in the process. But then again the injuries that he suffered from Haruto Siugetsu was quite dreadful.

Obito would look after the Chudoku clan anyway, but because of this, he would do his all to make sure nothing happened to them.

As Obito walked the streets of Konoha it bugged him, the new nightmares. It was funny actually, never did Obito imagine he would have bad dreams after getting through Anbu and bat clan fear toxin training. Yet he did.

Basic human trauma he supposed.

He would still find himself in his dreams, stuck in ice, his body frozen solid and a giant ice monstrosity making its way to stab him with an ice lance. He would then feel his body heat up, and excruciating pain coming from it, before he would burst like a balloon. Dying over and over again. For the last two days, he couldn't sleep a minute without having those dreams.

Chakra had quite the nasty effect to numbing down sleep meds, so they didn't work any better either. He would still get nightmares.

It wasn't the usual Sharingan memory repeating dreams either. Sharingan had the skill of memorizing anything after watching it for a moment, so after cruel death battles, the user of the eyes would find himself in those memories repeating dreams. Many of his clan members suffered from it, some were even driven insane, cause of it. Now nothing like that happened because of the new Yamanaka treatment that happened in Konoha on their veterans.

Anyway, Obito didn't have the Sharingan memory repeating dreams, he didn't have his eyes active when the incident happened. It was just plain old trauma and PTSD.

This could be easily fixed if Obito visited a Yamanaka clinic, yet he wasn't stupid enough to do it. 'I will find a way to fix it later…'

But that wasn't the main concern, Obito had fucked up… in with the fighting of the Mist. If he was just a little bit careful… maybe he could have ended the fight sooner.

Yet he didn't. He should have been more careful. He was just lucky that things worked out in his favor… he learned a key lesson that day… to never underestimate your enemy, until you are sure they are fully dead.

Obito was also kinda confused as to how he won the battle… so Nightwing showed him.

Nightwing had shown him what happened after he got frozen, with his Ketsurugan genjutsu. And Obito was dumbfounded.

'Talk about a hidden power-up… when could I do that?' Obito internally chuckled. Even with all the shit that happened in the world, all the experiences he encountered, at the end of the day, this was an anime world. So stupid things like power ups do exist.

'But how do I use that ability again anyway?' Obito asked himself. That was the main question. He remembered nothing except trying to convert fire chakra internally in his chakra coils.

For all intents and purposes, that should have burnt his chakra coils, yet it didn't… it made him into whatever the fuck that was. Obito after escaping the ice, didn't look normal.

All the clothes on his upper body were ripped off. And all the vians in his body could be seen pumping blood were visible, and his skin had taken on a red appearance. Heck, there were even some cracks on his face and body, using the gates shouldn't make you transform like that.

Whatever that form was looked like a mixed version of Luffy's second gear and Tanjiro's Demon Slayer Mark transformation. This was just unreal… but then again he accepted the reality of this world long before. So now he just needs to find a way to tap into the new power. Hopefully soon.

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