59 The Grind Continues - 4

Sasuke blinked, before his eyes widened, "Wait, her?!" he gaped, "What the heck happened, she smiled at me and everything, I remember that girl like hiding away when I met her eyes a few times."

Daiki smirked, crossing his arms, "Some of my awesome rubbed off on her." he replied.

"Ew, gross, wasn't she like Naruto's fangirl or something? She was a quiet one at least, if only the ones that followed me around were that quiet," Sasuke wrinkled his nose, shaking his head, "Well, if you're fine with a fangirl, how about Sakura? And Yamanaka, I give you my blessing to rub all over them, granted, no idea why you'd want to, but have at it."

"They really bother you huh?" Daiki couldn't help but laugh. The boy always complained about them to him.

"I make no attempts hide that, I've told them straight up, but they still won't leave me alone," Sasuke shrugged, "Also, what the hell is up with your eyes?"

"Doujutsu," Daiki shrugged, "Ran into a missing ninja on my last mission, his eyes were pretty damn powerful, so when I killed them I implanted them."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, "You trying to be Kakashi or something?" he asked, but otherwise barely reacted.

"Not really, but they were just gonna go to waste," Daiki shrugged, "It's just like taking weapons from their corpses as well."

Sasuke snorted, "You don't need to make excuses to me," he shrugged himself, "You didn't have a doujutsu, now you do. Do you know how many people in the past wars tried to kill members of my clan for their eyes? I'll tell you, a lot. It's just common sense, I'd do it as well if I didn't have the Sharingan, the best doujutsu by the way." he smirked and flashed his Sharingan on.

See, this was why he was actually beginning to like Sasuke, the guy understood the grind.

"You think so?" Daiki grinned challengingly and narrowed his eyes, focusing his chakra through his eyes.

The air shimmered, and a clone appeared right next to Sasuke.

"It lets you make clones? Weird." the Uchiha noted, before swinging his hand out to hit the clone and no doubt dispel it.

Only his hand went right through it as if it were a mirage.

"What the hell…?" Sasuke blinked, confused and stared as the clone faded away before looking back at Daiki, "What was up with that? That was an illusion, but I couldn't see through it and I could see a chakra network that looked identical to yours in it."

"Chakra Ghost," Daiki's grin turned smug, "Even the Sharingan and Byakugan can't tell them apart from the real thing according to the last user. Just one of the many abilities these eyes have."

Sasuke's smirk returned, but was full of excitement now, "Alright, that's a pretty neat trick, I'll admit," he admitted, "What else you got?" he challenged, sliding into the opening stance of the Uchiha Interceptor Style.

"Oh a ton of shit and one specifically I want to test against you actually," Daiki retorted, he had been wondering if masking his chakra network would make the sharingan unable to copy his jutsu after all, "But I'm gonna have to pass on using you as a punching bag today buddy."

Sasuke eased out of his stance and raised an eyebrow at him, "Odd of you, you never turn down the chance to fight," he pointed out, "Unless you have another mission that is?"

"Nah," Daiki waved him off, "Nothing like that, I've just come into a bit of money lately from missions and bounties I've cashed in."

"And?" Sasuke prompted, other eyebrow joining the first.

"I'm thinking of checking out some houses, get a nice place for myself," Daiki shrugged back, "My place is a shit hole apartment I got given as a kid once I joined the academy and left the orphanage, I'm thinking it's about time I upgrade."

"Makes sense I suppose, well about as much as anything you do does," Sasuke nodded, giving a blatant odd look at the Isobu pauldron on his shoulder, "What kinda place are you looking for?"

"A pretty decently sized one I'm thinking," Daiki mused, crossing his arms, "A bit like the main house of your clan compound, one with enough space I can train at and a pond is a definite as well, maybe some place where it isn't too busy, I like my privacy after all."

"Oh, is all that?" Sasuke gave him a deadpan look, "Sure you don't want a waterfall out back and your own collection of maids while you're at it?"

"You're the one that asked dipshit," Daiki snorted, "I'll make my own waterfall if I want one and maybe if you're lucky, I'll convince Sakura and Ino to be my maids to save you from them."

"If only," Sasuke snorted back, "So going by your words, you're learning water and earth ninjutsu as well now?"

"Water jutsu yeah, as far as earth goes though," Daiki responded and slowly ran through a set of hand seals, ten in total, before crouching and slamming them on the ground, "Earth Style: Barrier."

In front of him, a large twenty foot tall wall of earth shot up from the ground and about a foot or so wide.

Then he punched it and watched it shattered apart, raising an eyebrow at Sasuke when the debris rained apart and showed him on the other side

"I mean, it's not a bad jutsu really," Sasuke pointed out, "It's not gonna stop any really strong jutsu, but not bad. You're just absurdly physically strong with stupidly big muscles."

"Jealous?" Daiki taunted.

"Not especially," Sasuke shrugged, "Bulking up like you will only harm the way I fight. I mean it clearly works for you, but I'd have to rework my fighting style if I ever went for a build like yours."

"Fair enough," Daiki nodded, he got that, and the guy was definitely right, his style relied on being pretty damn limber, "As far as this jutsu goes, you could probably learn it yourself pretty easily, in an hour at most. It's not a great barrier but has its uses like you said, doesn't take much chakra either, the only problem with it, is despite how low tier it is, it needs ten hand seals."

Honestly, he just remembered the Shinobi Alliance all learning it in like a few minutes to try and help ward of the Juubi's Bijuudama and decided to try it out himself.

Took him a half hour. Which went to show how easy the jutsu was, since he had no instruction on it and only knew what the final product looked like and the hand seals.

"That so? Maybe I'll try it out later then," Sasuke nodded, before smirking as a thought apparently occurred to him, "Maybe I'll teach Naruto it and have him spam it with his stupid clones, that idiot could use a little variety and ability to provide some support."

"He has the chakra for it, so a good idea," Daiki nodded, "Though, I honestly don't get your sensei. He should teach Naruto a fire jutsu and a wind jutsu, give the kid them and with his clones, he'd be able to wipe out bandits in the hundreds in just a few seconds."

"Ah, like the combination I accidentally used with that Fu girl back in Waterfall," Sasuke noted, before shrugging, "I don't get the guy either, Zabuza boasted about him knowing over a thousand jutsu, be nice if he could toss some of that our way. He mostly just makes us spar against each other, against him or do these stupid team exercises that yeah, is useful for fighting in a squad, but is utterly useless for what I actually want to do."

"Probably the basics I guess, jutsu won't mean shit if you can't keep up with your opponent, like that shithead back in Waterfall showed us," Daiki mused, "Still, he could definitely be doing more. It isn't as bad for you since you have your clan teachings and probably at least a few jutsu scrolls kicking around and in the future you'll be easy to copy a ton, but Naruto and Sakura are getting fucked over in the long run that way."

"Kakashi sucks and a genin has a better idea on how to train his team, nothing I haven't thought before," Sasuke snorted, "But putting how unreliable Kakashi is out of mind for the moment, as far as your little house touring idea goes, I've got a place like that I wouldn't mind selling you."

"You do?" Daiki gave him a confused look, "Isn't that like your clan property though?"

"And I have no clan residing there," Sasuke pointed out, "I was thinking of selling some of the outer properties anyway, a bunch of annoyances on that civilian council that handles the business sectors and stuff of the village have been hounding me for a while about it, one in particularly wanted this property I'm thinking of. I'd rather sell it to you than have him live anywhere near me."

"So spite then?" a wide grin spread across Daiki's face, "I can totally get behind that."

"I figured," Sasuke smirked back, "Alright, come on then, I'll show you the place."

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