Naruto: Systematic Shinobi

Waking up in the body of a standard Genin, a village invasion on the horizon and a count down until to a full out apocalypse only a few years away, what's a lad to do? There was only one thing he could do, cheat. Thankfully, this game system that instigated all of this in the first place, was quite helpful in that regard. Gamer Insert. https://www.patreon.com/0Jordinio0 - Feel free to support me on Patreon.

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The Chunin Exams - 35

A mere minute at most passed before another puff of smoke signified the return of Toka.

She was prudent like that.

When the smoke dissipated, it was to show Toka still in her miniature form, standing beside a bloated, soaking piece of flab.

Daiki grimaced.

For all intents and purposes, Shisui Uchiha had been a pretty handsome guy. From what he remembered, he had the pretty boy looks of a typical Uchiha, yet at the same time, his features were more masculine than say Sasuke.

Now, he, or rather was was left of him, looked more like a fat, bloated tumour of skin that seemed to leak a disgusting watery substance from each and every pore.

And that wasn't even getting into the fact that there were tons of great big rents in the body all over the surface, as if tons of creatures had taken to nibbling on it from time to time.

It was a wonder it hadn't just become a skeleton at this point. But then, Shisui was just built different from your typical person, he was near an S-class shinobi when he died.

His body was just that much tougher than an average person, that it was taking longer for his body to decay.

…Still it wasn't exactly a pretty sight. And it was a horrible look for such a cool guy.

"I still do not understand what good this body will do you," Toka mused, casting it an indifferent glance, "Unless you've went all mad scientist like the snake contract holder and plan to clone this Uchiha."

"No, nothing like that," Daiki replied, eyes on the corpse. His scarlet red eyes glowed and he looked into the body itself, taking in the contents of it. Damn, it wasn't half water logged now was it? That would have to go, "Do you remember what I told you about my Infinite Armour?" he asked, crouching down over the body and pressing his hand over it.

He focused, spreading his chakra through the body and drew the water within the corpse to it. He'd already long since learned what he needed to do when using raw life force to repair a body.

The contents of those four clowns technique to revive their master Seimi, had been explained to him from his loot. In the process of regenerating the body, it would flush out all impurities that had taken root, including the likes of insects and such that had infested the body.

Still, there had to be a dozen gallons of water stuffed inside this corpse. Eesh. It was a wonder it hadn't just popped, but then he could attribute that to Shisui's strength before death as well he supposed.

Just in case he'd draw the water out.

"Yes, absorbing chakra and converting it into life force, how could I forget when it has such a silly name?" Toka snorted and rolled her ringed eyes, then walked over to hop up onto his shoulder and lay down, observing what he was doing.

"Yeah," Daiki grinned faintly as he guided the water in the corpse up and out of one of the great big rents in the corpse's flesh, "While I lack the revival jutsu itself that will pull a soul from the after life, using life force, I can do what they wanted, and way better than those guys thanks to my eyes."

In fact, the jutsu used for the life force transference itself, wasn't really a jutsu, but rather just a function of the Infinite Armour. A seal.

A seal he'd long since cracked. Knew the functions of, and could do better with his eyes.

Especially in conjunction with perhaps his most used jutsu of all.

"And what was it they hoped to accomplish, hmm?" Toka asked, "Some form of revival jutsu, like your village's Edo Tensei?"

"Figures you guys would know about that as well," Daiki snorted, "But yeah, along those lines. Basically, with enough life force, it's possible to regenerate a corpse that is little more than a skeleton, back to perfectly healthy and alive."

"I see." Toka said simply and nothing else.

Ever the composed lizard lady, huh?

She was silent for a moment as he worked, digesting what he said, before-

"You wish to regenerate the Sharingan and take it for your own, then?" Toka questioned a moment later, hitting the nail right on the head.

"Pretty much." Daiki nodded.

"Hmm, the Sharingan is a powerful tool for sure, but why? Do you plan to replace those eyes you have now, the Shinkugan you call them?" she asked next, "I would advise against it. The overall abilities, especially the sensory linked ones and the fact they enhance your analytical ability outweigh the benefits of the Sharingan in my opinion."

"Don't worry, I'm not giving up the Shinkugan, it's way better than the Sharingan," Daiki assured her, "I simply plan to fuse the Sharingan with my Shinkugan with Fuinjutsu, I just haven't gotten around to making the seal yet."

…It hadn't exactly been a top priority so far. He already had a rough idea how he would do it mind you, with the Four Symbols Seal, The Chakra Filter Seal and some of the applications of his improved Heavenly Star Seal.

"Hmm, and how will you go about that I wonder?" Toka hummed, and in his peripheral vision he saw her lips stretch into a taunting grin, "Do you plan to pull out your eyes to physically inscribe the seals on them?"

Daiki said nothing.

Toka's eyes widened, "Truly!?" she gasped, before erupting into laughter, "My goodness! You are truly a buffoon that will do anything to grow stronger. Though, an amusing buffoon at least."

Daiki resisted the urge to tell her that there was a fine line between something being stupid and something being genius.

It was whether it worked or not.

But he would just let his work be all the proof he needed and show her.

…Later when he actually got it done.

Still, he did toy with the idea of making a seal around his eyes, connecting to his temples rather than the eyes themselves. But, he figured that would weaken the connection and it would be stronger if he fused them together.

And actually could lead to a better result.

If he sealed the finished product to his genome. Making it truly part of his bloodline and able to be passed down. That, was something that would take a lot longer to complete though.

He wasn't quite good enough to pull something like that yet.

He shook his head as the last droplet of water came free, swerving up to join the rest, forming into a large sphere of water nearly as tall as he was that was idly floating in the air under his control.

He was really getting good at the water manipulation these days. Improving every day, every second even considering he had clones training with it right this very moment.

"Right, let's get this show on the road then," Daiki said a few moments later, after dumping the water down the plughole of the shower provided to his room, once again crouching down over the body, which was now while still a lump piece of meat, now much slimmer. He made a single hand seal, "Mystical Palm Jutsu." he intoned, familiar warm green healing chakra forming around his hands.

And then he focused and drew upon the massive quantities of life force stored within the Infinite Armour. Beyond absorbing any chakra going his way, Isobu was constantly adding chakra to it himself, and by his counting, in sheer volume, they had stored enough chakra to rival that of his two tailed sibling, Matatabi.

His eyes began glowing, so bright the room was cast in a deep red glow, and he moulded the life force into his hands. The soft warm green aura of his Mystical Palm Jutsu turned a pure gleaming sliver and he pressed his hands down atop Shisui's body and let loose, directing the pure healing life force into the corpse.

And instantly, before his very eyes, he watched as time itself seemed to rewind rapidly for the body. The bloated skin shrinking, tightening, going from soggy pale grey to warm creamy skin, the rents all over the body healed, filling in, teeth reformed, the bloated skull and face shrunk and moulded back into proper shape, a handsome black haired teen just a few years older than Daiki staring back at him…with empty eye sockets.

By his counting, he'd already directed a tenth of the total gathered life force, amplified by his eyes and the Mystical Palm Jutsu into the body.

…What the?

'Keep going.' Isobu urged him before he could falter, 'Power requires power, and the Sharingan, especially this ones, isn't so easily restored from nothing, especially considering this ones eyes still exist.'

…That didn't make sense at all. Isobu was sure for instance Daiki himself could regenerate a lost lung rather easily. So would that mean if somebody just tore his lung out, and kept it in their hand and didn't destroy it, it would make it harder for Daiki to regenerate?

'Just keep going, I admit, I do not know everything, but eyes such as these are special, they require you to go further.' Isobu replied.

How cryptic.

…And stupid.

Really, what was up with the fucking bullshit around the Sharingan that even the laws of the universe apparently made it harder to regenerate them just because?

He pushed even more life force into Shisui's body. Yet still, nothing formed in his eyes.

He tripled the output.

Soon he'd expanded life force equal to Shukaku the One Tailed Bijuu in chakra by Isobu's estimates. Which had been enough to fully revive Seimi and pull him from the after life.


There was a glimmer within eye sockets, small white flakes forming over the optic nerves within.

"Orah!" Daiki roared and went full in, he pushed every little bit of life force stored within the Infinite Armour out, amplified it by his eyes and directed it into the body with the Mystical Palm Jutsu.

And then he went a step further and went even further beyond!

He drew on his own chakra, converting almost the entirety of his own chakra capacity into life force and added it on, chakra comparable to that of a kage converted into life force just to top it off.

He was using so much chakra, his own and beyond, spots started dancing in his vision and he began teetering from side to side almost drunkenly.

And then all of a sudden, the flow cut off entirely.

There was nothing else left beyond his very own life force and Daiki found himself toppling backwards in a dead faint.

'Chakra…exhaustion…!?' he realised blearily.

The back of his head smashed into the hard tile floor of the room, yet Daiki didn't even have the strength left to wince.

Toka of course easily and casually left off of his shoulder before he hit the ground, not even bothering to stop him.

"Truly a buffoon," she snorted while he lay there and stared up at the ceiling, or rather as much of the ceiling as he could see since most of his vision was filled with spots and blotting most of it out of view, "A competent buffoon I suppose though, it seems your efforts were not in vain."

Daiki gave a slow blink, '…Did it work?' he thought hazily.

A second later, the numbness that had befell his body began to fade away as a familiar dense, powerful chakra flowed into his coils, rejuvenating him, giving him strength enough to push himself up to his hands and knees.

His limbs still shook mightily with the struggle of it, and even with Isobu it would take a little bit before the effects of chakra exhaustion totally faded, but, he for now he could move.

He turned his head and looked at the corpse, and a grin began to spread across his face.

The perfectly restored body of Shisui Uchiha lay staring up at the ceiling just like he had been before, eyes wide open, crimson red sharingan eyes with three tomoe gazing blankly upwards.

He done it!

….And all it took was chakra comparable to the two tailed Bijuu, amplified by a bullshit doujutsu of his own.

Daiki grinned in victory, before collapsing backwards again onto the ground and just laying there, basking in the moment.

'Never again.' he vowed.

'Well I wouldn't say never, it may be possible to make an Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan if you have two pairs of the same set of eyes,' Isobu interjected, 'But I do believe it will be a long time coming. The amount of life force you used for this would truly come in handy in a pinch if we were ever in over our heads. As it is, it will take us months to gain that amount of chakra again, and that is assuming we do not get into any battles that force me to exhaust my chakra to keep us alive in the mean time.'

Daiki grimaced.

…Yeah, he hadn't at all thought it would take that much life force to just regenerate Shisui's body.

Not even close.

'For reference, that amount of chakra turned into life force, was easily enough for you to live a thousand years life span wise.' Isobu added.

…..Fucking Sharingan.

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