Naruto: Systematic Shinobi

Waking up in the body of a standard Genin, a village invasion on the horizon and a count down until to a full out apocalypse only a few years away, what's a lad to do? There was only one thing he could do, cheat. Thankfully, this game system that instigated all of this in the first place, was quite helpful in that regard. Gamer Insert. https://www.patreon.com/0Jordinio0 - Feel free to support me on Patreon.

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The Chunin Exams - 31

When he returned to his room, Daiki got straight back to the grind. There wasn't a lot of room, he so ended up sealing all the furniture of the bedroom inside his Dimension Force Seal to free up some space.

Even then it wasn't exactly much to work with, it was a small thirteen feet by thirteen feet space after all.

He could jump to Isobu's dimension and leave a clone behind at anytime, but he decided not to.

He had the camera in his room covered so none could watch him, but he couldn't be sure of just when somebody would next seek him out, somebody that a simple shadow clone wouldn't fool easily, especially after his little mouthing off episode against Danzo.

'I should have….6,967…just kept my mouth shut…6,968…but the guy just pisses me off…6,969, heh, nice.' he mused inwardly as he went through one handed, hand stand push ups.

If there was ever someone that should have 'retard' branded across their forehead, it was Danzo fucking Shimura, the amount of shit Daiki would have to take care of in the future just because of that morons absolutely massive fuck ups was insane.

The two most blatant being finding away to make sure Sasuke didn't go full on avenger and want to destroy the Leaf after he eventually found out the truth of the Uchiha Massacre and deal with Nagato, or as he called himself now, Pein.

Pein who got the better of Sage Mode Naruto even with help. Far from Naruto's strongest form come the end Daiki mused, but monstrous all the same. A simple clone of Naruto in Sage Mode defeated the Third Raikage.

The Third Raikage whom fought Gyuki, the Eight Tailed Bijuu to a draw.

Even with Isobu backing him up, and the time he had, that was going to be a hell of a level to reach.

And all because of fucking Danzo.

That wasn't even getting into the fact if he wasn't such an utter clown, the entire Uchiha Clan would still be around right now, brainwashed to be loyal, and he'd have the strength of Itachi and Shisui to count on.

Now that would be a line up he could get behind. Daiki himself, Naruto, Sasuke, Itachi, Shisui, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Kakashi, Gai. Granted Tsunade was a long shot, but with all of them even barring her, Orochimaru wouldn't have dared start his shit like he was doing now.

Hell, Sand wouldn't have the balls to either.

So yes, when he was keeping track of those watching him and he found Danzo running his mouth about him, Daiki couldn't stop from cutting in and flexing all over the old prick.

The oddest thing of it all though, well one of them at least, was the fact that…Danzo backed down after Daiki threatened to cut his head off for back talking the Hokage and admitting his big plan for making the likes of Stone and Cloud back down if they threatened war if things really did spiral on towards the road of him becoming Hokage.

It was a simple, yet incredibly genius stratagem if he did say so himself. Threaten to Bijuudama them. After infiltrating the village and letting them know not a single person could sense or find him if he so desired.

If he wanted to disappear, there really was nobody that could stop him. And they couldn't stop him from coming and going either, not without bringing down a fully realised Bijuu-Mode Perfect Jinchuuriki.

He'd be showing off a bunch of his cards if it came to it, which he'd rather keep close to the chest, but if it came down to it, he'd do it. He wouldn't allow A and Onoki to dig their teeth in and shake him for all they could like they did the Sandaime when the Leaf was still recovering and had to play nice.

No, he'd just go to the opposite end and go full genocide if he had to. That apparently was something Danzo could get behind though and he literally retracted complaint about Daiki being in line to be the next Hokage.

…And wasn't that a bother. With all of the people there in the room during the reveal, including the Hokage's advisors and Danzo, it was pretty much official that he was now being groomed for the Hokage hat.

He couldn't take that back now even if he tried. It would be a total bad look for him. So he now had no option but to run straight down that path and make sure old man third lived through the Konoha Crush if he didn't want to find himself the leader of the Land of Fire.

The work load wouldn't really be a problem with his clones, the big issue was that he wouldn't exactly be able to leave the village much since he would be the leader.

Which meant a bunch of things that he couldn't just send others to fetch for him, would be out of his reach.

Especially one of the most important of all.

The Ryumakyu, the Dragon Veins. A massive source of powerful chakra comparable to a Bijuu in scope, sealed beneath the ruins of the city Roran in the Land of Rivers, close to the border of the Land of Wind.

And for all intents and purposes, what he planned to use to empower Isobu and make him even stronger!

'Hmm, so that's what your full big plan is to make me stronger? You've been tight lipped about it and even hiding most of your thoughts from me about it, I admit you had me curious,' Isobu hummed, 'Converting all that chakra into my own, would take a significant amount of time. Time you would not have to freely spend outside the village as Hokage.'

Exactly, so unless he got access to a teleportation jutsu like the Flying Thunder God, he was up shit creek without a paddle on that front if the Sandaime died.

'Well, you could always send an amped clone over there and have it absorb the chakra with your torso armour and the Infinite Armour and transfer it directly to you and then you could filter it through to me,' Isobu pointed out, 'Though, I'm unsure if even the pair of them could handle all of that chakra, and multiple trips might need to be made.'


…Well, that could be an option. And it wasn't like his clones had some limited range they could go from him. After all, they were in a literal separate dimension right now and he still got their memories and chakra if they popped.

And he could handle some of the chakra carrying himself thanks to the chakra absorption seal he'd added to the Dimension Force Seal.

Still being confined to the village would suck absolute donkey cock. And that wasn't a euphemism for his own mighty epically big dick.

And besides beyond that, there were a bunch of other things he wanted to get his hands on. Like a demonic hydra and its army of eight thousand stone golems that could each tank a Rasengan to the face without trouble.

'I mean, I could lend my full power to a clone of yours and they would have no issue beating down this Miroku.' Isobu pointed out.

Daiki grimaced.

'It would take all the fun out of things though, just sending my clones off to do everything for me! I want to run around, beat up demons, seduce priestesses and princesses and have fun!' he burst out, full on whining.

'…Then have an amped clone stay back in the village and you go out, simple as that.' Isobu deadpanned.

Damn it, this guy had an answer for everything.

'It's called common sense, though I can understand that being a foreign phrase to you, with you being…well you.' Isobu snorted.

Common sense?

That sounded like something only a little pansy would li-

There was a knock on the door cutting of Daiki's thoughts and he sighed, cutting off the mental conversation with his inner spirit tortoise, he pushed himself up to land on his feet and made his way over the door.

As he expected, someone had come to visit him. Night had fallen now and the other genin had returned to their own assigned rooms, he'd been training for hours at this point.

The only question, was who?

Well, he could just look through the door itself and see, but that would take the fun out of it.

'Who will it be?' he mused, grasping the door knob, 'Hinata? Danzo? Old man third?….Anko maybe?'

Daiki pulled the door open and blinked at whom he saw.

It wasn't anyone he expected at all.

A tall cream skinned sandy blonde with glacial teal eyes, her hair done up in four pigtails and adorned in a short pale pink dress with fishnet underneath.

Temari of the Hidden Sand.

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