173 Omake: Kushina - 1

After consulting with Kurama, Daiki expected to depart Naruto's mindscape and re-enter the physical world. However, he found himself standing in a vast expanse of gentle golden light. Before him stood a stunning red-haired woman with a small smile etched on her face.

"Hello, Daiki-kun, isn't it?" Kushina Uzumaki greeted him warmly.

He blinked…this place, he recognised it. It was where Naruto had met his mother in the future for the first time in the other timeline, "Ah, yeah…" he nodded in reply, a bit tongue tied.

And not just because of his sudden appearance here, but to be straight, she was a sight to behold. Despite the unflattering attire, Kushina's voluptuous figure was impossible to conceal. Her womanly hips, thick and shapely thighs, and plump, round posterior stretched the limits of the dress, while her ample bosom remained high, proud, and alluring.

Kushina caught his eyes admiring her body and rolled her eyes, "Right, you were a little of a perv weren't you?" she snorted, amused, "Still, it's nice to meet you Daiki-kun."

Daiki coughed, and with a sheepish smile met her eyes, "Sorry about that it was just instinct," he apologised, and quickly began to run damage control, "Err, who are you? And where am I? Not that I'm complaining about suddenly being face to face with a beauty like you, but I'm kind of confused here. And I don't think you're the Kyuubi's real form or something stupid like that."

"That furball wishes," Kushina snorted, "But aren't you a little charmer? But to be exact, my name is Kushina Uzumaki, and to make a long story short. Well, let's just say I could bring you here because of your chakra and leave it at that right now. I just wanted to take the chance to thank you, for what you're doing for Naruto." She inclined her head in gratitude towards him, causing Daiki to bite down on his lip, observing her ample bosom bouncing within her blouse.

"Naruto's…mom, huh? Sealed inside another part of his seal? Interesting," he instead said, and he did find that part interesting. He shook his head, "Well, don't worry about it. Me and Naruto are kinda friends, and he doesn't deserve the hate he gets, and that he should be a lot prouder of who he is."

"I know, I was watching after all," Kushina giggled, raising her head, pretty eyes sparkling, "He really needed to hear those words though, so I'm thankful regardless."

"Like I said, don't mention it," Daiki waved her off, "Honestly, I should be the one thankful, if he really was born a girl and took after you I'd have been love struck, especially if as a girl she had such beautiful hair."

Her hair, was a magnificent sight to behold, and cascaded down to her ankles like a shimmering red curtain.

Kushina ran her fingers through her luscious locks, a playful smile dancing on her lips. "You do have a certain boldness about you, don't you? You know I used to hate my hair," she chuckled, reminiscing, "I used to loathe it actually, you know. The way people would tease me relentlessly. Until I decided to take matters into my own hands and give them a taste of their own medicine, of course."

"If it was girls, they were probably just jealous." Daiki replied, though he only knew of boys that bullied her, which brought a chuckle from him, "Still, beat the crap out of them did you? Sounds about what I expected from Naruto's mother."

Her cheeks flushed lightly, but she laughed in return, "We Uzumaki are natural born hotheads after all," she replied, "But, putting that aside Daiki-kun, since I had the chance to bring you here, I took it. I wanted to thank you."

"You already did though." Daiki pointed out.

"No I mean actually thank you, give something in return," Kushina shook her ahead, "If there's something I can do you for you, don't hesitate to ask. You're pretty good at fuinjutsu right? Maybe I can teach you some seals or give you some tips? We should have a few hours here at least by my reckoning."

Anything, huh?

Despite himself, Daiki's eyes flickered to her voluptuous breasts stretching out her dress, which Kushina didn't miss at all, "You really are a little perv, aren't you kid?" she snorted, pure amusement in her tone, a teasing grin spreading across her face, "If that's what you want though, I don't mind, heck it could be fun."

"…Wait, seriously?" Daiki goggled, "But…what about-"

"My husband?" Kushina cut him off, "I'm not actually Kushina Uzumaki y'know. Well, I am, but I'm not. I'm just a remnant of her, like a shadow clone. I'm not the real one. So it's not like she's actually cheating on him. And as much as I love my son, it is awful boring in here just sitting and waiting." as she spoke, the voluptuous beauty walked over to him, full womanly hips swaying.

She stopped in front of him, grinning teasingly, "If you want a piece of this, come take it," she taunted, cupping her large, juicy breasts and jostling them at him, "Or would you rather I teach you that fuinjutsu instead?"

"Fuck it, fine with me." Daiki shrugged, he couldn't believe this was happening, but he sure as hell wasn't going to say no.

He couldn't resist the temptation of her voluptuous body any longer. He grabbed her big breast, sinking his fingers into the plump flesh, eliciting a soft moan from her lips. His other hand greedily explored the curve of her hips, before cupping her ass. The massive, springy cheek filled his palm perfectly, making him want to squeeze and knead it until she begged for more.

He was going to absolutely destroy this woman while he had the chance.He crushed his lips against hers, his tongue pushing past her lips and intertwining with hers in a heated battle of dominance. She moaned into his mouth as her hands instinctively gripped his broad shoulders, feeling a rush of desire wash over her. His kiss was intense and passionate, leaving her breathless and wanting more.

'What a really bold kid.' Kushina thought lightheadedly.

Daiki wasn't going to waste any of the limited time he had with the beautiful milf that was Kushina Uzumaki. His hands left her tits and ass and grasped her dress, and then with a powerful yank of his hands as he pulled away from the kiss, a loud ripping sound echoed throughout the golden world around them as he tore her dress right off, leaving her nude as the day she was born, except for the sandals she was wearing.

"Damn…" Daiki's swallowed taking in her amazing naked body.

Kushina licked her lips seductively and gazed at him with an amorous look. "You want a taste of this big boy?" she purred, her fingers moving to caress her voluptuous, creamy breasts, adorned with delectable pink nipples. She shifted her hips and spread her legs, showing off her mesmerizing, pink, virgin-like slit that looked like it had never been touched, never mind given birth. Her thick thighs flexed as she spun around, revealing her curvaceous, irresistible body and enormous, plump buttocks just begging to be spanked.

"Fuck yeah I do." Daiki licked his own lips hungrily as he stared at her.

"Well come get it, like I said," Kushina laughed teasingly, tugging on her nipples and jostling her huge tits, "Though, it's not quite fair that you're still dressed and I'm not."

He grinned, "Guess I'm a bit over dressed." He wasted no time in pulling his clothing off.

Kushina's eyes widened in awe as his pants and boxers came off, revealing his massive, throbbing cock. It stood tall and proud, begging for attention. "Oh my god," she moaned, "How have you been hiding that beast? You're packing some serious heat down there." She licked her lips hungrily, eager to feel every inch of him inside her, she'd never seen anything even close to that big before.

This really would be fun, wouldn't it?

She stepped towards him, her voluptuous breasts pressed tight against his chest. With one hand, she grabbed hold of his mammoth member and gazed at it in amazement. "It's so thick," Kushina moaned as her fingers failed to encircle it, her eyes filled with lust. "I can't wait to feel this inside of me. You're going to wreck me with this monster."

"Fuck yeah I am," Daiki sneered lustfully, reaching behind her to spank one of her ass cheeks hard, making the large bouncy cheek bounce and jiggle, a moan leaving Kushina's mouth, "I'm gonna make you squeal!" he promised.

"Oh yeah?" Kushina moaned out, "Sounds like a fun time stud, gonna fuck my big ass silly with this huge cock of yours?" she licked the side of his jaw, while shaking her massive ass cheeks invitingly, tempting him to spank her again, which he did, the loud clap of his hand meeting her ass echoing loudly and drawing another moan from the older woman.

"Damn right," he growled, reaching up to place his hand atop her head, and then force her down to her knees, making her face come level to his fat testicles, his huge cock towering over her head and making her go cross eyed as she looked up at it, "But first you're gonna worship this cock with your pretty little mouth baby."

Kushina was transfixed by the sight of his enormous shaft. "Oh my, it's so thick and veiny," she purred, admiring every inch of it. She wasted no time in exploring his manhood, tracing the outline with her delicate fingers, while her tongue swirled teasingly around her lips. She eagerly took his balls into her mouth, savouring the weight and texture of them, as she considered what she wanted to do next. She slowly ran her tongue up his entire length, revelling in the salty taste and velvety texture of his skin, before taking his pulsing head into her mouth and giving it a playful nibble. She made sure to look him straight in the eyes as she did it, relishing the way he shuddered with pleasure at her touch.

Daiki chuckled as he gazed at the gorgeous MILF slurping on his thick shaft. "You're into some kinky stuff, aren't you?" he asked.

Kushina grinned mischievously as she pulled away from his throbbing cock with a loud slurping sound. "You know what, baby? My husband couldn't handle me the way you're about to. He was too gentle in bed, never gave me the rough pounding I craved," she replied as she took both of her hands off of his cock. "But you...oh, you're going to make me scream like a filthy little slut, aren't you?" she moaned as rose higher up on her knees and she she wrapped her massive soft tits around his shaft, sliding them up and down with depraved enthusiasm.

Daiki was consumed with lust as she spoke, and he grabbed her by the hair. She began to stroke his cock with her breasts, and he thrust upwards with force, shoving his thick member into her mouth. He took control and made her wet tongue slide up and down his shaft as she squeezed his flesh between her huge tits and began thrusting roughly into her mouth.

Loud wet slurping gags echoed for a good ten seconds before he pulled back, leaving her gasping, spittle dripping from between her lips to land on her large, bouncy tits, "Rough like this you mean?" Daiki sneered lustfully as he grasped his cock at the base and slapped it across her face demeaningly.

"Oh yeah…just like that baby!" Kushina moaned, nodding her head vigorously, reaching up to roughly tug on her own nipples and nuzzle her face against the cock he was slapping her with.

As he looked down at her, seeing one of the most beautiful woman if not the most beautiful, on her knees before him, hips gyrating, tugging on her on huge breasts and looking up at him with a lewd look on her face, a thill ran up Daiki's spine and ignited his instincts.

He looked down at her, her snatch dripping with lust and he smirked, "Let's take this up a notch huh?" he chuckled to himself, electricity sparking to life along this fingers.

Kushina's hands hungrily squeezed her massive, pillowy breasts when she felt an electrifying touch that sent shivers through her body. "Mmmm, what's this?" she moaned, her confusion quickly giving way to pleasure as those charged fingers clamped down on her nipples and pinched. The electrifying sensation pulsed through her body, igniting every pleasure receptor at once. She exploded with pleasure, her body convulsing and her voice screaming in ecstasy. Her delicious fat tits bouncing wildly as she experienced the most powerful orgasm of her life, her essence gushing out of her core in a glorious squirting fountain.

Kushina dropped to the ground limp, eyes rolled into the back of her head, huge tits squished against the golden ground, hips and legs twitching with after shocks of pleasure, her big bouncy ass jiggling enticingly with each movement.

"…Oh…my god…" she breathed out, hips undulating and rolling with lewd thrusts against the ground on pure instinct. The stacked readhead weakly pulled her head up to look at the boy who'd just given her the craziest orgasm she'd ever had and found him staring down at her with a smug, shit eating grin.

…No wonder the kid was so bold. It looked like he wasn't a stranger to fucking women silly, and she was just the next bitch that was going to get fucked into oblivion by that massive cock of his.

As if threatening her, a spark of electricity coursed over his cock and her eyes widened. 'If that was just from my nipples…if he fucks me like that, he really is going to ruin me.' she shuddered

Yet despite that, Kushina couldn't help the moan of anticipation that left her throat.


This isn't canon to the story by the way, it's a little what if kind of thing. Non canon filler to the story that was a possibility.

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