385 The Luffy Pirates (7)

Upon hearing this, Zoro clenched the knife in his hand. Luffy clenched his fist, and Sanji tightened his leather shoes.

When Leiyin saw this, he just crossed his arms in front of his chest and smiled indifferently, "Are you all going to attack together?"

"Bastard! Don't underestimate us!"

Sanji was the first to bear the brunt of the attack. He shouted angrily and kicked over, "Concassé!"

"Gomu Gomu no Pistol!" Then, Luffy stretched out his arm and punched like a bullet.

"Toro Nagashi!" Zoro waved his three knives and turned his body, creating a gust of wind.

When Leiyin saw this, he only smiled. He clenched fists did not even use chakras or the Busoshoku Haki. He just casually waved his hand and directly shattered the attacks of the three people.

"Namari Boshi!"

Usopp's hands trembled as he pulled back his slingshot. A lead bullet accurately hit Leiyin's heart.

This time, Leiyin did not dodge and allowed it to hit him. However, when the lead bullet hit him, it was bounced back.

"Hot air bubbles... cold air bubbles... electric bubbles!"

Nami waved her heavenly staff and the two air bubbles merged into one. With a "kacha" sound, a bolt of lightning directly struck Leiyin.

However, it was still useless.

"Damn it!"

"Does this guy have no weakness?"

"This is... the existence of the Four Emperors!"

The attacks of the five people were easily neutralized. Looking at this god-like existence in front of them, the Straw Hat Pirates felt helpless for the first time.

The difference in strength seemed to be not in the same dimension.

"Let's fight him to the death!"

Everyone displayed their abilities and crazily attacked Leiyin. From the beginning to the end, Leiyin had an indifferent expression as he calmly faced the attacks of the five people. The five of them were unable to harm even a hair on his head.

"The current you are still too weak!"

Leiyin's single strike caused all five of them to fall to the ground. He floated in the air with his arms crossed before his chest, looking down like a king.

The five members of the Straw Hats were sweating like rain. Luffy looked at Leiyin while gasping for breath. "Hey! You... What kind of freak are you?"

Usopp sat on the ground and was so tired that he could not move. "This is the Four Emperors... We have no chance of winning at all..."

Although Zoro knew that the difference in strength between the two sides was very big, there was still no fear on his face. "Are we going to die here today?"

Luffy clenched his fists and his eyes became very serious. He was completely different from his usual state. "Don't say such unlucky words! Even if we die, we have to protect everyone's lives!"

As Luffy spoke, his eyes revealed a faint aura of an Emperor.

Seeing Luffy so serious, Leiyin seemed to become serious as well, "Luffy, what is your dream?"

"Pirates King!" Luffy looked at Leiyin, whose aura still did not decrease.

"Then, which one do you think is more likely to become the Pirate King?"

"Even if I can't defeat you now, one day, I will surpass you!"

"Then, if I don't give you this chance, what will you do?"

Zoro continued, "If we die, it can only prove that we are only people of this level!"

"Ha ha ha!" Leiyin's forthright laughter resounded through the sky, shocking Luffy and the others.

"I only came to take a look. I was just joking when I said I would kill your captain. I hope you don't mind."

As Leiyin spoke, she took out a box from her bosom. With a thought, the box flew in front of them.

Luffy said,"What is this?"

Leiyin replied, "If you want to complete your dream, you must use something."

"Something to complete your dream? This is?" Luffy took the box in his hand and couldn't help but be stunned.

Everyone was also confused. Just now, they had been at loggerheads, but now they were actually sending things.

"Hey! What do you mean?"

Just as Zoro finished asking, Leiyin flashed and disappeared without a trace.

Usopp was shocked and could not calm down for a long time. "Is this guy a human? Are the Four Emperors all at this level? If so, we can't win no matter what, let alone become the Pirate King..."

Luffy held the box in his hand and sighed, "That Yuida is really a good person!"

Nami shouted and patted Luffy's head, "What the hell! We don't even know what he is going to do. He almost killed us! And he is not Yuida, it is Leiyin, the Four Emperors Leiyin!"

Usopp said, "Luffy's brain is too slow."

Luffy's eyes were still on the box, "Let us see what is inside!"

Nami said, "No! You can't look!"

Usopp replied, "If it's a bomb or poison, you will die!"

Sanji said, "Idiot! Don't fight..."

Without listening to what everyone said, Luffy opened the box.

There were several pieces of rubbings inside.

It was the rubbings of the four historical text obtained by Leiyin after he killed Big Mom and occupied Totto Land...

"Do you want my treasure? Go find it yourself! I put them at the end of the world..."

Half a year later, Leiyin found Laugh Tale and became the second generation of Pirate King. Later, he disappeared from this world as if he had disappeared from the world.

Three years later, Luffy flew to Laugh Tale and became the third generation Pirate King...

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