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Naruto: Superior Shinobi


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In the midst of Orochimaru experimenting on a Boy, said boy awakens memories of different lifes. From the Life of an Ordinary Student to a Genius like Dr. Gero with a wide range of knowledge in Robotics and Bioengineering. With a meshed personality of all three and his only advantage being his Genius Intellect, he will survive in the cruel and deadly World of Shinobi as an Orphan. Fighting on the path to superiority. ------------------------------- Hello thank you for reading this Story. It is my first one. I had some ideas for a Naruto Fanfiction that I haven't really read yet anywhere and decided to write it down myself. Especially with the additional Canon of the Boruto Manga (not the Anime, don't watch it) makes my Ideas more likely. ------------------------------- For 10+ more advanced Chapters visit P_a_t_r_e_o_n.com/QuillArcher Thank you for your support. ------------------------------- All content belongs to their respective owners. Besides my original Characters and Plotlines.


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