Naruto: Strongest Disciple System

A One Piece fan was transmigrated into the ninja world without any prior knowledge about Naruto. Fortunately, he was not alone. A system came and accompanied him by bringing teachers all over the Anime world. Watch Tenma's journey throughout the Ninja World and leave a legend that spread throughout generations.

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27 Chs

Ch 2 : Academy's trouble

Tenma, or to be more complete. Tenma Shimura is the son of Danzo's cousin, that died in the second world war.

He was one of the only relatives Danzo had left in this world, and that was also why Danzo was a lot more lenient toward Tenma.

But that was not all it was about Tenma.

Tenma Shimura was hiding a secret from everyone. He was a transmigrator from our earth that accidentally transmigrated into this body after he died.

Tenma, in his previous life, was a One Piece fan.

Yeah, a One Piece fan, not an anime fan.

He mostly just watched One Piece and debated that One Piece is the best anime out there, with Oda being a super Genius about foreshadowing without watching much of other anime.

Even one of the biggest anime ever, Boruto's Dad. Tenma didn't have much knowledge about it other than it being Boruto's Dad from the anime series Boruto which he also dubbed as trash.

And for him to be reincarnated into the world of Boruto's Dad rather than One Piece, one could see how much disappointment was there in Tenma's eyes.

But how did he reincarnate here?

Not hit by a car, nor by electric shock, but rather at one of the Comic-Con he attended, induced by a cute girl to buy a fake Devil Fruit.

But who knew that once Tenma swallowed the Devil Fruit, he was soon poisoned, and when he woke up, he had already appeared in a new and unfamiliar body.

Fortunately, though, heaven didn't really forsake him.

Not long after he transmigrated into this world which he dubbed the "Boruto's Dad World" with all the ninjas and stuff from his memory, Tenma found that he had a system to help him.

The system had materialized at an early age, and since that, Tenma had been using his system to its fullest.

But now was not the right time to discuss that any further. Because while we were speaking, Tenma had already arrived at the academy's training ground.

On the Training ground behind the ninja academy, Tenma looked at Obito.

' This guy… I don't remember him from the Boruto anime. He should be an unimportant guy .'

Noticing the glare from Tenma, Obito glared back, full of rage.

First Kakashi, now this guy. Obito was seriously irritated.

"Tabata-Sensei, this is not me spreading trouble!"

"I must give this new kid a hard lesson!"

"All the students in the class want to see it."

Some students also raised their hands.

"Yes, Tabata-Sensei, this kid is too arrogant. If we don't teach him a lesson, he would surely look down upon us later."

Hearing this, Tabata also eventually gives up on persuading the students.

Let them finish this with a few spars. At least, if things go a bit dangerous, he would quickly step up.

This generation of rookie nine, Rin, Kurenai, Guy, Ebisu, and the others, looked toward the match.

Even Asuma was waiting for the result.

Tabata shook his head helplessly. He stood in the middle of Obito and Obito and said:

"Well, I will not say much then. However, remember that Obito and Tenma will have a friendly spar. Don't be too serious and injure your classmate. In that case, let's start."

With this word, the spar finally started.

Not even waiting for a moment, Obito rushed towards Tenma violently.

Tenma just glanced at Obito lazily, as if he didn't react.

Only a thought came to his mind.

' Too slow…'

But obviously, Obito could not read someone else's thoughts.

A smile appeared at the corner of Obito's mouth.

"Oh, can't even respond to this?"

"Today, I will teach you a lesson!"

"I'll show you that I am the one worthy of being the next Hokage and Rin!"

Obito seemed to have dreamed of the scene where he defeated Tenma and was admired by the whole class.

The other students stared closely.

And Tabata-Sensei is ready to shoot.

But there's the same thought in everybody's mind.

"Why didn't Tenma respond?"

To be able to transfer in the middle of the year. If he was not a talented guy, there should not be an event like this.

And at this time.

When Obito's fist was about to touch Tenma.

Tenma just slightly tilted his head.

A flash, came to his side.

" Collier!"


In one instance, Tenma's leg moved. It was so fast that the image of his leg became a bit blurry.

But the next thing Obito knew was he felt a huge pain in his abdomen.

Obito didn't even realize what happened until he saw Tenma was looking at from from above, while he was lying on the ground motionless..

The surroundings became quiet.

No one thought it would be such a result.

Everyone may have thought that Tenma would win. After all, Obito is a the bottom of the class.

But none of them had expected it would be this clean.

Obito.. he didn't even let the enemy show his true strength before he got taken down so easily.

Tabata's pupils also shrank slightly.

"This way if handling things.."

Tenma might not display a speed comparable to Chunin or something like that.

But what Tabata saw from Tenma was something even scarier. A calm composure and the determination to end the battle in one move.

If his talent as a ninja was not bad, his floor would at least be a Jonin.

Tenma looked at Obito on the ground, shook his head, and gently murmured.

' Sure enough… Gear fifth Luffy solos'

Nonetheless, Tenma didn't delve too deep into this thought.

There's still a lot of things to do, he thought.

He stood up and shifted his gaze towards the other classmates that were watching from the side:

" Anyone else?"

When these words fell, the students around suddenly became angry again.