Naruto: Strength Through Teaching

Mutsuki traversed into the world of Naruto, becoming an ordinary middle-level ninja teacher at Konoha's Ninja School and a member of the Root organization. Fortunately, he awakened the teacher system, allowing him to become stronger through teaching. In order not to become a brainless tool for Danzo, Mutsuki diligently teached to enhance his strength. "The first time completing an A-rated teaching evaluation. reward: Complete Mastery in Fire Chakra Nature Transformation." "Your student Shisui gained +30 chakra after hard training. You gained +60 chakra!"

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Chapter 59: Rin becoming the third wheel

"I'm not an Uchiha tailgater. In the last grade-level practical combat, I ranked third!"

Obito noticed that Kakashi's impression of him was still based on the time before he studied with Mutsuki, so he directly revealed his last exam results.

"If being third also counts as a tailgater, then in that grade, there are only two people who aren't, and I was careless last time. Next time, I'll definitely be first!" Obito said indignantly.

Kakashi hesitated for a moment. Being third in the grade certainly didn't qualify as a tailgater. Considering Obito's performance in the youth Ninjutsu competition, he thought being third was quite normal.

However, Kakashi couldn't stand Obito's arrogance, so he spoke up:

"I really don't know if third qualifies as a tailgater because I've always been in first place. I have no idea what it feels like to be in third."

Obito opened his mouth but found himself unable to argue because it was the truth. When Kakashi was in school, he had absolute dominance, consistently ranking first.

"Oh, by the way, were you third in the theoretical exam? I ranked first in the theoretical exam," Kakashi added, striking a blow.

Obito felt like an arrow had struck his heart. Theory was his eternal pain. Forget about being third; he barely passed because Mutsuki helped him with extra lessons.

Although his theoretical grades were indeed not good, Obito wouldn't admit it in front of Kakashi. So, he stubbornly said, "During the last theoretical exam, I didn't sleep well the night before, so I performed a little worse than in practical combat. But this time will be different for sure!"

"Performing a little worse means how much worse? It can't be so bad that you didn't even pass, right?" Kakashi, who knew Obito very well, deliberately remarked.

As he expected, Obito immediately blurted out the truth.

"No, it's not like that. I just barely passed!" Obito retorted. It was his first time passing.

"Barely passing is a bit worse than being third. Your definition of 'barely' seems quite broad," Kakashi said, a hint of a smile appearing on his tone.

Obito fell silent. If he could become the Hokage, he would definitely issue a decree to abolish the theoretical exams at the Academy; they were too torturous.

"Obito has been working very hard lately. I see him studying every day. Perhaps he will make remarkable progress in the final exams," Rin spoke up for Obito.

Obito, who had been somewhat subdued, instantly returned to his usual self, feeling that the world was so beautiful.

Looking at the gradually receding figures of Might Guy and Shisui, even their silhouettes seemed a bit cute.

"Wait, Guy and Shisui are training, and here I am wasting time arguing with Kakashi?" Obito suddenly realized a problem.

With the give-and-take relationship, Might Guy would undoubtedly become stronger than him. When that happened, he would have to do more tasks, leaving him with less time to play with Rin.

"Playing with Rin means having to do more tasks, doing more tasks means less time to play with Rin, so playing with Rin means not having time to play with Rin." Obito came up with this somewhat strange logical chain in his mind.

Obito was somewhat puzzled about why Might Guy and Shisui would train together at night. One was from his clan, and the other was a classmate, yet he felt like an outsider.

Recalling the situation, Obito realized that he had been invited, but he had declined because he wanted to go and play with Rin.

At this moment, Obito was in a dilemma, wondering how to resolve this issue. Then, he noticed Kakashi, and an idea sprouted in his mind.

Even if he didn't admit it verbally and maintained a tough exterior, Obito couldn't deny in his heart that Kakashi was genuinely formidable.

Graduating at the age of five and becoming a Chunin at six, when they were still in their second year at the Academy, Kakashi had already advanced to the rank of Chunin, on par with the school's senseis.

If he could learn something from Kakashi, maybe he could gain an advantage in his battles with Might Guy.

"Kakashi, what would you do if your opponent is faster and stronger than you?" Obito asked Kakashi.

"Create distance and then use Ninjutsu," Kakashi replied.

"Only in a situation where Taijutsu is used," Obito added a condition.

"Why not use Ninjutsu when I can use Ninjutsu?" Kakashi refused to answer.

Obito scratched his head, inwardly cursing the annoying Kakashi.

"Because at that time, Chakra was running out, and I couldn't use Ninjutsu," Obito thought for a moment and explained.

"Then face him head-on."

"Why? With disadvantages in strength and speed, how can you win in a direct confrontation?" Obito was quite puzzled.

"This way, you can have a more glorious death. Do you think Taijutsu doesn't require Chakra?" Kakashi replied unapologetically.

Obito felt a bit frustrated. This infuriating Kakashi was not playing by the rules at all.

Feeling that he had teased enough, Kakashi finally said:

"Since your body's strength and speed are inferior to the enemy, you need to focus on agility and technique."

"In a battle, it's all about how I can hit the enemy and how I can avoid the enemy hitting me. Agility allows you to evade the enemy's attacks and avoid injury. Stronger techniques in offense can compensate for the lack of strength."

Obito felt that Kakashi's words made a lot of sense, yet it seemed like he hadn't said anything at all.

Upon careful consideration, he realized he had heard similar words from Mutsuki before.

"Are you planning to participate in a Taijutsu-only competition, and is there someone stronger than you?" Kakashi speculated.

"It's not a competition; it's a practical combat exam. Both of my formidable rivals excel in Taijutsu," Obito didn't disclose the true situation to Kakashi.

He felt that if Kakashi knew it was a combat punishment instead of a competition, he might not help him and would instead enjoy watching him do the exercises.

"If you're really serious about improving your Taijutsu, I don't mind helping you, but I'm afraid you might not be able to handle the hardship," Kakashi said.

"The thing I, Uchiha Obito, fear the least is hardship."

Hearing Kakashi's words, Obito smiled. What hardship could compare to doing a hundred exercises after a battle? My suffering surpasses yours, Kakashi.

Following that, Kakashi led the two to a nearby training ground.

"Next, I will not use Ninjutsu in our battle, but I won't hold back. Are you sure you want me to help you with your training?" Kakashi asked in the end.

"Just go all out," Obito said nonchalantly.

He wanted to test Kakashi's strength.

There was no doubt that Kakashi excelled in Ninjutsu, so Obito believed that in a pure Taijutsu duel, the difference shouldn't be too significant.

"Alright, then I'll begin." Kakashi, seeing Obito's attitude, decided to fulfill Obito's wish.

In the next moment, Kakashi directly used the Body Flicker Jutsu, appearing in front of Obito. A kick sent Obito flying before he could react.

Obito, who had just been chatting with Rin, felt a bit dazed. He brushed off the dirt from his clothes and said, "I was careless and didn't dodge. Continue."

One minute later, Obito's body was covered in dust, bearing several shoe prints.

With Rin watching on the side, even though Obito fell several times within a minute, he still pretended to stand up effortlessly and shouted to continue.

Rin watched the two who had entered a serious state, feeling somewhat hesitant to speak. It seemed like she was a bit redundant here.


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