Naruto: Strength Through Teaching

Mutsuki traversed into the world of Naruto, becoming an ordinary middle-level ninja teacher at Konoha's Ninja School and a member of the Root organization. Fortunately, he awakened the teacher system, allowing him to become stronger through teaching. In order not to become a brainless tool for Danzo, Mutsuki diligently teached to enhance his strength. "The first time completing an A-rated teaching evaluation. reward: Complete Mastery in Fire Chakra Nature Transformation." "Your student Shisui gained +30 chakra after hard training. You gained +60 chakra!"

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Chapter 58: Mutual Harm is Unacceptable


"I finally did it!" Obito couldn't help but cheer after completing the last question.

After more than ten days of hard work, he finally finished the staged questions. From today onwards, he no longer had to solve problems every day.

"What did you complete, Uchiha Obito? Why are you shouting like a ghost? Get up and answer the questions!" Chitani Isamu, who was startled by Obito, said displeased.

But to his surprise, Obito answered correctly. Chitani Isamu had no choice but to nod and let Obito sit down to listen attentively to the lecture.

"Rin, let's go out tonight!" Obito, who had sat down, grinned.

"Tonight? Tomorrow is Saturday, how about going out tomorrow?" Rin suggested.

"Ah? Is it already the weekend again?" Obito widened his eyes, looking shocked and asked.

He had just finished the staged questions, and now it was already the weekend for receiving new questions.

"Obito, have you been confused about your studies lately? Today is already Friday," Rin joked.

She had noticed Obito's recent efforts, and it was indeed different from before.

"Finally, the weekend is coming. It feels like class time passes so slowly, but the weekend flies by in the blink of an eye."

"Yeah, those semester breaks feel like they haven't been to school for five days."

Obito: "..."

The joys and sorrows of humans are not shared. He just felt that they were noisy.

He felt like his Monday to Friday time was stolen. Every time he became conscious, it was already Friday afternoon, followed by the extremely long weekend.

"Rin, let's still go out tonight. I might not have much energy tomorrow during the day; I'll be practicing," Obito said weakly.

Approaching the end-of-term exams, the weekend training was even more challenging than before.

Previously, during his battle with Might Guy, he could use the forest terrain to his advantage. However, later, he was arranged to fight on a large flat ground, and then, he could only rely on speed and agility.

So, Obito decided to go out and have fun with Rin tonight. The training on Friday was relatively light.

"Oh, I see. Then let's make it today. After school and dinner, I'll come find you, and then we'll go look for Kakashi together," Rin nodded and said.

Obito really wanted to ask why Kakashi was involved, but he opened his mouth and, in the end, didn't ask.

"Maybe she thinks Kakashi doesn't have anyone to play with, so she brings him along," Obito thought to himself.

After school, Obito went to the usual training ground. As always, he was the last to arrive.

Just like before, he started with various exercises to strengthen his physique, such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and so on.

After exercising for a certain amount of time, it was time for combat.

"Today, I'll change the rules of the fight," Mutsuki called Might Guy and Obito together and said.

"For each successful hit on the opponent, they receive two additional questions, and the attacker loses one question. The combat time is seven minutes."

"Two extra questions for each hit, and seven minutes. It's as if I can see a tidal wave of exam questions coming towards me," Obito exclaimed.

Previously, it was just one additional question for a successful hit, and the combat lasted only five minutes. This is a direct and significant increase.

The only advantage is that hitting the opponent can reduce one question. As long as he manages to land enough hits, he won't have to answer any questions.

The problem is, he had been at a disadvantage in the previous battles!

He felt fortunate that he had the foresight to invite Rin to play with him tonight.

Given this intensity, the weekend was bound to be exhausting, and it would take several days to recover.

"Sharingan, Sharingan," Obito kept chanting, eagerly wishing to activate the Uchiha Kekkei Genkai.

"Yumi-sensei, what about the fifty questions that come with the start of the fight?" Might Guy eagerly asked Mutsuki.

"Reduce it to forty questions," Mutsuki replied.

To maintain balance, some questions can't be directly removed temporarily because Might Guy's Taijutsu is much stronger than Obito's.

Although they weren't entirely eliminated, at least ten questions were reduced, which made Might Guy quite happy.

"Moreover, you can offset the questions through exercise. You can offset up to sixty percent of the questions. Three hundred push-ups can offset one question, and other exercises can also be used," Mutsuki added.

With each hit now resulting in two questions, the number of questions would quickly increase. Mutsuki decided to use exercise to offset the inflated question count, emphasizing that the goal of solving questions was to enhance both of their learning, acquiring more knowledge rather than being purely punitive.

"All those questions need to be discussed; it's not just about completing them," Mutsuki stated.

"Offset sixty percent," Obito's eyes lit up upon hearing this, but the realization that three hundred push-ups equaled just one question brought a sense of immense pressure.

"Three hundred for one question? Hahaha!" Might Guy burst into laughter, indicating that he would certainly max out the sixty percent offset.

Watching Might Guy laugh wildly, Obito, inspired by the prospect of facing a mountain of questions later, calmly spoke:

"Yumi-sensei, this doesn't seem right. Using exercise to offset questions should be aimed at giving us better training. It should be based on each person's training progress. How can we fix a specific number?"

He didn't want to be stuck doing a bunch of questions alone.

"Obito, you make a valid point. So, Guy, let's make it a thousand exercises to offset one question," Mutsuki thought it over and agreed.

Might Guy looked at Obito with a puzzled expression, and the smile on his face froze.

"Guy, I understand. You surely want to get better training, right? No need to thank me," Obito smiled and gave a thumbs-up to Might Guy.

"Well, Obito, you must also yearn for a battle where we give it our all," Might Guy began to warm up his legs, preparing to engage seriously with one hundred and twenty percent effort.

The battle ended seven minutes later.

"Obito, one hundred questions. Guy, twenty questions," Mutsuki announced the outcome of the battle.

"Obito, I get it. You want more questions to study, right? No need to thank me," Might Guy flashed a bright smile and gave a thumbs-up.

Suddenly, Obito felt like slapping himself seven minutes ago. What were you thinking? Now, both sides are worse off.

With too many questions to handle, there was no way they could finish them in a day. They had to offset a portion through training and divide the rest for staged completion.

As Rin mentioned playing together with Kakashi, Obito decided to ask Might Guy if he wanted to join. After all, it wasn't just his and Rin's two-person date anymore, and Might Guy and Kakashi were also good friends.

To Obito's surprise, Might Guy declined, mentioning that he had plans to go for a night run with Shisui to exercise.

However, they still met in the evening. While they were playing, they encountered Shisui and Might Guy, who were out for a run.

"Shisui, trust me, give my type of tight-fitting suit a try next time. It's perfect for exercising," Might Guy attempted to promote the green tight-fitting suit he was wearing.

Glancing at Might Guy striking poses, Shisui imagined himself wearing the green tight-fitting suit and quickly shook his head in refusal. It was just too strange.

"Who's that beside Guy?" Kakashi asked, looking at the unfamiliar figure next to Might Guy.

"The genius of our Uchiha clan, someone even more of a genius than you," Obito teased intentionally.

"Heh, and what does that make you, the Uchiha's trailing genius?" Kakashi remarked casually.


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