Naruto: Strength Through Teaching

Mutsuki traversed into the world of Naruto, becoming an ordinary middle-level ninja teacher at Konoha's Ninja School and a member of the Root organization. Fortunately, he awakened the teacher system, allowing him to become stronger through teaching. In order not to become a brainless tool for Danzo, Mutsuki diligently teached to enhance his strength. "The first time completing an A-rated teaching evaluation. reward: Complete Mastery in Fire Chakra Nature Transformation." "Your student Shisui gained +30 chakra after hard training. You gained +60 chakra!"

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Chapter 55: New Body Flicker Jutsu

Shisui wiped the sweat off his forehead with his hand and leaned against a big tree to take a break.

Might Guy and Obito also finished their training and were about to start a battle based on the number of questions.

"Today's youth has come to the time it should be released," Might Guy said with a serious expression, his muscles tense, already preparing to make a move.

In reality, Might Guy felt more pressure than Obito because he initially carried a debt of fifty questions on his shoulders and had to continuously hit Obito to reduce it.

"Absolutely cannot exceed thirty questions, or else there won't be time tomorrow night," Obito took a deep breath, his eyes filled with the desire for victory and fear of the questions.

He also wanted to go out and have fun with Rin on Saturday night, and he definitely couldn't accumulate too many questions.

"Begin," Mutsuki shouted.

As Mutsuki's words fell, Might Guy instantly charged forward, swiftly delivering a powerful whirlwind kick towards Obito.

Obito rapidly distanced himself, aiming to minimize the chances of getting hit.

After standing for a while, Shisui sat down, watching Obito and Might Guy engage in such a serious battle, couldn't help but exclaim:

"It's really good, the joy of companionship in normal times, and when sparring, giving it your all for mutual progress."

Shisui felt the camaraderie between friends was truly wonderful.

Upon hearing this, Obito nearly stumbled and fell to the ground. If he didn't give it his all, he would indeed have to sprint madly and progress like crazy on the solitary path of solving problems.

If it weren't for the fact that he couldn't beat him, Obito really wanted to ask Mutsuki if Shisui could join this kind of training.

Although he didn't fall, Obito was successfully seized by Might Guy, who took advantage of the opportunity, adding one more question.

With this experience, Obito temporarily corrected his tendency to be easily distracted and focused all his attention on countering Might Guy's attacks.


Five minutes later, Mutsuki beside them announced the outcome of the battle.

"Obito, thirty-five questions. Guy, fifteen questions."

"Thirty-five questions..." Obito's face revealed a bitter expression. It was five more than his baseline, and doing so many questions could make a person dizzy. How was he supposed to go and play with Rin?

Might Guy's expression also showed some discomfort. Getting beaten every day, Obito had made significant progress, and now he couldn't reduce the questions to just ten as he used to.

"No worries. If you can't finish them today, you can do it in installments. Take a week to complete it, just five questions a day. Consider four questions as interest," Mutsuki said with a smile.

Doing too many questions in a day might be too much for Obito's brain to remember. It would be like doing them in vain.

Obito was a bit hesitant about installment payments because originally, there were only thirty-five questions. But with installments, it would become thirty-nine questions.

However, if he didn't do it in installments, finishing them in a short time would be exhausting, and he wouldn't have the energy to play with Rin.

"Then let's do it over seven days," Obito replied weakly.

Although installment payments would increase the total amount, Obito couldn't quit this habit. It really made things much easier.

Mutsuki nodded and recorded Obito's latest installment questions.

"Let's finish today's tasks today," Might Guy declared. He had no intention of doing it in installments; he wanted to complete the questions today.

Mutsuki agreed with Might Guy's decision not to do it in installments because solving questions itself served as a motivational tool and simultaneously enhanced their theoretical scores.

Mutsuki thought this method was good; the questions didn't even have to be limited to ninja school knowledge. They could use the questions to broaden their knowledge.

After resting, Shisui resumed his training. Currently, his focus was on the Body Flicker Jutsu and Genjutsu. Although he was encountering these two types of techniques for the first time, he learned quickly—even faster than when he initially learned Fire Release.

[Disciple Uchiha Shisui, under your guidance, has diligently trained, and his strength has experienced significant growth. As a reward, you gained the skill—Soru (Proficient Level).]

When Mutsuki saw this reward, he paused for a moment. In the world of Naruto, he didn't recall a technique named Soru, but it sounded familiar from the neighboring One Piece world.

When numerous memories of practicing Soru appeared in his mind, Mutsuki instantly understood what was going on. It was the Soru he remembered as one of the Rokushiki techniques, but it had been modified into a version for the Naruto world by the system. It belonged to Taijutsu and could also be considered a form of Body Flicker Jutsu, requiring the use of Chakra.

Satisfied, Mutsuki nodded. If it were the Soru from the world of One Piece, his petite stature might not be able to execute it, as the creatures in that world were incredibly resilient.

Comparing his own proficiency in Body Flicker Jutsu with Soru, Mutsuki decided to use Soru for his Body Flicker Jutsu in the future.

He felt that the most basic Body Flicker Jutsu he knew was completely overshadowed by Soru.

"Shisui, I've noticed your recent efforts, and compared to two months ago, your strength has improved significantly. Keep up the training, and in a while, I'll teach you an even stronger Body Flicker Jutsu," Mutsuki praised Shisui with a smile.

It seemed like another valuable discovery, and Mutsuki was in a good mood.

"A stronger Body Flicker Jutsu?" Shisui's eyes lit up.

He was very interested in Body Flicker Jutsu and felt that this type of Ninjutsu suited him well.

"Yeah, you need to focus on strengthening your physique. That Body Flicker Jutsu falls under Taijutsu, and if your body isn't strong enough, it can put a lot of pressure on your legs," Mutsuki nodded.

After all, it was modified from the world of One Piece, and even though it involved the use of Chakra, it still required a certain level of physical strength.

Not to mention Shisui, Mutsuki himself needed to enhance his physical training.

He already had a luxurious set of Ninjutsu in the early stages, and the arrival of Soru perfectly enhanced his mobility.

"Yumi-sensei, I feel like I've made significant progress too. Can you teach me as well?" Obito scratched his head and chuckled.

He really wanted to learn Body Flicker Jutsu, not for combat, but because he found it cool.

If he could use Body Flicker Jutsu during the Youth Ninjutsu Tournament, he wouldn't have to walk up; he could appear on stage with a swift movement, just like Kakashi.

"Of course, you can," Mutsuki nodded.

"That's awesome, Yumi-sensei! You're the best sensei in the ninja world!" Obito was delighted when Mutsuki agreed directly, and he immediately cheered.

"Yumi-sensei, I've actually made significant progress too," Might Guy also wanted to learn the new Taijutsu.

"Sure, everyone can learn," Mutsuki smiled kindly.

"As long as you achieve the top position in the final exams, you can learn this Body Flicker Jutsu from me," Mutsuki stated the precondition.

"But both Guy and I are in the fourth grade. Doesn't that mean one of us won't be able to learn?" Obito expressed his confusion.

"In that case, aim for the top spot in the next exam, or complete the Taijutsu challenge I assign. If you succeed in either, you can still learn," Mutsuki replied.

"Is the challenge difficult?" Obito asked tentatively.

"At your current level, you probably won't be able to endure it," Mutsuki said straightforwardly.

Obito fell silent. It seemed that the only way to learn was to achieve the top position in the grade.

Obito felt like he had another reason to aim for the top spot in the final exams. He looked at Might Guy, who gave him a bright smile and a thumbs-up.

"Absolutely won't hand over the first place easily, right? Perfect, practical exams don't forbid the use of Ninjutsu," Obito felt a surge of motivation.

First, defeat Might Guy, then take down Kakashi—by then, he would be the genius Uchiha Obito.

"These are the questions you need to tackle. Remember to do them well," Mutsuki handed the exam paper to Obito.

The flames on Obito's body were instantly extinguished as he looked at the waiting questions. He suddenly felt overwhelmed.

"And here's yours, Guy," Mutsuki smiled, handing over Might Guy's portion.

As Might Guy looked at the black and white exam paper, the smile on his face gradually faded. The thumbs-up that was once proudly raised slowly lowered.

Even the toughest of men couldn't escape from such challenges.


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