Naruto: Strength Through Teaching

Mutsuki traversed into the world of Naruto, becoming an ordinary middle-level ninja teacher at Konoha's Ninja School and a member of the Root organization. Fortunately, he awakened the teacher system, allowing him to become stronger through teaching. In order not to become a brainless tool for Danzo, Mutsuki diligently teached to enhance his strength. "The first time completing an A-rated teaching evaluation. reward: Complete Mastery in Fire Chakra Nature Transformation." "Your student Shisui gained +30 chakra after hard training. You gained +60 chakra!"

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Chapter 32: Eight Inner Gates

[Disciple Might Guy's Set Training Task]

[Training Task: Obtain a training plan that can enhance strength]

[Reward: Depending on the completion of the task]

Looking at the training task proposed by Might Guy, Mutsuki's mood was somewhat complex.

He originally thought the task would be to defeat Kakashi, but it turned out to be a request for a training plan.

Can this also be called a "training task"?

Mutsuki seriously considered the causes and consequences triggered by the training task, forming some speculations.

The disciple's ideas determine the content of the training task; Obito feels that he cannot secure the first place in the Youth Ninjutsu Tournament on his own at the moment, hence the training task to achieve that.

When Obito learned that the competition was taking place again, there were only two weeks left until the competition started.

With such a short time, Obito believed that only with Mutsuki's help could he possibly secure the first place.

While Might Guy does wish to defeat Kakashi, he is not in a hurry, nor does he entertain the idea that he must seek Mutsuki's help to achieve this.

Perhaps, due to knowing each other for only a month and being purely on the receiving end, Might Guy might feel reluctant to trouble Mutsuki too much.

Various reasons combined, ultimately resulting in Might Guy's training task being quite peculiar.

"Sensei, I'll trouble you with the training plan," Might Guy expressed his gratitude.

"There's no trouble at all. I'm so happy that you're so eager to become stronger. Sensei can't be happier," Mutsuki said, patting Might Guy's head.

"Because for sensei, the disciple becoming stronger is the best repayment to sensei," Mutsuki's expression was sincere.

This was not acting; it was indeed Mutsuki's heartfelt words.

Hearing this again, Might Guy felt a different kind of emotion.

Perhaps, he should rely more on Mutsuki.

The two of them went to the training ground together.

Obito is nearing completion of the tree-climbing training and is about to move on to the water-walking exercises.

Might Guy is still engaged in physical conditioning training, repeating various exercises.

Shisui is practicing Genjutsu with Mutsuki's Shadow Clone.

Mutsuki, the original, is completing Might Guy's training task, which involves devising a new training plan for him.

This is not something hastily written; there are many considerations involved. It's not just about intensifying training when aiming for strength; one must also consider the body's capacity to endure.

As the sky gradually darkens, the three of them complete the training assigned by Mutsuki, and Mutsuki also finishes Might Guy's new training plan.

Mutsuki calls Might Guy aside separately and hands over the training plan.

[Training task completed, rewards: 20 Exercise Elixir, Chakra +150]

[Exercise Elixir: Effectively relieves physical fatigue, restores the body, and eliminates hidden injuries]

The task is settled directly, and the rewards turn out to be better than Mutsuki had imagined.

After all, this task is really too simple, and Mutsuki is thinking that having some Chakra is a bit of a gain. Unexpectedly, there are even twenty Exercise Elixirs as a pleasant surprise. This genuinely exceeds his expectations.

This makes him even more curious about what rewards he will receive upon completing Obito's task. After all, in terms of difficulty, Obito's training task is much more troublesome than Might Guy's.

Mutsuki's mind stirs, pretending to search for something in his ninja tool pouch. He takes out one Exercise Elixir from the system space and hands it to Might Guy.

"Here, something to eat. Go ahead," Mutsuki says with a smile.

Might Guy should be the one among his three disciples who needs this the most, given the intensity of his training.

"Thank you, sensei. What is this?" Might Guy takes the elixir, asking in confusion.

"It's something beneficial for you. Eat it quickly," Mutsuki explains.

Out of trust in Mutsuki, Might Guy directly consumes the elixir. The moment he swallows it, he instantly feels a warmth spreading through his body, a sensation flowing through every limb, sweeping away his fatigue, and instantly boosting his spirits a hundredfold.

"Is this one of those expensive elixirs?" Might Guy speculates. The pill Mutsuki gave him is truly miraculous; after consuming it, he feels much more relaxed.

The term 'elixir' refers to medications with special functions, usually crafted through specific methods using particular materials. A common and ordinary elixir is the Military Rations Pill, which can restore a certain amount of Chakra and is relatively inexpensive.

The more special and powerful the elixir's effects, the more expensive it tends to be. Might Guy senses that the elixir he just took is definitely not cheap.

"Now that you've eaten it, don't think too much about it," Mutsuki doesn't reveal the answer to Might Guy.

He doesn't know the price of the elixir; it was provided by the system, and whether Konoha sells it is another matter. Since the question has been asked, there's already a faint answer in his mind.

[You gifted the disciple an Exercise Elixir, and due to the disciple's immense gratitude, you receive a critical reward: Eight Inner Gates (First Three Gates).]

Instantly, numerous memories of practicing the Eight Inner Gates flood Mutsuki's mind. He can sense that he has unlocked a certain limitation within his body.

Although he can only open the first three gates, Mutsuki is still quite satisfied. With the memories of the technique, he can continue to practice and unlock more gates.

However, Mutsuki doesn't plan to continue training all eight gates. He believes investing time in other areas will yield greater benefits.

While Might Guy only has average Ninjutsu talent, his Taijutsu talent is formidable. Practicing for decades, he was ablr to oen the Gate of Death. Might Guy managed to severely injure Six Paths of Pain, and Might Duy even faced the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist as a Genin.

Opening only three gates is just right for him. The first three gates have the least impact on the body, while the gates beyond them demand significantly higher physical strength.

"Sensei, I will definitely become the strongest!" Overwhelmed with emotion, Might Guy says with tears streaming down his face.

To ensure he takes the expensive elixir without feeling burdened, Mutsuki is unwilling to disclose what exactly Might Guy is consuming. If it weren't for Might Guy's own awareness, Mutsuki might have told him it was candy.

Handing a tissue to the teary-eyed Might Guy, Mutsuki gently smiles and says, "You will become the strongest, I believe in you."

Even without his assistance, Might Guy would reach the pinnacle in Taijutsu through his own efforts. Mutsuki believes that in this world, Might Guy will only continue to progress further.

"It should have increased trust quite a bit. I wonder when I'll have a disciple with a trust level of four," Mutsuki thinks as he watches Might Guy's departing figure.

Today, Mutsuki didn't go to the main city area to encounter Minato and Kushina but chose to stay in the Southern Forest. It's been over a month since his transmigration, and although he has had the idea to develop the Rasengan on a whim, there hasn't been time.

Recently, he has read many books on Sealing Jutsu and needs time to absorb the information. During this period, he plans to recreate the Rasengan.

With a detailed understanding of the original process and mastery over form transformation, developing the Rasengan is not difficult for him.

The primary purpose of developing the Rasengan is not to use it as an offensive technique but rather for its other applications.


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