4 Third raikage

Am I Tweakin?

This is the questions that I'm asking myself right now

As I looked at the man that's was holding me in his very muscular arms

He was a very tall, dark-skinned man with a large muscular, and well-defined build. He had a full head of white hair which flowed down his back like Raditz along with a long beard He's eyes were unusual as they were green with a dark sclerae

Now if a normal person was to see this man they would be intimidated by his appearance

But to an anime enjoyed like me, you would have a completely different reaction


Because this man is the third raikage

Ahem it seems my reaction wasn't very convincing

This man in front of me is the THIRD FREAKING RAIKAGE!

Now let's go back to the question

Am I Tweakin?


"haha K haven't seen you since you were born it's only been 6 months and you're already so big"

I looked at the man in front of me with a dumbstruck expression

Third Raikage, Its the third Freaking Raikage

Does that mean the world I'm now in is naruto


Which asshole sent me here

Don't get me wrong I love naruto it's my favorite anime after all

But coming here was never something I would want

A world where children are sent to the battlefield, giant creatures that can spam energy balls that is equivalent to a nuclear bomb

A place where a guy with a god complex, the ultimate simp, a crazy, loyal dog who is also a brocon, and perverts who are obsessed with eyes resides

When the next flight to 'get me the fuck out of here

"Are you ok honey"

said my mom who had a worried express

Damn I can't let mom worry about me

"I'm ok mom just excited to see uncle"

Calm down I need to think straight, I can't let them notice the change in my behavior

The third raikage who is now my uncle is right in front of me

I need to act normal while I figure out what's going on

After taking a deep breath

I slowly calmed down and looked towards my 'uncle'

"Hello uncle it's nice to meet"

I said while trying to show a childish smile

"Akira looks like you are growing him well, acting so mature at a young age"

'Oh no Did I overdid it

I felt a bit of cold sweat on my forehead

It's hard acting like a child when I'm not one

They may get suspicious

As I was thinking about how I should act at the moment so they don't notice

What my mother said next made me realize something

"Well Kazu has always been this way, the only time he ever cried was when he was born, he learned how to walk at 4 and 1/2 months old and speak at 6, he's quite the genius"

Shit I never thought about how I originally should act around my parents so most of the time I just act normal

But for me acting normal is strange for a baby

But strangely enough, my parents never question it

Why a 6-month-old child is acting like this and can do this at such a young age

I thought about it for a while and came up with the only logical answer

Maybe this is normal in this world

It's naruto for crying out loud if you can spit fire out of your mouth the last thing parents would be worried about is their child walking and talking and acting older than their age months after birth

After thinking for a while I decide that I won't change how I act but I wouldn't overdo it

No matter how different babies in this world are different from mine they are still babies, some things can't be said and done

My mom took me from my 'uncle's' hand as we went inside his house while still talking

The house was really big about the same size as the one I and my parents live in

We went to the main room to sit down so they could continue their conversation

While they were talking a silhouette walked into the room

It was a pregnant woman that walked in with drinks

Seems to be the uncle's wife

wait she's pregnant don't tell me

I look at the pregnant woman who joins the conversation with my parents with a serious look

Let's not think about that at the moment

I shook my head and focus on the situation ahead

It's going to take a while knowing that the third raikage is my uncle

Everyone in the main room continued to talk mostly about how they were doing over the 6 months

I'm a baby so no one cares about me

I was getting bored and sleepy

It wasn't until they touched on a topic that got all my interest

"The village is planning to build a ninja academy and the end of this year"

Said my uncle A who was now talking about the village matters with my father

"*sigh* although I hate the idea of copying Konoha we have to admit they have some good ideas when it comes on to village development"

Wait konoha has found the academy and it doesn't look like it was long ago

"Yeah it seems their new Hokage is better at managing the village than his brother"

It looks like they are talking about tobirama

They continued to talk about village matters but there wasn't anything interesting

However, that first piece of information is priceless

Tobirama is still alive and it looks like he became Hokage not long ago

I don't know the order of events that took place in Konoha in the past

But I do remember reading this post on Tumblr before I died that explains Konoha's timeline

(A/N: Honestly, I don't know much about this period I researched for a while to look for any source that made sense and seems reliable and a found this post here's the link, for now, I'm going off that)

If I remember correctly the academy which was founded by tobirama was in Konoha year 28

The calender in the house which I never truly understand up until now said the year 27

From the looks of it, Konoha now be in year 29 or year 30

So that's mean Kumo was found around 2 or 3 years after Konoha

I was born in Kumo year 26 which would be Konoha year 28 or 29

In the post, it was explained that the legendary Sannins were born in Konoha year 26

So after doing the math I was born around 2 or 3 years after the sannins

So all of this means that the first and the second great shinobi wars haven't even started yet

Shit I'm dead, so dead

Ok Kazu calm down you have time and you don't live in Konoha your not completely fucked just partially

I was trying my best to calm down again, but the sudden news caught me by surprise

Ok let's think about this

From the earlier deduction, I have 4-5 years until the first shinobi war and around 19 years till the second one

I don't have to worry about my life during the first but I have to worry about my family's

They seem to be ninjas what if they die during the war, they were never mentioned in the original

I was getting nervous again but there was this strange confidence in me

I was reincarnated I have perks that others would die for

Even if I didn't get cheat I can still do something

Fuck meeting R.O.B for wishes

Fuck getting a system

I kazuto can do it

I wasn't being emotional, I'm not stupid into thinking I can do something directly after all what can a toddler do

But I was confident in making my parents more prepared for the war that was coming

All of that is in the future for now I need to adapt to the change I'm experiencing

But something about my uncle's wife worries me


How was this chapter?


I'm going to reduce the first-person perspective side of the story

It feels difficult compared to third person

also, I don't feel the story would progress at a good pace this way

So imma kicking up the pace this is not a slice of life or is it family-based

this is the story of a ninja, not a guy that got reincarnated in naruto to enjoy a life he never got in his past life

There may be that group of people that feels the mc trying to help his parents is dumb and illogical

well my son if you were to let your parents die without even trying to save them

please make your way to a mental institution as you need serious help


if you have any suggestions I'm all ears

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