1 transmigrating into Naruto

Waking up disoriented, with his head throbbing in pain, Will found himself looking around, unsure of where he was. This rustic place didn't resemble his room at all. The last thing he remembered was searching for a game to play when a cat had entered his room with a grenade in its mouth.

From that point on, he couldn't recall anything, and now he was in a classroom with wooden desks, surrounded by people with all sorts of strange clothing and hairstyles.

Upon closer inspection, he recognized familiar faces, like a girl with pink hair, another with loud blond hair, one with black hair and a stern expression, and a lazy student dozing off in class. That's when it hit him; all these people were from the anime he used to watch, Naruto.

Then it dawned on him: 'I've transmigrated into Naruto. This is hitting me hard.' Will swore to himself that it had to be some kind of dream, but the memory of his death at the hands of that cat left him no doubt.

'From now on, I need to plan carefully. There's so much to happen, and I need to be strong. It's going to be tough, but with my future knowledge, I can improve quickly.' Will thought as he recalled everything about the body he now inhabited.

"He was now Kaito Kazeji, the son of a shinobi and a civilian. However, his father was just a chunin, but thanks to that, he managed to enter the ninja academy. He had two natures, water and wind.

'With this normal chakra, it's going to be challenging if I want to become a jonin. I'll need some tricks if I want to be strong enough, but that's not for now'. he thought after pondering his chakra, then focused on the lesson.

"Today, we'll be learning a jutsu, and I want everyone to pay attention. This is the Transformation Jutsu," said the teacher, forming a hand seal. A white puff of smoke appeared, revealing a person entirely different from the teacher.

"This is the Transformation Jutsu, widely used for gathering information and espionage. So, you all need to learn it; it's mandatory for your graduation."

The professor continued to explain the Transformation Jutsu, delving into the details of its execution.

After the class, kaito left directly for home. On the way, he saw Naruto walking alone, head down.

'Hmm, Naruto, as lonely as ever. I wish I could talk to him right now, but there's no doubt plenty of ninja keeping an eye on him. It would be suspicious to approach him out of nowhere. I'll try to talk to him gradually during classes.' he thought. Continuing on for a few more minutes, he finally arrived home.

"Mom, Dad, I'm home," kaito announced as he entered the house. His mother was in the kitchen, and his father was helping her with dinner.

"That's great, my son. Dinner is almost ready. Just wait a little longer. In the meantime, why don't you tell us how your class went?" his mother called from the kitchen.

"The class was good, Mom. Today, the teacher explained how the Transformation Jutsu works and taught us how to do it. I'll head up to my room soon to practice. I want to get a good grade."

"That's my boy. You need to train hard, but don't worry; Daddy will be here to teach you every day after school. Speaking of which, I can also teach you kenjutsu and taijutsu, but I'm not very skilled in the latter. Additionally, if you're interested, I can teach you fuinjutsu, but that's for later." After saying this, his father looked at him, waiting for his response.

'Wow, Dad, that's a lot of information all at once. I thought you were just a regular chunin, but it seems there's more to you. However, I won't miss this opportunity. Learning all this from my dad will strengthen me significantly.'

"Yes, Dad, I want to be trained in everything you have to teach. I want to become the strongest ninja in the village and be able to protect everyone," kaito said, looking at his father, a tall man with spiky green hair, a face tattoo, and a stubbly beard.

"Well, well, well, that's my son. I had the same goal, and I still do to this day. Let's train together, son, hahaha!" His father laughed heartily as he put his arm around kaito shoulder.

After dinner, kaito headed to his room. His mind was still a mess, but he had accepted that he was in the world of Naruto.

Reflecting for a moment, he decided that since he was in this world, he needed to become stronger as quickly as possible. He began by practicing the most basic jutsu, the Transformation Jutsu.

Forming the hand seals and concentrating his chakra while focusing on the person he wanted to transform into.

Poof! A puff of smoke and he was no longer kaito, but a person with a straw hat, a red shirt, black hair, and black eyes, with a scar under the left eye. Now he wasn't a ninja; he was the person who would become the Pirate King.

"My name is Luffy, Monkey D. Luffy, and I will be the Pirate King, hehehe," he said while distracted, and the transformation unraveled.

'I guess I need to work on my concentration more, hehehe. But at least my chakra control is at a high level, thanks to my low chakra. It's a bit disappointing, but nothing I can't overcome.' With a somewhat sad realization about his chakra, he dismissed the thought and decided to leave it for later.

After a bit of rest, he decided to start some physical exercises.

With sets of squats, sit-ups, and push-ups, he managed to do 50 repetitions of each. It was much more than he could do in his previous life. After the workout, he took a break.

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