8 Genin team

A new day had begun, and all the students were already at the academy, preparing to receive new instructions.

"Today, students, we will group you into teams of three people. We already have the list of all the teams that will be formed," Iruka explained as the entire class waited in anticipation.

Kaito was paying attention because he had no idea which team he would be on.

'I hope I get placed on a good team. I'd love to be on a team with Naruto, but I don't know if the Hokage will put me on the same team as him. Come to think of it, there are many other teams that I've never seen in the anime. In the anime, most people were from the main clans. But there are many others.' Kaito thought as he looked around the room. He had never noticed it before, but the ninja academy was much larger than in the anime.

Iruka began to announce the team names, nothing different from the anime. Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke were still together. The only difference was a new team that Kaito was a part of.

"And finally, Kaito Kazeji, Ryuji Hayashi, and Hikari Yamanaka," Iruka said, concluding his list and finishing his explanation.

"Each team will consist of four people, including the three genin and, finally, a jonin who will be the team leader."

Kaito observed the two people on his team with whom he had never spoken. Hikari Yamanaka was a woman with long black hair, penetrating gray eyes, and a delicate appearance. She was wearing a red blouse with black shorts and the Konoha headband around her neck. Ryuji had black hair and green eyes, a strong appearance, and a robust body for his age. He was wearing a brown jacket and black shorts, with the headband on his right arm.

"They seem like reliable people. I hope I'm not mistaken. Now, who will be the jonin leader of the team?" Kaito thought as he wondered who would be their leader, as everyone else he knew already had their teams.

"Well, you will get to know your teachers after lunch, so you can get together with your team and get acquainted while waiting together. You're dismissed," Iruka finished explaining, and all the students left with their respective teams.


In another part of the academy...

Kaito and his teammates sat facing each other.

Kaito stood up from the ledge where he was sitting and brushed off his shorts while his teammates watched.

"Well, now that we're a team, I think it would be good to introduce ourselves and say what we're good at. That way, we can gauge the strength of our group," Kaito said, paying attention to his teammates' expressions.

Hikari and Ryuji, who had been paying attention to Kaito, supported the idea.

"As I suggested, I'll introduce myself first."

"My name is Kaito Kazeji, I'm 12 years old, and I have a dual affinity for water and wind. I'm also a kenjutsu user; my taijutsu isn't as good, but it's acceptable," Kaito concluded his introduction and waited for one of his teammates to speak up.

Hikari and Ryuji were a bit quiet until Hikari stepped forward to start her introduction.

"My name is Hikari Yamanaka. I specialize in techniques from my clan. I'm very good at strategizing, and I'm also 12 years old," she spoke softly.

After Hikari finished her introduction, it was Ryuji's turn.

"My name is Ryuji. I'm an excellent taijutsu fighter, and my nature is earth. I'm also 12 years old." After finishing his explanation, Ryuji looked at Kaito, expecting him to say more.

"Well, now that we know each other, we can relax, right? There's still some time left before lunch is over," Kaito said to his team.

"Well, since it's like that, did you know I already knew you? There's someone in my clan who talks a lot about how clever and talented you are. Haha, but I won't say who it is. I can't give away a friend," Hikari said, looking at Kaito and elegantly covering her mouth while smiling.

Kaito was taken aback; his mouth formed an "O," but soon he could imagine who it might be.

"Look, you already have an admirer. Are you going to become like that Uchiha with women swooning over you? Hihihi," Ryuji joined Hikari in teasing Kaito.

Kaito didn't know what to do; his teammates had barely introduced themselves, and they were already teaming up to tease him. Unbelievable.

'At least this means our team will get along well. That's a good sign.' Kaito thought as he replied, "I won't be as cold as that guy."

"Kaito, Ryuji, how do you think our teacher will be? I hope he's skilled in genjutsu so we can learn from him," Hikari was twirling her hair as she spoke.

"I wish he's good at taijutsu or earth-element ninjutsu," Ryuji replied, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

"I don't have a preference, as long as he's strong," after saying this, Kaito sat back down.

A few minutes later, lunchtime was over, and Kaito and his team returned to the classroom.

"Wait for your team leader's arrival; he will call out your team number," Iruka said before leaving the room, leaving the genin waiting.

Eventually, the jonin started to arrive and gather their teams, and the room quickly emptied.

As time passed, only two teams remained waiting, Team 11 and Team 7. Team 11 was composed of Kaito, Hikari, and Ryuji, while Team 7 consisted of Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke.

The door opened again, and a jonin entered.

Kaito was surprised because he didn't expect to see his father here.

"Team 11, you can come with me," Haruki said while looking at his team, particularly his son.

Naruto's mouth formed an "O"; he was also very surprised.

"Haruki sensei, you're going to be a team leader too? I wanted to be on your team, then you could teach me more," Naruto said somewhat disappointed but quickly brushed it off.

Returning to Team 11, who had already started following their jonin. They left the academy and followed their leader until they reached the training field.

Once they arrived at the training field, Haruki turned and looked at everyone, pausing his gaze on Kaito.

"Surprised, son?" Haruki asked his son, a smile forming on his face.

Hikari and Ryuji had their mouths wide open; the assigned jonin was their teammate's father—what a surprise.

"Of course, Dad. I never expected to see you on a genin team to teach," Kaito said to his father, ignoring the looks of Hikari and Ryuji, who were alternating between him and his father.

"Hahaha, I pulled

some strings. But now let's get down to business. You'll have to go through a test to truly become genin. If you fail, you'll go back to the academy for another year."

Hikari and Ryuji were surprised and couldn't help but ask how this was possible since they had already passed the exams.

Haruki then explained that this was to see if they were truly ready. Although they found it unfair, they calmed down.

"Well, the test is simple. You're going to attack me with everything you have. We're going to have a fight, and I'll evaluate you. If I think you're ready, you'll pass," Haruki explained to everyone and waited for them to process the information.

"Can we use everything we have?" Ryuji asked Haruki.

"Yes, you can come at me with everything you have," Haruki replied, looking at Hikari, who had another question.

"And our introductions, shouldn't we introduce ourselves first?" Hikari asked.

"No need; if you pass, we'll have plenty of time for that," Haruki laughed and looked at Kaito, who also smiled at him.

"Well, let's get started, then."

To be continued...

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