Naruto: Start simulating as Sasuke Uchiha

Zayasu who got reincarnated as Sasuke Uchiha, realized that he was in great danger in Konoha but for his surprise his goldfinger " The Heavens Simulator " arrived. Watch how Zayasu creates his own legend in Naruto and many other worlds. ........................... It's original.

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Chapter 7 New Abilities


◙ Killed a Chunin Level Ninja, Simulation Points+200.

◙ Killed a Ninja Dog, Simulation Points+100.

"It seems that the idea of honestly hiding and developing has been shattered. Maybe you can go to the Land of Water and hide there. It's a time of chaos there now, so you can use it to avoid Konoha's tracking and even harvest some simulation points. "

Sasuke looked at the simulation point that had been filled to three hundred points on the panel, and a bloodthirsty smile appeared on his face.

This is the result of killing the Anbu and his dog, Shiba.

Sasuke also made a new discovery, he could tell if the enemy was dead or not by the increase or decrease in simulation points in the panel.

One hundred points is enough for a second-order simulation.

From the contributions of Anbe and Shiba, it can be seen that a Chunin may be at least two hundred points.

So, by hunting down five Chunins, Sasuke can perform a third-order simulation.

Not to mention, if it is a more powerful Chunin or has a major role in the plot, it may be able to contribute more.

When the time comes, if things go well, Sasuke will be able to simulate third-order.

And if he breaks the world limit like in the first simulation.

Maybe after a third-order simulation, you will have the power to face Konoha head-on.

After sorting out his gains and losses,

Sasuke came near the dead Anbu, whose flesh was minced and was covered by dirt and mud.

Sasuke swiftly inserted his hand inside the Anbu's body and said,


Suddenly, all of the blood in Anbu's body began to be sucked into Sasuke's fingers. The flesh and internal organs began to dry up, and after a while, only some bones of the anbu were left.

This was one of the abilities that Sasuke got after he transformed into a perfect demon through the simulator.

And Sasuke had also gained many new abilities through his new G-cell organ.

To be precise, Sasuke had gained two abilities from his new organ. The first was blood clone, which was used to clone, but there was a difference between normal cloning in the ninja world and this technique.

The first difference was power; a normal clone transformed through the use of Shadow Clone Jutsu can have about 50% of the power of the main body, whereas Sasuke's blood clone can have a clone with a strength equal to the amount of G-cells supplied to the clone. For example, if Sasuke supplied enough G-cells, Sasuke could have a clone equal to his own strength.

While Sasuke had yet to investigate the second ability of the G-cell organ.

"Um, so a chunin can only supply me with this many G-cells?"

"Despite the fact that this chunin provided me with a large number of G-cells, I expected more, but I guess I couldn't get them all because half of his body was destroyed. Although this number is not a large number but to get this number of G-cells in the demon slayer world, I would have to kill at least 100 normal humans. " Sasuke stated indifferently.

Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!


A huge fireball erupted from Sasuke's mouth and smashed directly on top of the bones of Anbu and Shiba.

Under the blazing fire, Shiba and Anbu's bones were quickly turned into a pile of dust.

Although the Fire Ball Jutsu is just a jutsu of C-ranks, and has hardly ever killed an enemy in the Naruto anime.

But in fact, this is quite a powerful jutsu. With Sasuke's strength today, he can even spit out a fireball the size of a small house.

"I'm afraid it will be difficult to get rid of Konoha's pursuit. However, because I am unaware of how they are tracking me, I must make additional preparations. "

Sasuke formed a seal and reluctantly separated into three shadow clones.

The next moment, the three shadow clones went in three different directions.

Sasuke himself, on the other hand, was running firmly towards the location of the Land of Water.

"If Konoha's tracking ability is not very good, then these three shadow clones would surely make things difficult for them."


After a few hours, two masked figures in Anbu's clothes appeared beside the place where Sasuke had killed the previous Anbu.

"From the smell and destruction, it's certain it's the Root member with the code name Wolf, our former partner."

The figure with the eagle mask on his face spoke. His voice was low, but one could hear that it was the voice of a middle-aged man.

"Wolfs' information is incorrect. I'm afraid there are others besides Sasuke Uchiha. Otherwise, with only Sasuke Uchiha, it is impossible to kill Wolf, who has extensive combat experience and is also close to the Jonin level. "

The figure with a mask full of flame symbols said firmly, and the voice of the Anbu also sounded quite young.

"It is difficult to be sure. If you look closely, the big hole where Wolf died is very similar to that caused by the Gatsūga of the Inuzuka clan. And the damage to those big trees are also likely to be caused by the Gatsūga."

Although ninjas kept their identities hidden, some groups of ninjas were easy to spot, and ninjas of the Inuzuka Clan were among them due to presence of dogs with them.

As a result, both Anbu's were certain that the ninja who died here was their partner Wolf.

"He may have died by his own hand."

Eagle-Masked Anbu said, while he circled the large pit.

"Maybe it's just an odd suspicion. After all, you can't deny that Uchiha Sasuke is only seven years old. Even a genius like Kakashi Hatake, at this age, wouldn't necessarily be able to defeat a battle-experienced member of the root division like Wolf.

What's more, there are almost no other signs of fighting around here except for this large pit, and a fireball jutsu.

Obviously, Wolf was defeated quickly. "

"If Itachi Uchiha hadn't destroyed his own clan, I would suspect he was the one who stepped in and saved Uchiha Sasuke."

Flame Masked Anbu retorted, "Or do you believe Uchiha Sasuke will be a genius like Itachi Uchiha, who surpassed Kakashi Hatake and used illusion to cause the Wolf to commit suicide?"

Apparently, for some reason, in the mind of the Flaming Maked Anbu, Itachi Uchiha was even more of a genius than Kakashi Hatake.

"Perhaps. But in any case, the incident with Uchiha Sasuke has escalated. With just the two of us, it may no longer be enough."

"Ask for help from Danzo-sama. As for you and me, let's try to locate Sasuke Uchiha first. "

The eagle-faced Anu should be the captain-level figure among the two, and he easily made a decision on this matter.

Flame Masked Anbu also nodded lightly, although he was a little young and vigorous, and he even thought that he and Eagle Masked Anbu could fight even an elite jōnin like Kakashi Hatake.

But since he was a ninja from the roots, he has always been mission-focused.

Since Sasuke Uchiha is so weird, he will not refuse to ask for help.

Everything, for the sake of Danzo-sama!

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