Naruto : Shadows of Resurgence

A young man bound to a wheelchair due to a mysterious illness meets an untimely end while fervently pursuing a cure. However, his story doesn't end there. He awakens in the world of Naruto, not as himself but as a member of the Nara clan, on the day the Nine-Tails attacked. As Kazuki grapples with the shock of his reincarnation, he discovers that he now possesses the abilities of the Nara clan and more. Determined to make the most of this second chance at life, Kazuki sets out to rewrite his destiny and embrace the challenges of being a shinobi. Guided by his unwavering love for the Naruto series, he aims to emulate the resilience and determination of his favorite characters. As he navigates the complex world of ninja, Kazuki uncovers the secrets of the ninja world and confronts the shadows that linger over it. Along the way, he forges bonds with iconic characters, confronts powerful enemies, and learns to harness the unique abilities bestowed upon him. "Shadows of Resurgence" is an action-packed journey that explores Kazuki's quest for self-discovery, redemption, and the true meaning of strength. As he faces the challenges of the Nara clan's history and the threats looming over Konoha, Kazuki becomes a beacon of hope, proving that even in the face of adversity, one's spirit can burn brightly and leave a lasting impact on the world of ninja. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This work of fiction is based on the Naruto universe created by Masashi Kishimoto. All characters, settings, and concepts from the Naruto series are the intellectual property of Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, TV Tokyo, and other respective owners. This fanfiction is a creative interpretation and adaptation of the original work, and no copyright infringement is intended. The author acknowledges the ownership of all Naruto-related rights to their respective copyright holders. This fanfiction is created for entertainment purposes only, and no financial gain is derived from its production. Any original characters, plotlines, or concepts introduced in this fanfic are the sole creation of the author and do not claim ownership or endorsement from the original creators of Naruto. Readers are encouraged to support the official Naruto series and its creators by purchasing official merchandise and supporting authorized releases. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear readers and fans, I have set up a Patreon and Ko-fi accounts dedicated solely to donations. It's not about making this a profit-driven endeavor but rather a way for those who find value in my writing to show their appreciation and encouragement. Your support, in whatever form it comes, will help me continue dedicating time and effort to this project. It's entirely voluntary, and your readership alone is already a fantastic reward. Thank you for understanding and for being a part of this fanfiction adventure. Warm regards, Silent_stiele Patreon : patreon.com/Silent_stiele Ko-fi : ko-fi.com/silent_stiele

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Chapter 85

Takigakure Border

A high-level meeting was underway in a neutral area near the border of Takigakure. Tsunade Senju and Jiraiya sat opposite the Third Tsuchikage Onoki and the Fourth Raikage Ay. The expressions on the faces of the two Kage were grim, betraying their reluctance to attend the meeting.

"Why isn't Hiruzen here? Does he deem it beneath him to meet with us?" Raikage's tone was confrontational, his plans seemingly hinging on the presence of the Hokage.

"My Sensei has transferred authority to me, so I will be presiding over this meeting. If you have any issues, you're free to leave," Tsunade asserted, not waiting for the other Kage to assert control. She made it clear that she was in charge.

"But remember, you only have a day to send your surrender letters. It's been six days since I notified you," Tsunade added, asserting her dominance. She knew she held all the cards, and there was little that Kumo or Iwa could do to change the outcome of the war. She even hinted at the possibility of assimilating the enemy villages into Konoha if they persisted.

"Senju, mind your words. Just because you have the upper hand now doesn't mean it will last forever. There will come a day when Konoha will fall, so keep that in mind. And where is that coward Minato hiding?" Onoki's anger simmered as he lashed out, still reeling from recent events within Iwagakure.

"Tsunade, we're here to negotiate, not to entertain arrogance just because you've won a war. Remember what happened to your Senju clan when it stood out?" Raikage's words were laced with a sharp edge, intended to cut through Tsunade's confidence. He knew that, with their village now at a disadvantage, he had to assert authority and challenge Tsunade's demeanor in this crucial meeting.

Onoki nodded in agreement, his expression stern. "He's right, Tsunade. Don't let victory blind you to the realities of diplomacy. Konoha's past glory won't shield it from future consequences if you overreach."

Tsunade's gaze remained unwavering, her posture firm. "I haven't forgotten anything, Raikage, Tsuchikage. But I won't apologize for defending my village and securing our future."

Tsunade embodied the essence of a leader who was willing to confront adversity head-on, unafraid to make tough choices for the greater good of her village. She was determined to see this through to the end, whatever the cost, and her unwavering conviction sent a clear message to her adversaries: Konoha would not falter, not now, not ever.

With a firm yet controlled tone, Tsunade's words cut through the tension like a blade, her gaze unwavering as she addressed the opposing Kage. There was no room for ambiguity in her declaration, no hint of wavering in her resolve.

"Let me make this perfectly clear," she began, her voice carrying the weight of authority born from years of leadership. "If you dare to speak ill of my predecessors or threaten the safety of Konoha again, this meeting will be brought to an abrupt end. Understand that."

Her statement hung in the air, commanding attention and respect from all present. There was a steely determination in her eyes, a resolve that brooked no dissent. It was a testament to her unwavering commitment to protecting her village and its legacy.

"And let's dispel any misconceptions," she continued, her voice unwavering. "This is not a negotiation. I am here to accept your surrenders, plain and simple."

As Tsunade's words hung heavy in the air, both the Raikage and Onoki bristled with indignation, their auras crackling with unrestrained fury. But before they could unleash the full extent of their power, a custom-made kunai suddenly embedded itself in the center of the wooden table, shattering the tense silence.

The unexpected intrusion captured the attention of everyone in the room, drawing their gazes to the source of the disturbance. In the blink of an eye, an ANBU operative wearing a Kitsune mask materialized behind Tsunade, their presence commanding and enigmatic.

"Namikaze!" Onoki's voice reverberated with venomous rage, the name laced with bitter resentment and accusation. Jiraiya, momentarily frozen by the sight of the ANBU, felt a surge of recognition tug at his heartstrings. Though the figure bore a striking resemblance to Minato, Jiraiya knew instinctively that it was not his beloved student standing before them. Still, he held his tongue, trusting in Tsunade's judgment.

The tension in the room escalated to palpable levels as all eyes remained fixed on the mysterious ANBU, their presence casting a shadow of uncertainty over the already fraught proceedings.

However, before chaos could unfold further, Tsunade released her chakra, completely overwhelming the chakras of Tsuchikage and the Raikage. It was then that Onoki and Ay realized for the first time that Tsunade was no longer in the same league as they were; she had completely surpassed them.

With reluctance, both of the Kage sat back into their respective chairs as Tsunade retracted her aura.

"Now that we're here, let's not waste any more time," Tsunade declared. "Although I very much want to destroy your villages for all the previous misdeeds, my Sensei has asked me to give your villages a chance. So here are the terms of your surrender." Tsunade gestured, and Kazuki, maintaining Minato's persona, pushed two scrolls in front of Raikage and Onoki respectively. Onoki still held a dangerous glare towards Kazuki, as the so-called gift left behind by this man was like a knife hanging over his head. He had to evacuate and relocate more than half of Iwagakure's population temporarily for safety reasons.

The two Kages quickly unfurled the scrolls and carefully went through each and every clause within.


"Tsunade, this is atrocious!" Raikage's voice thundered with anger. "Kumogakure will never agree to such ridiculous demands. We will never give up on Yugito. And what's with the numbers here? Is this supposed to be some sort of joke?" His frustration was palpable. Signing such a deal would cripple Kumogakure for more than a decade. Konoha was asking for an exorbitant amount as war reparations, including compensation for the assassination attempt on Hiruzen, Asuma, and the sneak attack on their village. Even the attack on the Shimura clan, in which they had no part, had to be compensated according to this list.

"Tsunade, aren't you being too greedy?" Onoki questioned in disbelief. He had never expected the negotiations to develop this way. Tsunade was leveraging her superior position completely, demanding not only compensation for this war from Iwagakure but also for the previous one.

"Well, I am not forcing you to sign the treaty, but remember if the treaty is not signed before the end of this week, then Konoha will resume the war as promised. By then, you may never have a chance for another negotiation," Tsunade stated with an evil glint in her eyes. She made it clear that she didn't want to force the other villages to agree to their terms.

"Tsunade, these terms are simply asking us to cripple our village. We can never agree to such demands. If you force us, then we can only fight to the last man," Raikage declared firmly, showing his resolve because he knew showing weakness would spell doom for Kumogakure.

"In that case, why don't Tsuchikage-sama and Raikage-sama state your own terms for surrender? Maybe we can consider them if they are feasible," Jiraiya interjected, breaking his silence. He understood that the negotiation was going nowhere if it kept progressing in the current direction.

Onoki spoke first after Jiraiya's suggestion. "Iwagakure can put a stop to this war if Konoha can declare a similar truce as the last war. We can hand over Takigakure to Konoha as war compensation, but our Jinchuriki needs to be returned. As for the monetary compensation, we can discuss that for this war. Regarding the previous war, the terms have already been signed with Hiruzen, so those should not be brought up again. And I will need my granddaughter returned, and the fuinjutsu trap set by this coward needs to be removed from Iwagakure without a trace."

Before Raikage could voice his thoughts, the laughter of the Senju princess reverberated throughout the meeting room. "Onoki, it seems like you have grown delusional if you think you can escape your responsibilities similarly to how you did in the last war. And to remind you, Takigakure was never yours to begin with. Let me warn you one last time: I am not the Sarutobi you are used to dealing with; I am a Senju. So, I hope you rethink your terms again. We will get back to you after hearing what the Raikage is willing to offer," Tsunade said with a smirk, making it clear that Onoki's approach was mistaken.

"Sigh, Tsunade, I agree we have been outmatched in this war, but I hope you at least show basic courtesy as a fellow Kage. And you, Tsuchikage, if you want to play your games, please do so somewhere else. Don't drag Kumogakure along with you," Raikage stated, his tone carrying a mix of arrogance and genuine concern. He understood the situation well and didn't want to push his luck.

"We of Kumo are willing to declare our loss, but we will need Yugito back alive. I hope Konoha can reconsider that part. Regarding the monetary compensation, we can pay, but we will need to reconsider the amounts. In addition, the number of jutsus will also have to be discussed because what you are asking for is as good as depriving us of our roots. If we give out all our secrets, it's as good as dooming Kumogakure," Raikage proposed his counteroffer, with sincerity evident in his words. This prompted Jiraiya to turn towards Tsunade to gauge her opinion.

As Tsunade listened to Raikage's offer, her mind buzzed with thoughts. She thought hard about his words, considering all the options carefully. But she knew she had to be cautious, especially when it came to her main goal: retrieving the captured bijuu. Unlike her mentor, she couldn't let go of this crucial part of their plan.

Just as she pondered, Kazuki approached quietly, pulling her focus away from the negotiations. He whispered something important in her ear, his voice barely audible over the room's noise. Tsunade's face shifted subtly as she took in the information, quickly processing it and incorporating it into her strategy.

Once Kazuki stepped back, Tsunade's determination returned in full force. She stood firm, her determination unshakeable. She wouldn't budge on her principles, not with so much at stake. The families of the fallen Leaf Shinobi deserved justice, and she wouldn't sacrifice that, even if it meant causing hardship for Kumo and Iwa.

"Fine, we can safely return Yugito back to Kumo, and we can reconsider the compensation amounts," Tsunade declared with a smile.

The Raikage was shocked by Tsunade's concession but was beyond delighted because of the unexpected surprise. He never expected the Senju to budge on the matter of the Jinchuriki. However, the cunning Onoki sensed something odd in Tsunade's words and quickly voiced his question.

"Does that mean you have no objections to returning our bijuu?" Onoki asked hurriedly, sensing an underlying meaning in Tsunade's mention of the Jinchuriki by name.

"Oh, please don't misunderstand me. The bijuu will remain with Konoha henceforth. However, their former Jinchuriki will be returned to their respective villages unharmed," Tsunade clarified. She had just received information from Kazuki that he could extract the bijuu from the Jinchuriki without harming them in the process, making their return feasible.

"Tsunade, those bijuu belong to us. You have no right to them," Onoki declared, understanding the implications of the matter.

"Bullshit! My grandfather gave away these bijuu as a gesture of goodwill, believing that the major villages would honor their word. But just after his passing, all of you shamelessly attacked Konoha. And don't forget for a second that the current fuinjutsu seals in your villages come from Uzumaki. I am part Uzumaki, so don't talk to me about ownership. You should be grateful I'm not demanding the remaining bijuu as war compensation," Tsunade retorted, her resentment palpable at their blatant disrespect for her grandfather's legacy.

"Tsunade, those are matters of the past. You should not shamelessly bring them into this discussion now," Onoki interjected, realizing that Tsunade's words only placed them at a greater disadvantage.





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