Naruto: Shadows Of Perfection

Isaac is someone who possesses an unwavering pursuit of perfection. His obsession extends beyond mastering jutsu; he seeks to perfect not only himself but also the world around him. However, Isaac's perfectionism becomes a double-edged sword, threatening to consume him. Isolation and inner turmoil ensue, prompting Isaac to confront the shadows of his own obsession. Will Isaac follow through with his Eternal Quest for perfection? Or will he fall short, embracing what he hates most, imperfection?

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Night In Blood I

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Chapter 33: Night In Blood I


"Have you ever asked yourself, do monsters make war, or does war make monsters?" ~ Laini Taylor

The war against the villages of Frost and Waterfall already created many monsters among the Uchihas.

Isaac could see it as clear as day, how war changes a person. He was trying to understand war, so that if his future Eternal Empire goes to war, something like this wouldn't happen.

It proved to be a difficult project, leaving Isaac puzzled, 'Unless... Unless I can get rid of death? Or at least make it temporary?' 

Isaac's eyes brightened as he thought of a certain technique, 'Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation.'

It's one of the few techniques the Third Hokage wouldn't allow Isaac to get, simply because it's that dangerous, dangerous beyond measure.

It's a jutsu that binds the soul of a deceased person to a living vessel, restoring them as they were in the last moments of their lives in order to do their summoner's bidding. 

It was created by none other than Tobirama Senju, some time after which he declared it a kinjutsu, meaning a Forbidden Technique.

'The scroll of seals,' Isaac mused in his mind, 'It's time to take it.' It would've required a lot more preparations and planning if not for the discovery of the Gray Dimension.

After all, the scroll is well protected by the Hokage, always by his side, and according to Isaac, the scroll may have some kind of self-destruction mechanism.

It also has many protective seals which makes it extremely difficult to steal, otherwise, the other villages would've already taken it for themselves.

Something like Naruto getting his hand on it so simply isn't going to happen to Isaac for that was definitely something planned by the Hokage.

It's only unfortunate that Isaac doesn't already have such a technique as it would make the war a lot easier, especially when their opponent now is the Land of Lightning.

Indeed, their opponent now is the Lightning country, specifically, Kumogakure, the Village hidden by Clouds.

The leader figure in the Cloud village isn't called Hokage like in Konoha. instead, they are called, Raikage which literally means, Lightning Shadow while Hokage means, Fire Shadow.

And just like Konoha, the Cloud Village is right now led by its third generation of Raikage, A, who is renowned to be the greatest Raikage the village had so far.

However, strangely so, since the Cloud Village set up their war camp around the border, they made no move aside from a few meaningless altercations here and then.

However, Isaac always kept wary for their lack of action was the biggest worry, and his suspicion was proven correct as the Konoha camp received certain special news.

"Three Cell Towers were targetted at once?" Fugaku frowned deeply, realizing the seriousness of the issues, "Have they realized?"

"It was bound to happen," Isaac shrugged, not too surprised, "The advantage of being able to communicate from a distance away is too great not to be noticed, and they must have some of their own people in the Land of Fire where phones now are relatively common."

"Indeed, it's not difficult to get the news, but what can we do in this situation?" A higher ranking Uchiha wondered.

"Well, they must've prepared a lot before taking action. They've even taken out the cameras around the towers," Said Fugaku, "So we can't risk splitting our forces too much right now."

"We received the news the moment they started taking action, so we still have time," Isaac pointed out, making it clear that they should take action.

"Then let's eliminate one of their groups, making sure none are left alive... The other two groups, just let them be," Fugaku's orders were out, and thus the action started.

The possibility of an ambush or a trap was still there, thus Fugaku sent Isaac and the majority of the Uchiha's strongmen to do the job while he stayed to watch over the camp.

"We need no prisoners, just dead bodies. Remember that!" After hearing Fugaku's last words, the Uchihas set off, leaping from tree to tree, flickering between the woods, and some simply running on the greenery.

"Follow me," And that they did, following after Isaac and his clones, several clones that seemed to be running through the woods while observing something in what appeared to be tablets.

"I know where they are," Isaac finally said after much observation, "They should be around here, so let's meet them there as they must be falling back."

The ninjas of the Cloud Village may have destroyed the cameras, but they certainly didn't destroy each and every one of them, merely the ones around the Cell Tower.

The rest of the cameras that Isaac was looking through in the tablets are quite hidden, and through them, Isaac can not where they are but also know where they are not, which narrows down their location.

Therefore, it was no surprise when the quickly fleeing Shinobis of the Cloud heard the deafening sound of explosions as blood and body parts splashed among them.

"Enemy attack!!" The blood and body parts were those of their comrades as what seemed to be numerous explosive tags detonated, leaving the group devastated before the battle even began.

That's the very reason why the Cloud Village decided to destroy Konoha's means of communication and surveillance. 

The lack of information on their side and Konoha's means of surveillance would've made the war nigh impossible to win.

Just like now, destroying just three Cell Towers is nowhere near enough to cut off the Fire Country's quickly growing communication infrastructure.

Thus why Isaac was able to not only detect the enemy but also accurately determine their pathway of retreat, and even had enough time to set up explosives in their way.

"Too easy," Isaac couldn't help but murmur as he walked out of the shadows, many Uchihas walking alongside him, surrounding the enemy.

Isaac certainly wasn't just waiting for them so nearby. No, he had to stay clear lest one of their sensory ninjas detect something, and he took many precautions to make sure they fell into his trap.

However, he still found it to be too easy, and he already had a guess in his mind as to why, proven by the enemies' reaction to the numerous blood eyes around them.

They didn't seem afraid like the usual enemies the Uchihas had to face so far. No, they grinned widely and laughed even though they were bathed in the blood of their companions.

"They took the bait!! HAHAHAhahah!"

"Let's take some of them with us before we go back to the dirt!!"

"That's Isaac!" "Take him with us!"

"Kill!!" "Show them why we're the strongest!!"

"Bathe in their blood!!"

Isaac narrowed his eyes. The Cloud shinobis are a bunch of lunatics, or rather, as he would prefer to refer to them, "The most well-taught lapdogs I've ever seen."

They were taught only to kill and listen to orders, even if the orders were to go die. Such well-mannered dogs, Isaac was impressed.

"The only blood you'll bathe in today is that of you people," Isaac murmured, seemingly unconcerned about their words, "Kill!"

Isaac realized that the Cloud Village was eyeing their war camp instead, and indeed, he received an emergency message on his phone, 'They underestimated Fugaku.'

Isaac knows of certain mind-bogglingly stupid decisions Fugaku makes in the future from the story, so in his mind, Fugaku is relatively low in the garbage hierarchy of the world.

However, Isaac never doubted his strength, so he only gave a few instructions to send most of the forces with him back while he focused on the future dead bodies before him.

Isaac's words must come true. They must bathe only in the blood of their people, so he brought out his blade just as his eyes revolved, looking just like the blood demon people say he is.


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