1 Chapter-1 : Start (R18)

"I....I love You" Hinata said with her shaking voice, looking into my eyes through her white pupil-less eyes.

And that was all the confirmation I needed.

I bought myself closer to her as I cupped her smooth face with my hands and pressed my lips against hers gently.

This kiss was not the passionate kind, it was much soft, much more sensual than I had ever experienced.

The kiss did not continue for long but it was enough to make the both of us feel aroused.

I could feel her body heating up with her face being redder than a strawberry.

I looked into her eyes with all the care I could muster and said with a light smile "Silly....I already knew that, do you think I am actually that dumb to not understand your feelings?"

A beautiful and captivating smile bloomed on her face as her eyes started watering, she jumped into my embrace, her hands around my back as she squeezed me like her life depended on it.

I also used my left hand to press myself against her while using my right hand to pat the back of her head gently as she wept away all her feelings of frustration and anger that had been accumulating ever since she could remember.

Especially the loneliness, I knew that she had been lonely ever since the day her mother died. Her father was not someone who deserved to be a father while her family always talked to her from behind a curtain of facade.

She continued to cry as I massaged the back of her head while muttering "Don't worry, it will only get better from now on"

I seperated from the embrace as Hinata looked at me with a blank face, but before she could ask or say anything, I took her into a princess carry and moved quickly inside the mansion on whose lawn we were standing on.

This was my place, it was on the outskirts of konoha and was cutoff from the rest of the village, but for this moment, it was the perfect location in the entirety of konoha.

"Ah..." a small mewl escaped her mouth as she realized what was happening.

Although things were happening fast, she didn't dislike it.

# 3rd POV#

In less than a minute, both of them were in the large bedroom.

Hiro sat on the edge on the bed while Hinata was sitting on his Lap, her tongue tied together with his as her large mounds were pressing against his chest.

Hiro savored the sweetness of her mouth as his tongue forced his way into Hinata's mouth, overpowering her inexperienced tongue.

Hinata didn't knew what to do but she trusted Hiro more than anything right now, she basked in the warmth of his body and started letting out lewd moans.

Hiro, who was kissing Hinata, showing her the way to the world of pleasure, was now multitasking.

While he kissed her, his right hand wandered around Hinata's back from under her clothes.

He could feel the softness and smoothness of her body as he slowly massaged around her nape.

His left hand was busy too as it moved down along with her spine, stopping at her butt area.

His fingers sank in the extremely soft flesh of her lower cheeks as he gave a sturdy squeeze to them

*Aaaannhhhh....* Hinata instantly broke the kiss as she moaned out loudly, the pleasure she was feeling was overwhelming, she had never experienced anything even close to this.

Her loud moan instantly aroused him even more as he raised her hands in air and pulled her purple top off while breathing heavily.

"They're Massive...." Hiro uttered without a second thought as he looked at her large mounds, even though her bra was covering them, he could easily tell that they were at least E size.

Hinata couldn't bear the embarrassment of Hiro looking at her breasts as she quickly leaned in for a kiss again.

This time, her mouth was more inviting as her tongue wiggled around his, finding pleasure in it.

Hiro once again started caressing her back, which now was naked as he unhooked her bra from behind using his skillfull hands.

As time went ahead, both of them kept loosing clothes on their body, and just under 10 minutes, both of them were down to their undergarments.

Hinata still had her forehead protector wrapped around her neck while her nipples were covered with tape, her lower area hidden behind a thin piece of cloth that was her panties.

Hiro smirked at Hinata's embarrassed face as he moved his hands a bit up as started peeling the tape away.


Hinata moaned once again, in the last fifteen minutes or so, her body had became extremely aroused, the sensation of the tape being peeled away sent currents all over her body.

He peeled all the tape away from her nipples as he dived into them right away, without any warning.

His mouth went to work with tge breasts as he continued sucking on them, playing with her aroused nipple with his tongue.



Hinata continued to moan without holding anything back as she wrapped her hands around Hiro's head and pressed him against large mounds.

Hiro could easily sense the waves of pleasure coursing through Hinata's body as she shivered time to time with the stimulation he was giving.

His hand already slipped beneath her navel area where he was caressing her groin area, his fingers gently massaging around her labia.

All Hiro wanted right now was to spread her thighs and plunge his rock hard dick into the depths of her pussy, but he decided against it.

As an experienced person, he knew the importance of foreplay, not only did it make both the parties more aroused and wanting each other more, it also increased their affection for each other.

Plus, he also found great pleasure in arousing his partners to extreme degree before the actual act.

While they engaged in another, much more passionate kiss, Hiro grabbed Hinata by her soft ass and lifted her up.

He turned around and gently laid both of them on the bed, this time, he was on top of her.

Hiro broke the kiss as his face started traveling downwards, instead, he was now affectionately planting soft kisses all over her body as he traveled downwards.

Starting from her cheeks, then her cheekbone, then he moved around her head and gently blew some air into her ear, sending shiver down her body.

He gently nibbled on her earlobes causing her to moan again, he continued downwards, kissing her shoulder, around her collar bone, gently kissing over her mounds before he kissed her bellybutton and arrived at the final location.

Even tough it was still covered with her panties, the outline of the place was clearly visible due to how wet she had become.

Hiro looked at Hinata, who was clenching his hair tightly due to embarrassment she was feeling.

Hiro looked Hinata right into her eyes as he asked calmly "May I ???"

She was too horny right now to say anything, it was her first time experiencing pleasure, this feeling was unknown and incredibly overwhelming for her.

All she could feel right now was extreme affection and arousal towards Hiro.

As such, she did not say anything and just nodded before plunging his head against her private place.

'I'll consider that a yes' Hiro thought before he bought his hands to the side of her hips and pulled down on her gray color panties.

Her forbidden garden was well maintained as there was not a single speck of hair around her cave.

Instead of plunging into it right away, Hiro took his time, saving this image into his mind.

Her Vagina was the most beautiful he had seen yet, Her labia was tight yet smooth at the same time while her folds were light shade of pink, her round clit was already hard as her hole was leaking viscous transparent liquid.

Hiro smiled a bit as he used both his hands to gently but passionately massage around her cave, stretching her smooth labia, opening up her folds to take a peek inside.

He smiled a bit more as he used his thumb and index finger to play with her bead like clit.

"Mnnhhhh, something is coming!!" She yelled, her eyes widened up as the pleasure wave coursing through her body finally sought an escape.

Listening to her declaration, Hiro increased his intensity as he finally pinched on her clitoris.


Hinata moaned on top of her lungs as she closed her eyes and threw her head back, unconsciously pushing Hiro's face into her pussy.

She finally came, for the first time in her life she felt the feeling of an orgasm.

Hiro bought his head up and looked at Hinata's orgasming face.

Her body was shaking up due to the orgasm while she was trying to suppress her moans by biting her lower lips, which only made Hiro more aroused.

Hiro quick got ahold of her face in his palms as he leaned in to kiss again, this time, her tongue fought back equally with his as both of them kissed each other passionately.

Hiro's actions till now had lit a fire inside of her.

She kissed him, rubbed her body against his, pressed his hands against all the sensitive spots on her body, especially her breasts, she made him pinch her nipples, even lick and bite them but to no avail now.

The fire had turned into a raging volcano.

"Please.....please Hiro-kun, please make me cum....." Hinata said with desperation in her voice.

She knew what they had to do in order solve this misery of hers, but she did not have the courage to ask him directly.

Hiro did not make her wait any longer.

He was also approaching his patience limit.

Hiro spread her legs in an 'M' shape as he positioned the tip of his dick again her folds.

He massaged the entrance of her cave with his dick as he lathered it with slippery juices that were leaking outside her vagina.

He once again positioned the tip at the entrance as he looked into the glistening eyes of Hinata and caressed her face with his one hand.

His other hand holding down her smooth thighs.

He clenched her soft thigh flesh in between his fingers as he slowly entered the unexplored territory.

He was one fifth of the way in as he felt a small resistance stopping him from going in any further.

"This is going to be a bit painful" he said as he stuck the thumb of the hand that was caressing her face into her mouth, feeling it get wet with her saliva.

He clenched her thigh flesh a bit too hard as to divert her from the pain as he thrusted in his dick at once, breaking through her Hymen and claiming her virginity.

Hinata felt the pain of loosing her maidenhood as she bit on Hiro's thumb that was inside her mouth.

Her eyes teared up due to the mixture of pain and pleasure, she didn't know what to do as she hugged Hiro tightly, pushing him inside even more as she dug her fingernails into his back.

She could feel his warmth, both on the outside and inside of her now.

His dick was only three fourths of the way inside as he felt his tip knoch against the entrance of her womb, hitting her G-spot instantly.

The pain Hinata was feeling was instantly overwritten by pleasure, while Hiro was also feeling the same, her wet and warm insides were extremely tight and clamped onto his dick as if not wanting to let it go.

He controlled his will to cum right now as he recalled his member out slowly, almost all the way out before thrusting it back again.

But this time he was extremely gentle.

*Aaaannhhhhh!!!!!* Hinata moaned in her most sexy voice yet as he insides became even more tight and clamped onto his dick even more harder.

The pleasure she was feeling right now was like nothing else, she was getting addicted to this feeling, she wanted more of it, she wanted all of it.

Hiro started to piston his dick in and out of her wet meaty cave as he felt her insides clamping down on him hard each time he tried to go out.

Each time his member reached the end of her cave and pressed against her most sensitive part, she felt like a lightning striking through her body.

The stimulation it was causing made her mind body numb, her body became loose as she moved along with his rhythm, all she could feel was pleasure.

"Faster....a bit faster...." Hinata said between her arousing moans but Hiro ignored them.

He continued to plow her at his own slow place for about 15 minutes while clenching her large boobs his his hands.

Hinata, whose boobs were jiggling while still being held by Hiro, looked at him with watery eyes and muttered in between "Please... Please let me cum....."

Hiro, who was approaching his limit, looked at her watery eyes and kissed her, increasing his speed.

He felt his member twitch inside her tight and warm pussy that was drenched in all its juices.

He pushed his dick hard against the entrance of her womb, as it's tip peeked inside her baby factory and released all his thick and white love.

Hinata's whose body spasmed intensely due to the pleasure of orgasm.

"Its....it's sho hawt....." Hinata said in broken words as she felt her insides washed with his warm and white baby making fluid.

Her whole body was convulsing due to orgasm as she clamped his body closer to herself with her hands and legs wrapped around him.

Hiro hugged her naked body even more tightly as he could feel her large and soft mounds pressing against his chest.

Hinata lost her consciousness due to the intense pleasure she had felt, still grasping onto his member which was still inside her.

Hiro looked at Hinata's innocent unconscious face as he felt incredible affection towards her.

He had never felt such intense pleasure before.

His body was lying on top her unconscious self, his dick still hard and inside her, asking for another round but he calmed himself down seeing how exhausted she became in just last couple hours.

He pulled his member out and rolled to her side, as both of their love fluids came gushing out, along with a little bit of blood saying that she was no longer a virgin.

Hiro, who now calmed down also felt exhausted as he turned her body towards him, nuzzling his head into the warmth of her soft bust and wrapped his arms around her back and went to sleep.

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