Naruto: Satoru Gojo

Gojo who finally dealt with Kenjaku suddenly finds himself in another world and hopes to find a worthy opponent in this world but in the end he had to say these words again. "Throughout Heaven and Earth; I Alone am Honored"

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Chapter 16 Real Shinobi


On the streets of Konoha, everyone with eyes wide stared at the sight before them.

"Hurry up!!!, the days of youth are waiting for you; speed up!!!"

Two figures with watermelon heads, a blindfold weirdo, and one barely normal-looking person ran on the streets of Konoha as the person running in front cheered them loudly.

"That guy seems quite strong"

Gojo running in the third place with a relaxed expression on his face; thought so while looking at Guy running forefront.

His aura was far stronger than the old man Hokage, and if he goes all out, Gojo had a feeling that even he had to do some work to defeat him.

At least he seemed far stronger than any special grade cursed spirit he had encountered, with the only exception being Sukuna since that guy just like him was on another level.

"Haha~ it's getting more and more interesting"

The strength of Guy didn't worry Gojo as his expectations for this world's strongest were raised exponentially.

"These three monsters!!!"

Neji, who was running, at last, was sweating profusely as he looked at the figures running before him with horror on his face.

They have been running for nearly 2 and a half hours now, but he was never able to overtake them.

This is already the 460th lap around the village; he had long since reached his limit, and now he was running only through sheer willpower.

"No, at this rate… I will be the one to be sent back"

Seeing the steady footsteps of Lee and Gojo, Neji knew they were in a better condition than him, and if he didn't try hard, he would have to go back.

"Only 5 minutes are left, hurry up!!!"

The race continued, and finally, it was the last lap, and the time was also about to reach its ends.

Guy stood at the finishing line as he looked at the empty road before him and shouted loudly.

Just when a minute was left, three figures came in Guy's sight with the setting sun on their backs.


With constant steady breaths, Gojo and Lee ran side by side as they hardly seemed tired, but the figure behind them was having a hard time.

"No, I can't continue anymore…"


Neji tried his best to keep running, but his legs betrayed him as he fell down.

"Get up… you can't afford to lose"

Neji thought as he tried to get up again, but no matter how much he tried, he just couldn't.


Gojo and Lee, who were about to cross the finishing line, suddenly stopped as they heard a voice behind them.

They turned around and saw Neji lying on the ground, struggling to get up.

"Only 30 seconds left; if you don't cross this line, the three of you will go back together to the academy"

Seeing them looking at Neji, Guy smiled as he knew the best part was here, which would decide their fate.

Hearing the reminder, Lee was a bit shaken as he wanted to run again but looking at the struggling Neji, a thought came to his mind.

"Isn't he abandoning his comrade?"

The finishing line was right before him, but won't it be the end for Neji if he crossed it.

This is just a race, but what if, in the future, a similar situation happens in a mission? Would he run away again, leaving his comrade?

"So, that's how it is!!"

A muscle head like Lee can think this much, so how can Gojo not? Just when Guy had said the word together, he understood the motive behind this little exam.

"I lost…!!"

Neji lay on the ground as he knew already that he had lost already.

But this time, Neji didn't curse fate as he knew he was far inferior to the other two in physical qualities.

"Hey~, how long do you plan to lay down, get up"

Neji, who was lost in his thoughts, suddenly heard a voice and saw Gojo and Lee looking at him.

The right hand of Gojo was right before Neji as all he needed to do was to hold it and get up.

"Only 15 seconds left; hurry up!!"

Just when Neji was stunned after seeing the supportive hand before him, the voice of Guy woke him up.

"What are you two doing? Hurry up; otherwise, you will lose also!!"

Neji shouted, looking at both of them, who looked at each other and smiled even more after hearing his words.

"We are a squad, aren't we, Neji San?"

"Get up~ or should I carry you like a princess!"

Lee told the reason, and Gojo squatted before him as he made a princess carrying gesture with his arms and a big grin was on his face.


Hearing their words, Neji was left speechless as he looked at both of them with shock.

"Haha~, it's not the time to be shocked; hurry up!!"

Seeing the shocked Neji, Gojo laughed.

"You guys…"

Neji kept his head down for a second before a smile appeared on his face as he gripped the hand of Gojo and stood up.


"Times over!!!"

With Neji in the middle, Lee and Gojo supported Neji with their shoulder, and just when they started to run, Guy announced the end of the time.

"It's all my fault"

Seeing that all three of them were unable to reach the finish line in time, Neji took the responsibility with a sad expression on his face.

"It isn't your fault, Neji San, we as a squad, decided this; even if we fail, we can always try next time"

Lee didn't seem sad about failing to pass the test as today he learned something essential, which was far more valuable than a test.

"The times over, and you guys couldn't finish in time, so… you guys…pass"

Guy arrived in front of the three of them and said something that surprised both Neji and Lee.

"Guy Sensei, did we really pass?"

Lee looked at Guy as he couldn't believe it; they had failed the test, so how could they pass.

"This test wasn't just to check your endurance; it was to see what choice would you make. Would you leave your comrade alone or help him?"

"And you didn't disappoint me; someone who leaves his comrade alone in a pinch isn't qualified to be a Ninja"

"Maybe this squad isn't that bad after all"

Hearing his words, Neji looked a Gojo and Lee, who didn't leave him behind, and a rare smile appeared on his face.

"Yosh!! from today onwards, team 6 is officially onto business"

"Sigh~ this sure brings back memories"

Guy announced the squad's formation in his usual exaggerated manner. Gojo standing there, had some emotion in his eyes as the image of Yaga, Geto, and Shoko came into his mind.

Like now, years ago, he became friends with them, but he lost two of them even with his overwhelming strength.

This time I won't make the same mistake.

Looking at Lee, Neji, and Guy, Gojo decided that he would keep them safe this time, no matter what.