1 Chapter 1

"Sakura, get up for breakfast..."

"Okay, mom..."

Hearing the sound from outside the bedroom, Haruno Sakura got up from the bed and rubbed her eyes before she began to dress and wash.

It's been four years since I've been in this world. From a baby who was ignorant when I was born, to a little loli with pink hair and turquoise eyes, Haruno Sakura has already known that I've been there. Which world.

Naruto, a particularly popular anime in the previous life, at that time, as an anime lover, I had been chasing after it to the finale, and then began to chase the next generation of Naruto-Bo Ren Chuan, but I was idle one day. When I was bored revisiting the Marvel series of movies online, my eyes went black without warning, and when I woke up again, I had become a newborn baby.

At the very beginning, Haruno Sakura was stunned, forced, and collapsed. Although her parents died early due to an accident in her previous life, she still has many friends. This sudden crossing, I am afraid those friends will be very sad. Right.

However, under the care of her parents in this life, Haruno Sakura also gradually let go of her heart knot. Now that it has happened, there is no point in regretting it. Rather than cherish the memory of the past all day long, it's better to start a new one. Life.

Not long after she was the same, when she was held by her parents while shopping, she was shocked by a scene she accidentally saw. On the tall mountain wall, the sculptures of four heads were clearly visible.

Only then did she realize that she might have crossed into the world of Hokage, and then, after she knew her name in this life, she was even more certain.

Haruno Sakura, the heroine of the Naruto world, the female ninja who inherited the name of the three ninjas, studied under the fifth generation of Naruto Senju Tsunade, focusing on medical ninjutsu, and inherited the strange power of Senju Tsunade in the fourth ninja world During the war, even the original Hokage Senjujuma praised him, and at the same time the actor Naruto Uzumaki liked the girl for a lifetime, but later he married the person he liked first-Sasuke Uchiha.

Thinking back to the life of Haruno Sakura in the original book, Sakura couldn't help but feel a little headache. In the early stage, Kakashi was good at leading the team on Ninja Kakashi, but unfortunately he was not a good candidate to be a teacher. Most of the time They all set their sights on Uchiha Sasuke. He didn't even teach the orphan of his teacher. Fortunately, Kakashi has a very good personality. He will protect his companion even if he tries his best.

In the later stage, I finally worshipped a master, but as the fifth generation of Hokage, he was too busy to die, not to mention that Senju Tsunade was still a gambler and drunkard, and there was not much time to teach her, more often by relying on it. With Haruno Sakura, she learns knowledge from books, and then Senju Tsunade will guide her on the key points.

Stumbled all the way, relying on his own unremitting efforts, and without the inheritance of the family secret technique and no lineage plug-in, he became the new three ninjas relying on the attributes of learning hegemony.

However, although Haruno Sakura's strength in the later period is very good, and even the strongest among the female ninjas of the same period, but unfortunately, his two classmates are two open protagonists. Compared with them, they can only Said to be a sky and an underground.

For her future, Sakura really doesn't know what to do. At present, she can only go to school step by step and endure school, then graduate, and finally worship Senju Tsunade as her teacher. With a body, he is very proficient in the manipulation of Chakra. When he goes to school, he can work hard in this direction, at least to lay the foundation first, not to waste too much time like the idiot in the original book.

Just when Kozakura was about to open the door and go out, the moment she closed the doorknob, she realized that the whole world had changed. She was no longer in the bedroom, but came into a strange space.

In the dark space, there are countless light spots of different colors floating, and a large number of light spots form a nebula-like thing. There are countless light spots. Similarly, these nebulae are also countless, and the whole space is like It is the same as the photos of outer space that I have seen in my previous life, but I am standing in the midst of countless nebulae with my feet hanging in the air.

"Here? Inner Space?"

Somehow, this name popped up in Sakura's mind. Just when Sakura wondered why she suddenly appeared here, six light clusters suddenly appeared in front of her. After the light dissipated, they stayed behind. It is six crystals that are as brilliant as gems.

After the gem appeared, in front of my own eyes, a page of letter paper appeared out of thin air.

"Hello, dear traversers, due to our staff's operating errors, which led to your accidental crossing, we are very sorry for this. After punishing the staff, in order to make up for the troubles caused to you, we specially prepared six Infinite gems are used as compensation. The gems come from the Marvel universe. I believe you have heard of them. At the end of the letter, I hope you can live a new life a little happily! [letter source: Shizhajian-Time and Space Manager [Ps: The dangerous soul in the soul gem has been eliminated, you can use it with confidence]"


Seeing the letter dissipating in the air, Kozakura couldn't help but raised her head and sighed. She didn't expect that she would be traversed because of a mistake in operation, but fortunately, this time is still quite good, knowing to take the initiative to give herself something. Compensation, and directly brought six infinite gems to herself, but it was the name Tokashama that she always felt like she had heard of it somewhere.

Infinite gems are from the Marvel universe. In the Marvel movie, Thanos, who collected six infinite gems, wiped out half of the life in the universe with just one snap. They are almost the oldest thing in the Marvel universe, and almost The most powerful thing.

There are six infinite gems, each of which is a purple power gem. This gem allows users to master and control all the power and energy they try to master. It supports other gems and can strengthen their role. Using this gem, the user can even copy all physical superpowers, and make their own physical attack and defense capabilities to an invincible level. People who use gems can have almost the strongest energy in the universe, and even the slightest release can release an energy shock wave that knocks down a large number of enemies. The maximum power can even trigger an energy explosion that destroys the planet.

Green time gem, this gem allows users to reach any point in time, whether it is the long past or the distant future, using this power can watch or experience any era. If the user has a wealth of knowledge, he can do more things, even manipulate time and cause and effect. This makes it possible to use gems as a weapon to plunge the enemy and the entire world into an infinite loop of time.

The blue space gem, with this gem, people can move themselves or all objects to any space in an instant. You can also arbitrarily twist or reorder the space according to your own will. Therefore, the ability of space transmission and space static is as simple as breathing in front of the space stone. At the same time, it also contains tremendous energy.

The orange soul gem, this gem has the ability to steal, manipulate or modify the soul. Gems can not only control life and souls, but even dead spirits can command them. This gem is also very dangerous because it has some independent self-awareness and a hungry soul. Ironically, this gem is essentially an entrance to a small universe that is as beautiful as an idyllic.

A red realistic gem, with this gem, people can realize any dream. All scientific codes and laws of nature are meaningless before it, because it can modify them at will. The Stone of Reality is not only capable of creating fantasy that is indistinguishable from reality, it can be completely turned into reality as long as the user is willing.

The yellow soul gems can allow users to enter other people's minds, and also allow all dreams, thoughts and ideas to enter users' brains. It can enhance mental power and increase mental power. Even under the condition that other gems enhance its power, this gem can enter the mind of all existing things at the same time. Even with a light touch, it can change the other person's mind according to the user's wishes. At the same time, the soul stone itself also contains huge energy.

Recalling the information about the infinite gems in her mind, Sakura only felt that her future was bright. With excitement, the six infinite gems connected to her heart suddenly shined, and the power of terror spread from the gems.

"Huh, no, stop for me..."

In front of this power capable of destroying the universe, Sakura, the owner, felt that she was insignificant as if she were an ant, but fortunately, these six gems are now completely obedient to her command. After Sakura's order, the gems He instantly regained his calmness, and re-suspended in front of Sakura, quietly exuding dim light.

The familiar envelope suddenly appeared and opened in front of Sakura.

"I forgot to say that because these six infinite gems have terrifying power, and your own power is too weak, so please be careful when using it. Once the power you use exceeds the load of your body, Then your body will collapse because you can't bear it. Although soul gems can protect your soul from death, I believe you don't want to feel the feeling of death. [Attached ps: Please try to ensure it on weekdays The stability of your own emotions, the infinite gems are connected to your soul. If the emotions fluctuate too much, it may cause the gems to run away and destroy the whole world. I believe you will not want to see such results. In the end, the matter is over. wish you a happy life]"

"In the narrow space of time, you bunch of scams, this girl is going to work hard with you..."

In the space resembling the starry sky of the universe, Sakura let out a frantic scream.

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