8 Chapter 8 - Fugaku's Worry

"Yusuke-kun, I'll get straight to the point. Now the clan is facing enormous pressure from the village. And the situation continues to worsen, but I think you noticed it yourself? Fugaku said in a serious voice without a trace of a smile on his face.

"Yeah, I'm aware of that," Yuusuke replied without denying it.

"Elder Danzล, he strongly dislikes our clan, ever since the Second Hokage. Having become the head of the clan, I tried many times to change his attitude and even made concessions, but, as I later found out, all this was a waste of time and effort. Unfortunately, the two remaining advisors are on his side in most cases due to their strong connection. And the Hokage-sama uses him as a counterbalance to the Uchiha clan. I'm trying to figure it out even now, but my options as the head of the clan are very limited, no matter how much effort I put in, I never managed to get the right to speak on behalf of the clan," Fugaku said with a heavy sigh, glancing at the beautiful garden outside the window .

Itachi looked at his father with concern in his eyes, he never told him about all this, and today for the first time he heard such words from his father's lips. Although he was only six years old, he was much more advanced than other children, and from his father's words, he could feel the crisis in the clan and the heavy burden on his father's shoulders.

Listening to Fugaku, who told him about what he should not know, Yuusuke realized that this person was really faced with too much pressure, which he himself was no longer able to bear. Otherwise, why would he say something like that to a teenager like him.

At this time, as if sensing his son's concern, Fugaku turned around and patted his son on the head, making it clear that he shouldn't think too much. He then turned back to Yuusuke and continued, "Currently, there are not many shinobi in the clan who are able to take on great responsibility, and among the exception of Shisui, there is no one who is able to become a reliable pillar for the clan. Unfortunately, Shisui has strange ideas about the world, until I can't fully trust him. As for you, I also know that with the exception of your family, you are not particularly attached to the clan."

After saying all this, Fugaku paused for a moment and stared deeply at Yuusuke. In his eyes, the young man saw a struggle and a slight fear, as if he could not decide everything. Taking a deep breath, Fugaku closed his eyes and when he opened them again, his eyes showed only firm determination, all hesitation disappeared.

"Yusuke-kun," Fugaku began in a serious voice, "answer me honestly, what is the place of the clan in your heart?"

The tone of the clan leader was extremely serious, especially when he spoke the last words. Yusuke heard a clear reproach in them, and for this he was really a little ashamed. Fearing the future, he dropped everything and focused entirely on his training and himself. For all the time, he did not make any special contribution to the clan.

However, Yuusuke never intended to give up the clan. Since he appeared in this world and found out that he was from the Uchiha clan. Yuusuke decided to do everything to save the clan from a tragic fate. It's just that the path he took was not the path of politics, instead it was the path of absolute power.

"Fugaku-sama, the clan is as important to me as it is to you. But, with all due respect, the head of the clan, tell me, if the current situation remains the same, what is the future of the clan? Yusuke asked in a calm voice.

Hearing Yusuke's words, Fugaku thought for a while, he sighed heavily and cast a stern look at the youth, said: "Even if we do not have a bright future, the Uchiha clan will still continue to persevere. And you, being a talented representative of this clan, must take on some of the responsibility, and not abandon the clan!"

"Fugaku-sama, I never gave up on the clan, I only gave up on trying to save the clan through political means." For the first time ever, Yusuke decided to start talking about what he really thinks.

"What do you mean?" Fugaku asked with a slight frown.

"Every year, due to the deliberate actions of various forces, the influence of the Uchiha clan in Konoha becomes less and less. And it's not that I can't do anything, it's just that I don't understand politics at all and I'm afraid I won't have enough cunning and wisdom to do something significant," facing Fugaku's stern gaze, Yusuke met him unwaveringly. "That's why I chose a different path than you. I have chosen the path of strength and I give it all of myself in order to achieve my goal as soon as possible. Think for yourself, if we had someone in our family with strength like Madara's ancestor, would you still be tormented by these insignificant questions and intrigues of those pitiful rats? I am sure not, because if there was someone with such power in our clan, even the Hokage would not dare to say a word!" With these words, Yusuke fully revealed his ambitions to the head of the clan.

Fugaku stared at Yuusuke with an expression of disbelief in his eyes, he never thought that the youth had the desire to become as powerful as Uchiha Madara. As the head of the clan, he knew that since ancient times, the only one who could resist Madara was only Hashirama Senju. And no one after them could become as powerful as they.

"That's why I rarely attend clan meetings, big and small. I understand that all this is also necessary, and therefore, as long as you hold this side, I try my best to increase my strength," Yuusuke wanted Fugaku to understand him and support him in the future.

For some time, complete silence reigned in the room, no one was talking, while Fugaku thought about what he had heard, Yusuke silently waited. No matter what decision the clan leader makes, he already has a goal and will ignore everything else, even if it offends someone like Fugaku.

"Maybe it takes ambition like yours to reach the heights of our ancestor," Fugaku said after a long silence. "So, in your opinion, what should the clan do now?"

Yusuke thought for a moment and said, "If I were you, I would first retreat in the face of other forces. Of course, this is only a temporary retreat, after that, I would force the clan to put aside all distractions and focus on increasing the overall strength."

Fugaku Uchiha shook his head and said, "I've already thought about it, but unfortunately, many in the clan don't agree with it."

Yuusuke nodded and said nothing more, however, there were unspoken words in his heart: "If the head of the clan had enough power, then he could make a decision for the entire clan at any time" - but since Fugaku did not have the proper there was no point in saying those words.

"Done, from now on, I release you from participating in clan meetings. But, if there is an important meeting, you should attend them, don't worry, I'll send someone to inform you in advance," Fugaku looked into Yuusuke's eyes and said in a firm tone that brooked no objections.

Yuusuke nodded, "I understand, and thank the clan head for understanding."

When the talk about the clan ended, Fugaku's expression relaxed and he named Yuusuke's other purpose for the invitation: "Actually, there's one more thing I'd like to discuss with you today. What do you think of my son, Itachi?" Fugaku asked Yuusuke as he gently patted his son's shoulder next to him.

Yusuke stared at him blankly and probably understood the reason why Fugaku didn't let Itachi leave. Fugaku was probably trying to arrange for him to become his student. Because other than that reason, Yusuke couldn't think of any other reason to ask that question.

"He is six years old, he will soon enter the ninja school, just recently I started teaching him ninjutsu. You might think I'm exaggerating, but as far as I can tell, he's as talented as you! I would like you to become his teacher and guide him in his later studies." Fugaku spoke seriously. In fact, in his opinion, Itachi's talent was even better than Yuusuke's, but of course, it was indecent to talk about it.

Itachi, being a smart child, immediately guessed what his father was thinking. At this moment, he also wanted to find a suitable teacher to guide him, so he looked at Yuusuke with expectation.

Yusuke smiled and nodded, "I already have one student and I don't mind taking Itachi as a student if he agrees with it."

Initially, Yusuke planned to sooner or later establish contact with Itachi, because it was he who was the key figure influencing the fate of the Uchiha clan. He had no idea that Itachi would one day become his student, thus making him a big surprise.

Fugaku didn't ask in detail about the other student, instead telling his son to bow to Yuusuke. Uchiha Itachi obediently stood up and bowed, paying tribute to the teacher. Yuusuke repeated his words from Kabuto and formally accepted Itachi as his student. Looking at little Itachi, Yusuke couldn't help but think of his little sister, Izumi.

"Izumi will be going to school soon too and if you add Kabuto and Itachi to that, maybe I should apply for their teacher position?" Yuusuke thought.

"Yusuke-kun, is it true that your sharingan still hasn't awakened, or are you hiding your power?" Fugaku suddenly asked as Itachi paid his respects.

"It's true, I really haven't awakened the Sharingan. I also did a lot of research, and all showed that strong stimulation is necessary, but, I refuse it," Yuusuke said helplessly.

Fugaku nodded and said, "It's true that the Sharingan is mostly awakened when an Uchiha has strong emotions. But, with your strength and accomplishments, you should have awakened him without stimulation by now."

Fugaku then thought about it and suddenly gave Yuusuke a strange look, "Your father is not from the Uchiha clan, is it possible that you did not inherit the bloodline of the Uchiha clan?"

"That's unlikely given the strength of our clan's bloodline," Yuusuke replied without being surprised by Fugaku's words.

The bloodline of the Uchiha clan is so strong that even if someone from a foreign clan married someone from the Uchiha clan, the offspring usually inherited the bloodline of the Uchiha clan. Of course, there can be an exception if the other side has a more powerful bloodline, however, in the world of ninja, the Uchiha clan is the oldest clan and few can compete with their bloodline. Unless, of course, Yusuke's father isn't a hidden expert with an ancient bloodline from another planet, which was ridiculous.

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