1 Chapter 1

"I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling, which wasn't a familiar one. It wasn't any ceiling I had ever seen.

"Where am I?" I questioned myself as I looked around. I couldn't move my body as I felt something restrict my movements. My hands and legs were tied to something and I was laying on a chair that dentist used.

I felt weird and couldn't remember why I was here. Not only that, I also felt that I am missing some memories of my life. Did they give me some drug or something.

I thought I was kidnapped, and it was a fair decision because I remember being attacked by some idiots in black body tight dress. They were all women and I am glad I at least was kidnapped by woman with a beautiful figure.

It could be that I was drugged by them. I remember loosing consciousness after feeling a sharp pain at my neck.

I tried raising my head to see any way to escape and that's when I felt something on my head. It was something metallic and was restricting the movements of my head, as I could feel the heat it was releasing.

I felt that even though I didn't see it in my life, I had seen this ceiling somewhere. That's when I remembered that the anime I had seen had a ceiling similar to this. Is it the Japanese government that planned this. If so, they got balls to pull this stunt with me.

Later, I heard footsteps and immediately closed my eyes. I first wanted to know my situation before I did something. I didn't want to do. something foolish and die in an unknown place.

The door opened and I heard a man say "Danzo-sama, he was about to die when we left the room. Later, when we sent someone to clean the place, he felt chakra inside him. I think the experiment was a success. He shouldn't have any memories."

Then another man with deep voice said "Good, we at least have two kids who survived the experiment. Wake him up, I want to confirm it."

Judging by his voice, I felt that he was old and his age could be more than 50. And what was that about chakra and Danzo? I heard those names somewhere, but I can't quite recall anything.

I tried concentrating more and that's when I felt a sharp pain, and I got my memories back, along with the memories of a three year old kid.

I was terrified and shocked when my memories became clear. Those women didn't come just to kill me. They were there to kill me. The sharp pain was the pain I felt when I was beheaded.

I then went through the memories of the kid I received and understood what's happening. I am. in the world of Naruto. I had possessed the body of a three year old war orphan.

His parents weren't ninjas, they lived in a small village in the Land of the Fire. The village wasn't even at the border. But the enemy ninjas destroyed their village and massacred everyone just so that the Konoha ninjas don't get food.

I wasn't an idiot. The moment I went through those memories, I could tell that those ninjas didn't kill us just to cut off supplies. They just wanted to kill and that village was unlucky to fall in their sight.

Then the kid hid and managed to survive. A Konoha ninja found him and brought him to this place. He was then electrocuted everyday when finally, he lost consciousness and died.

While I was still processing the fact that I lost my life when I finally reached the top, a man opened my eyes with his fingers and used a small torch to look at my eyes.

I was still terrified and shocked when he was doing that, due to which my eyes were lifeless. They helped those men believe that memories were indeed erased.

I then immediately came back to reality and decided to play along. I asked with a confused face "Who are you? Where am I? And..... Who am I?"

I don't know if I overdid it, but looking at the smile on the sly old fox, I could tell that it worked.

There were two people in my vision. One was obviously the old man's whose voice I heard before. He had a scar on his chin and his right eye covered in bandages.

Another one had a black cape and a mask with red stripes on it. The mask resembled a fox. I don't think there were that many animals for the ANBU and the root to find masks, so the patterns were unique and distinguished them from others.

Danzo said to the other ANBU in the room "Take him to Kaze, they both will grow up as brothers. I don't want to take my chances."

The fox mask guy nodded and he removed the things tying me to the dentist chair. I had to act along and walked without resistance. The anbu ninja led me to a place where a kid my age was kneeling on one leg and his head down.

I just stood beside him while Danzo walked and stood before us. He looked at me and that's when the anbu ninja pressed down on me.

The amount of pressure used on my baby body easily made me fall on my knee. The anbu ninja said "Whenever you are before Danzo-sama, you are to kneel and bow. He is the great power maintaining the peace of Konoha while staying in the shadows.

He is the one who deserves to be the true Hokage of Konoha. We at Root vow to dedicate O ur lives for Danzo-sama and his ideals."

Danzo raised his hand at the anbu ninja, indicating him to stop. He looked at me and said "From now on, you are Hakuto. Meet Kaze, he will be your brother from now on and the Root foundation, your home" pointing to the kid beside me.

The place was dark and I couldn't see his face, but his brown spiky hair was clearly visible. He had a bang at his right, reaching his chin.

I had to play along, so I nodded and then Danzo said to the anbu ninja "Take them to their room. They will live together. Tomorrow, you will explain their tasks and we will start their training after that."

The anbu nodded and after Danzo left, he took us to our room. We were supposed to live together. I accepted the name Hakuto, as I didn't want to use my name from my previous life. As for my surname, I didn't have one.

More like, I couldn't remember it. "No use thinking about it when except me, the whole family is dead." I said to myself and looked at the room.

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