1 Uzumaki Hiroto

Konoha Year 59

In a hospital corridor, a golden blonde-haired youth arrived panting with a Namikaze clan crest on his armband to see a red-haired woman with an Uzumaki crest on her back and she is pacing back and forth. She is none other than Uzumaki Kushina. Seeing him Kushina mutters "Minato.." and hugs him tightly.

Minato pats her back and goes "It is going to be okay Mizuko nee-chan will be alright.'' he assures his girlfriend and tells himself the same in his mind.

Kushina stifles her sobs and says ''I pray for the same but you know she is not well since Hiroko nii-san's death.''

As they are consoling each other a baby cry is heard. Minato and Kushina are looking toward the door with smiles and hopeful glances. The door slides and a blonde woman is making her way out with a slight fear and sadness. Senju Tsunade is one of the legendary sannin and the last known Senju.

Kushina rushes forward, "Tsunade-san how are they?" asks the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero with hopeful looks hiding fear underneath. Minato mirrors the same look.

Tsunade takes a deep breath to compose herself, looks down, and shakes her head "Mizuko-chan is no more but the boy is safe."

Tears stream down their faces and Kushina rushes in to see her nephew. Minato takes a minute to compose himself.

"Sorry Tsunade-san for my selfishness to save my sister and nephew I had to bring you here. Thank you for saving my nephew." saying this Minato bows ninety degrees to the slug sannin.

Tsunade seeing makes the yellow flash stand straight. "It's not solely for you Minato, Dan's sister passed away recently. I want to take that kid under my wing" says Tsunade with a melancholic look.

Minato nods to her and bids goodbye to the medic-nin and goes inside to see a woman with similar features to him, his elder sister Namikaze Mizuko who brought him up after their parents passed away at an early age.

As he looks at her Minato touches his face, and he feels tears streaming down uncontrollably. He walks towards the bed and notices Kushina standing next to a crib. In the crib he sees a baby boy looking around covered with blankets.

The baby has red hair and facial features from his father and when Minato sees his eyes he froze as they are the same as his sister's deep blue ocean eyes making anyone who looks into the eyes lose their bearings.

Kushina has a smile on her lips seeing the baby, "He looks so much like Hiroko nii-san " and tears fall from her eyes reminiscing about her mother. She picks the baby up and motions for Minato to join him.

The door slides open and the couple turns towards the door to see a black-haired woman with a big belly who can be easily understood as fully pregnant and almost ready to deliver the baby. Accompanying her is a stern man with black hair and Uchiha crest on his back. They are Kushina's best friend Uchiha Mikoto and her husband Uchiha Fugaku who is also a good friend of Minato.

Seeing them Minato separates himself from her and greets them "Fugaku-san, Mikoto-san."The newly arrived couple sees the lady on the bed without movement and makes an inquiring glance towards the couple. The Namikaze-Uzumaki couple shakes their head in resignment.

Seeing this gesture the Uchiha couple made a sorry look and Mikoto moved toward Kushina and expresses her condolences. Fugaku supports his friend by squeezing his shoulder and assures them with his gesture.

After that, the newly arrived couple moves towards the crib and sees the newly born baby and Fugaku is shocked at how much the baby took after the boy's father his best friend Uzumaki Hiroko Konoha's Red Fang who is proud of his moniker with its closeness to Hiroko's sensei White Fang.

"Thanks for coming Mikoto, Fugaku-san" thanks the Uzumaki. "We had to come to Kushina, they are also like family to us," says Mikoto and Fugaku nods agreeing to that statement.

"Even so it looks like you are due soon" inquires the nine-tail jinchuriki. to that statement, Mikoto nods adding "Yeah, it's in a few days, the latest is a week."

"What's his name Kushina?" asks Uchiha's matriarch, to that the future Hokage couple moves towards the crib and picks the baby up.

Minato holds the baby together with Kushina and says "Kushina do the honors." knowing his sister and his girlfriend's discussion on the topic.

Kushina pulls the boy closer "Hey, little guy your mother wants to name you after your father. So Konoha's Red fang Uzumaki Hiroko and Namikaze Mizuko's son is Uzumaki Hiroto."

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