1 Chapter 001(Rebirth)


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Steven was a orphan, he didn't have any parents. He was always bully by others, so he kept isolated himself, he read Naruto/Naruto shippiden full manga and all the fanfiction and novels and now he read baruto's ongoing manga today baruto's new chapter realised so he go to book to buy on this. Suddenly he see a kid in the road and car came and this kid's mother carried load by fear , i without thought run and save the kid but, i was hit by the car. I see this kid's hugged the kid after that my eyes closed and darkness appears. Sometimes later I see a light then I go to the this place where light came. I see a old man there so I asked him where am I?

he told me this the place where soul's was justified by there action. I shocked, I suddenly asked him that means you are god. old man told yes I am god of recarnation. After hearing this i was shocked.

(God pov:) You was a kind hearted person. so I have 2 options for you , i reincarnated you,your present world with out any memories your present life or i reincarnated your favourite world with your present life memories and with 3 wishes.

(Steven pov:) I want reborn in Naruto world as naruto.

(God pov:) Okay tell me your wishes.

(Steven pov:) My 1st wish I want pure uzumaki bloodline.

2nd wish was i want my chakra signature completely similar to ashura and ashura's all abilities. and 3rd wish I want a system

(God pov:) okay your wishes accept. but your system unlock your 5th birthday.

After that a light suddenly appeared. and i hear called kushina you have a boy.

After that minato came he told me i have Kushina's heir, but i look like him and whisker like birth mark make me cute. After that obito came all things happened to same minato sealed kurama inside of me. after that Minato and Kushina die. Hiruzen came picked me.

Inside of Naruto 's sealed

(Kurama pov:) That bastrad Minato seal me inside of this kid . but after i seal i sense a similar chakra signature that I sense many years ago this was ashura's chakra signature but how that brat have ashura's chakra, can be that brat was ashura's incarnation. so that me old man prophecy about a blue eye kid came to true. if that kid ashura's incarnation I see him , if he worthy of my power then I help him. otherwise I killed him .

outside world,

(Hiruzen pov:) Today konoha lost to 2 great heroes so , i kept my best to protect naruto and help him grow strong like Minato. After that I told council about naruto. some members wanted he die , danzo wanted him in root , so he use him as a weapon some members was sympathy for this kid . i decline give him to the danzo or i told others members that naruto was son of 2 great hero, if Naruto die sealed break and 9 tails fox released so i add a S class law if anyone talk about naruto was 9 tails jinchuriki then he should be die on the spot. after that i want take care of Naruto but council against his , so i thought about give naruto, to the Kakashi or jiraiya but this time Kakashi becomes depressed and he mentally doesn't available to take care Naruto and jiraiya not in villages because of this spy network and research. so take naruto to a orphanage, and send some anbu for that he kept save.

After that hiruzen take back the hokage position. now he completed his paperwork this time konoha l's shinobi take largest number of mission, because they didn't want to show other nations thought konoha weak.

(Naruto/Steven POV:) i always thought why hiruzen didn't take care of Naruto now i now the reason. council couldn't allow me stay with hiruzen.


To be continued.


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