2 Enlightenment?

Chapter 2

Title: Enlightenment?

Words: 3156

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Next morning...

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I felt the sun slowly creep on my skin waking me up from my slumber. Scratching my eyes I sat up thinking about the start of another day.

Today's training day with tou-chan I have a chance to increase our relationship by impressing him or just simply not ruining it or I could fail miserably which would be silly if I somehow do which I won't.

I got up from my futon, grabbed a fresh pair of clothes, slid the door and went to the bathroom, I brushed my teeth then hopped into the shower.

After I finished I smelled breakfast being made so I hurriedly walked to the kitchen.

"Good morning Sasuke, how was your rest? Did you enjoy your dreams?

"Good morning kaa-sama the sleep was amazing and I dreamt of completing my future goals as always."

She giggled. "As ever ambitious you are young man that dedication you possess must be from your father."

"While my charm must be a deviation of yours kaa-san." I refuted as her cheeks reddened.

"Maybe your father should take a page from your book." She said giggling. She's such a happy soul she reminds me of Hinata when she has kids.

"Aye, will breakfast be done anytime soon?"

"I'm doing yours now how much food will you eat today."

"Uhh not too much because I'm doing physical training with tou-chan but not a little bit either."

"Got it, I'm guessing you're as excited as ever to do something shinobi related."

"Yeah… I know what's out there in the world so I have to train hard enough to deal with whatever challenges may come my way."

She giggles again. "Are you sure the world is like water the consistency always changes, it may have ripples or it may generate waves, however the constant is always uncertain."

"I guess what you say makes sense, see myself as this uncertainty. I could follow the script religiously and be a ripple or my actions can generate a wave."

She bursted in full out laughter. "Sasuke who taught you to speak in riddles? You sound more of the likes of a poet than an aspiring shinobi."

I smiled. "Shinobi's are often wiser due to their experiences some shinobi develop philosophies changing fates of many after them such as Madara and Hashirama partnering up with the fire daimyo creating the hidden Village of the leaf which sparked inspiration for shinobi of other lands making their own hidden nations. Moral of the story here, mother is with enough wisdom, a Shinobi can become or start a revolutionary."

It suddenly got quiet, she then looked up at me with teary eyes and a tear dropped down one of her eyes. "You both are so talented, I'm so sorry we live in a world where children can't be children but killers for the greater good. I'm sorry I stole you and Itachi's childhood by bringing you both here, your 3 and Itachi is 9 he saw war and the death of a comrade dirtied his hands with blood of others, stealing his innocence and I'm just so, so sorry." She finished my plate, passed it to me and gave me a huge hug.

I tried my best to console her, maybe the fact I showed off my genius reminded her of what Itachi faced early on because of that same genius and talent it robbed him of a true childhood. What a caring individual this is why I'm so fascinated by this world, if I'm to ever marry I want someone like my mother. (No chromo ;)

She eventually calmed down but I decided to give her words of advice the classic talk no jutsu. "You're not a terrible mother."

"Huh?" Mikoto questioned, the boy was already consoling her now he dares to attempt to make her feel better, her son was astonishing they both were simply amazing human beings. She thought.

"Your nowhere near a terrible mother, I know it hurts to see my talent because it forces me to grow up but I promise you I enjoy everyday and every conversation I have with you all, I never take for granted what I have in this world because you allow me to live without a care and you persevere every bit of my innocence is what I'm most thankful for, your all I could ever ask for in a parental figure. Thanks again Kaa-sama."

She sat up and stared deeply into my eyes, it felt as if she was analyzing my soul. "I'm truly blessed to have someone who loves and thinks of me this way." Her lips jittered while she placed her hands on her heart. She then bombarded me with hugs and kisses.

Sooner or later Fugaku and Itachi awoke shortly after I finished breakfast. While everyone was eating together except me since I finished I decided to get a start by doing some push-ups.

I got on all fours straightening my body, I then lowered my body almost touching the ground then going as high as I could. Feeling my strength giving out I pushed my thoughts aside and dropped low. Completing my second push-up I did it again and again.

"...12…..15...17….20...23." The muscles in my arms burned as I gave out. I breathed heavily as sweat trickled down my face.

Itachi wiped his hands with a piece of paper then threw it away. "You know for a kid you're extremely dedicated, which three year old willingly trains?"

"Itachi-nii I told you I have goals." I said as I got up to do another repetition of push-ups.

Fugaku and Mikoto finished eating as well. "What could your goals be? Are you ambitious enough to become the first Uchiha Hokage." He and mom started laughing.

"My goal is to surpass Uchiha Madara." The room then got quiet.

"You wanna surpass that traitor? Well if you're my son I'm pretty sure you could do whatever you set your mind too." Everyone then chuckled.

"Yup and I'll be the strongest Uchiha to date." I grinned.

"Silly Sasuke you'll think I'll let my little brother surpass me? Keep dreaming." He said as he tapped my forehead.

"I'll show you all just you wait." I said as I pouted crossing my arms. 'I'm afraid that'll be impossible unless I resurrect them with edo tensei.'

——— ——— ——— ——— ———

"Today I'll have you run around the lake three times."

Damn that lake is huge I'm not opposed to running but sheesh. Thought Sasuke. {A/N: where Sasuke & Itachi learned Fireball Jutsu.}

I nodded without further instructions I ran on ahead. 'I doubt my little body could even make a full lap around this huge lake despite three I'll probably end up fainting but since my wish I'll be wake up with twice the vitality and and legs twice as strong but not in multiples because that was broken but I think my body adds in numerical form of what I have for example 17+17 then I'll have 34 strength or whatever in my legs muscles. Imagine if I had 10 times whatever it I originally had that's like 10 to the second or fourth power that would be absolutely broken I would get Gai level strong if I worked as hard as he does in five sessions. Good thing that's not the case. oh look I'm pretty far from where I started but I'm still nowhere near half of the half of my lap around the lake.

——— ——— ——— ——— ———

{General POV}

A duckbutt haired child was what could be considered speed walking but for his little body was running full speed he was a quarter around the lake and it's been 14 minutes since he's started, if he realized he needs to store all the energy he has left by jogging there he'll make it but no one knew that if he forces himself to faint he gets almost like a super nerfed zenkai boost.

The lap around the lake seemed impossible for his little legs nonetheless you could see the determination and fatigue in his eyes, but the determination was winning. This wasn't an average child, he was determined.. a man set with a goal that needed to be achieved.

Running, running, running, running. It seemed like it'll never stop. The bright sun irradiated with strong sun rays that light up the whole of Konoha, upon his way around the lake he saw deers drinking, birds flocking together flying, small critters like insects, spiders and their nests, flowers blooming overall the true beauty of nature.

Such a pleasure to the eyes helped drive back the fatigue as Sasuke pushed through on legs that felt numb, muscles that lost energy but with the simple fright that of people like Obito, or Opedomaru was enough of a reason to fight through the his workout out, the more fatigue he collects the more of a boost he gets.


Finishing his second lap, Sasuke's body couldn't carry on. He collapsed multiple times but dragged himself up and forced himself to go on, he didn't run because he couldn't but he tried. It felt like he was running on his knees at the beach, knees soaking wet with the salty ocean water and the hot sun stinging and burning on levels unfelt by many. Those dedicated eyes now had a film of fatigue over them. He couldn't see the beauty and serenity of the nature around him but just gray.

His eyes became glossy wet with tears not out of sadness or pain but his body trying to get him to stop his body 'cried' saying it was enough, he refused to be told what to accept he knew of the challenges to come he simply stole and added onto Sasuke's original body, the 'body didn't know of the future adversities he'll face, what he didn't get was how his body had so much vitality but refused him in this state?

Did he need to become one with the vitality, he now had a new-found goal, a purpose to figure out the why. Nothing in life is free. He knew that, what was the catch of being sent to his favorite fictional world with wishes of his choice? The adversities? The R.O.B.'s watching beings suffer for entertainment? Or the occasionally be careful of what you ask for situation?

These thoughts plagued his mind, enough to the point of temporary insanity with these unforgettable thoughts, he just couldn't push it away. What was the reason??, driving up more dedication he wiped his glossy eyes as the film receded.

He looked around focusing deep within himself going into a zen like state, free of thoughts so different then sleep or a dream. He was completely conscious yet away, so so far away.

He felt the serenity of his surroundings, the grass, trees, things that are presumed to not have consciousness fill him up with serenity, something akin to a blessing or an angelic touch, he found it, it all spoke to him and told him to live, pushed him to fight.

He felt as if all he knew was gone, a different type of loneliness not the average and regularly accustomed one he couldn't go back to his 'real world' even if he wanted to, it felt wrong.

He was in a world he only experienced on tv or in mangas all the homesickness he felt was completely gone he felt one with his new universe he felt like Sasuke not the shell of who he once was… nonetheless embracing it, not two entities but one. He completely took control of his body, it was his, digging deeper he felt the needs and the wants of his body, the commands or voices giving direction in his blood flow trying to preserve his life, all the stored information on bone replicas and organs, he heard it all.. everything.

He felt one in complete he felt energized he felt a feeling people would do anything to feel like again a serenity so addicting yet Devine, it nurtured places he didn't even know existed.

This feeling started to pull me in taking me farther away, it felt like sleeping while lucid dreaming.


~Fugaku's POV~

Even during Mikoto's pregnancy he changed her. She was twice as lively and compassionate. Everything good about her doubled, when she was pregnant was when she was the healthiest she's ever been since we were children.

When Sasuke was born I noticed it within him, it was something akin to the red haired woman Kushina, I didn't know what it was but he had a plethora of it, one day I used my sharingan to see what it was down to a cellular level and I was fascinated I seen something similar but none like it, even observing Sasuke as he grew up he was more resilient than most, his body was an amazing tool if utilized correctly could take him far.

I wanted to test him and that body of his today and decided to get him to run around the enormous lake. He said no more than went on ahead, that showed a lot. I didn't want any child to run around that lake. It was too big to run around. I wouldn't even send a younger Itachi there to run it, because it was multiple kilometers long.

Sasuke kept running never stopping unless he literally dropped and continued picking himself up and one point he dragged himself across multiple distances not quitting then all of a sudden his energy reformed as he started running full might even faster than before it was surprising seeing a three year old running that fast it wasn't on genin levels or even peak academy levels but was faster than a child twice his age it was surreal. He continued with this until the sun started setting. I dropped everything I had to do today to watch him go.

I couldn't fathom the why's or how's but I knew he was special, if trained efficiently he would definitely become the strongest Uchiha with no doubt in my mind maybe before I joked around but seeing this with my own two eyes was a confirmation, as I saw him run his final lap around.


~Sasuke's POV~

Everything snapped in an instant and here I was back to reality, I let everything sink as I came to a deep realization. I took a deep control and mantle over my body with the help of nature's tranquility the whispers were the commands and information about the body people could never understand and I heard it all, I had a doctorates degree and was a scientist so I knew my fair share when I came to bodies because I worked with them but what with the information I know had filled a gap with between what I didn't know and also was could potentially revolutionize the whole shinobi world if I made books which I won't.

The gap being filled with now was a person with a chakra networks body. I knew everything, the process of duplicating missing cells or skin, hearts, the brain I knew it all, the pathways all the tenketsus in my body I could feel and understand it all.

I know knew that there wasn't a lock that was a metaphor but you needed to learn to access that chakra and with abysmal control or reserves it's hard for people on their first time but for me I could theoretically access it now but there was no need my time will come and there's also no drawbacks or withdrawals in accessing it early it just depends on your body if it could handle the chakra or not which mines could.

That feeling I felt also was there in remnants it felt so good, like an ultimate high something people would kill each other for if they knew existed. Compared to the likes of my old worlds hard drugs it paled in comparison by a ton it was like comparing dirt to the fortunes in the mountains.

Realizing I was standing still for like about a couple minutes I realized my father stood in front of me and we were staring at each other the whole time.

He turned to his left facing away from me and looked onto the direction of the sun. "..Son if being a shinobi and surpassing Madara is what you want, with your dedication you could get it. I don't know how you ran that far for that long without stopping but you have something within you I feel it shaking tremendously like if it's high on adrenaline. If only as a father I could secure you and Itachi's future better but with what's going on in the leaf leaves great uncertainty that I feel could destroy us all... I have the utmost faith in you.." he was beyond serious, tears clouded his eyes but he threatened them not to come out, strengthening his resolve he faced me squatted to my height and tapped my forehead.

I felt extremely drowsy and collapsed, fainting as the remnants disappeared extinguishing the adrenaline as the effects of running like that kicked in. As I fell Fugaku positioned his back where I fell on top of it as we headed home.

——— ——— ——— ——— ———

{A/N: The sentimental moments reflect relationships so pay attention to those because they also reflect why the character potentially does something.

W.W.L. The MC balanced his dark and light before he died so when he came to the Naruto verse and having a childhood where he learned more moral views from his parents while his family loves him unconditionally, cannot helps but love them as well so when he says even though I doubt I could change the fact of each and everyone of their deaths I won't try because it's pivotal for plot he's willing to sacrifice people he loves because he knows he doesn't have a chance at a regular family he knew what he was doing when he signed up for being in the position of Sasuke. If he wanted a happy family he would've wished for one.

The MC is still ruthless and cold don't get it misconstrued, that's the whole point of his essential balance of his dark and light he knows when he should be ruthless and he knows cool and kind hearted so he allows people into his heart, if he didn't when the massacre happens he won't get the sharingan lmao so he allows this and happens to love them in the process. The more he loves and something bad happens to the people he loves the stronger his eyes get, it's literally like the whole point.}

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