6 Acquisition 2/2

Chapter 6

Title: Acquisition 2/2

Words: 1730

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'<>' perks & skills, '——' long time skip, '….' short time skip, '~ ~' POV switch, "grr" speech, 'wow' thoughts, 'Training |' section of what is being displayed, 'W.W.L:' what we learned by the ending of chapter.

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As I walked inside I was immediately greeted. "Hi- are you looking for someone?" It was a desk receptionist in the inside front of the library.

"No, I'm here to brighten my horizon with the pieces of literature that reside here. May I gain access or is their any prerequisites?"

Her mouth formed an O, she dropped her pen in shock. "Uchiha-sama if you leave your mouth open for long flies may enter." I warned her.

Realizing her blatant shock she hurriedly shut her mouth and picked up her pen. "Y-your intelligence is astonishing. You don't look older than the age of six but your speech is clear, fluid and precise."

"Your words formulated are backed by an incredible amount of intelligence, so you must know how to at least read, if you're here. MY KAMI you're a little genius!!! If Itachi's the talk of the clan and even the village wait till they get their hands on you oh my! Are you interested in Shinobi arts as well? Or strictly information? She rambled on and on for a seemingly endless amount of time.

"... I'm sorry to cut you off there. I'm aware of your excitement but I really don't have all day, I appreciate the kind words, you must also have great intelligence yourself to read my character that well based off the formulation of my words, I'm the son of the Clan head so it doesn't matter whether I'm interested or not in the Shinobi arts he'll have me become a shinobi or face shun or outcastation."

"So I rather get a head start on life, it isn't about talent or intelligence but how you efficiently spend your time and you're wasting mine. If that's all I'll be goin-" unfortunately I was cut off.

"WAIT! Uhh sorry just hold on, you're free to go little genius but the way you convey your words for your age is on the level of the Daimyo himself, I'll let you go for now because I see you're in a hurry but one day I'll like to share a conversation." She looked as if she was possessed, to have this amount of care for something deemed so trivial was astonishing. 'Like literally she just wasted her breath on this for no reason, that's the astonishing part.'

I continued walking off and gave a no look thumbs up. Really some people don't know when to shut the hell up. I understand your excitement but that took thirty minutes of good reading time and it's almost almost noon. Damn women with their accursed sense of timing.

The library was split into different sections: cooking, shinobi arts, literature, Medicine, and etc. Everything else didn't matter. I was here for the shinobi arts and I already wasted thirty minutes of time.

Heading there it was split into multiple sections again: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu, Shurikenjutsu, Bukijutsu, Fūinjutsu, Human Anatomy, Medical Ninjutsu, Chakra Usage 101, Chakra Control Exercises and more. I went to the Taijutsu section and there were more split off sections.

I saw books on flexibility, the art of battle, defense, offense, the inner workings of battle and the list went on and on with everything tying back to taijutsu. I decided it'll be best if I pick out everything I'm interested in now instead of going back and forth so I picked up a book on how to gain flexibility, one on defense and offense, the inner workings of a battle and more by the time twenty minutes passed I had like about 16 books and scrolls stacked up together in the clasp of my hand.

I dropped them all in the dusty table in front of me and pulled up my seat, I prepared my buttcheeks because we'll definitely be here a while, I decided to exploit my photographic memory by skimming through the pages and due to my intelligence, comprehension and how much detail I was able to draw this worked flawlessly and in forty minutes I went through about 700+ plus pages and images of multiple books and scrolls.

My brain felt kinda heavy after doing that. It was a weird feeling like after what you would expect to be information overload but you just bought 32 gigabytes of more space, so you actually had plenty of room.

I'm happy that I learned all of that COMPLETELY that fast this was very broken. I then spent the rest of the evening acquiring as much info as I could.


As soon as I flipped the final page my brain exhausting kicked in, 'yup this was time to stop, man this feels like the worst hangover ever.'

Without a care in the world I left the mess I made with the last few books I had left on the table and rushed my way home. It looked about three to four ish in the afternoon and I was dead tired. I was sure I had extremely dark bags under my eyes that'll put L to shame.


I made it home without greeting anyone heading straight for my futon, as I entered the house my mother saw my eyes and already could've guessed I had a long day so she didn't give me a hard time about the greeting thing. As soon as I touched the futon I lost all consciousness.

'Man oh man did it feel so good, being in that dark isolated space covered by the warmth of your blanket and the vitality that soothes over every ounce of life in your body, it made everything that bothered your body and mind slowly etch and disappear making it twice as hard to come back.' 'Goodbye mental fatigue hello deep cleansing sensation.'


First light made contact with my skin forcing me awake. I feel into a similar routine as I always do ending up in the shower.

Shower Thoughts |

'Man just in time too, I learned all that Taijutsu related stuff so I won't look idiotic learning something I knew nothing about, now that I knew man I felt ready for whatever this sensei throws at me.'

'I feel like there's still a bunch of things I could learn through my own experience although I'm no expert on Taijutsu. I wasn't a stranger to it anymore. I was adequately informed. I'm sure this will surprise my sensei.'

'Just a weird shower thought but I'm ambidextrous here and I was ambidextrous in my previous life as well, that's weird.'

'Lately I've been feeling 'pure' in a sense. I wonder if it's because the whole family thing like I know my body heals mental discrepancies in the mind as well, but I don't know how much I've changed IMO I've just learned when to act along with limits that's the main difference between me now and before. I need a break from all this, luckily my lessons with Sensei were today.'

I finished bathing, drying and dressing then got out the bathroom. I followed the smell and found myself in the Kitchen.

"Good Morning Sasuke-kun."

"Morning kaa-san." She then passed me a dish of steamed rice, miso soup, a protein such as grilled fish, and various side dishes with a high glass of water.

"How much did you exhaust yourself yesterday? you had pitch black bags underneath your eyes, you were so tired you didn't even greet anyone in the house."

"I read, I read so much but it was all worth it in the end."

"Well I'm glad, what did you read that caught your attention? Something shinobi related huh?"

"You know me well. I then slurped up the miso. "This is delicious kaa-san thanks."

"Your welcome,

your father is getting ready, your sensei should be here soon as well. Hurry up and finish your meal so you could stretch and further prepare for his arrival."

I nodded in approval, my mouth was full so I couldn't speak.

Father eventually made his way to the Kitchen. "Good Morning everyone, Sasuke-kun hurry you're sensei will be here shortly."

"Good Morning." Me and mom synchronized. She then passed father a plate of his own.


'That food really hit the spot' I thought as I completed my Taijutsu stretches I learned about yesterday.

"Sasuke-kun your instructor will be here any moment-"

A knock at the door interrupted what he was going to say, we then walked to the front door and opened it for him.

The most distinguishable trait you saw when you first met this man was his age, he looked 50-60, next was the aura that shrouded him with great experiences, seriousness and that dark sustained feeling.

He stood about 6 foot tall, his body was well toned but heavily scarred, he had light brown eyes with a small pupil, shaggy dark brown hair and hoary gnarled fingers.

"Good Morning, please come inside." My father announced I then spoke up. "Good Morning Sensei."

"Morning." He had a faltering voice with an impactful amount of authority backed behind it. He walked inside and we all made acquaintance, his name was Senju Suraisu meaning slice, he was an Elite Jōnin and according to him he was the best in the village with a Sword. We then headed off into the backyard where my training awaited.

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