Naruto : Pure Blood

This is the story of a boy who gets transmigrated into the body of Naruto when he is on the trip with Jiraiya, the boy gets the chance to meet the god and get some wishes. after meeting the god the boy wishes to be bloodline purification and Gojo's six eyes what to expect -Smart MC -Check -mastering all elements -check -creating flashy jutsus- check -creating kekkei genkai -check -no hiding his true strength -check -lovable characters -check -yandere girlfriend(Hinata)-check -small harem (4-5 members)- check -incest -check -time travel -check -R18 scenes(after 100 chapters) -check - bullying the weak -check -not evil not so good MC -check -killing Danzo in cold blood- check -- -naive mc- not check -trying to help everyone -not check -pushover-not check ----------- the story is slightly slow-paced at the beginning, but after chapter 70 it picks up the pace this will be fun just read it. I know you have read many MLT stories on this site, so just shut off some of your brain cells and read the story, there may be some grammatical mistakes so turn your mind on autocorrect mode and enjoy the story. and no one is allowed to call the romance cringe, I know some of you will find it cringe so bear with it. the story will not be as canon there will be major changes in the story and characters.

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Chapter 57


The relentless rainfall painted a vivid picture of the country hidden in the rain. The constant downpour created a flowing network, with water coursing through the sewers and streets alike.

The perpetually wet environment seemed to suggest that the rain hadn't ceased for an extended period of time, casting a melancholic atmosphere over the landscape.

The architecture of the city was a stark departure from the natural surroundings they had left behind. Tall, futuristic buildings dominated the skyline, giving the city an almost cyberpunk-like aesthetic.

These towering structures formed a unique backdrop, blending modernity with the somber rain-soaked environment.

The mention of the tallest building housing the enigmatic figure known as Pain—the de facto ruler or "GOD" of the country—added an aura of mystery and power to the scene. The imposing presence of Pain in the highest tower symbolized his dominance and control over this rain-drenched realm.

The title of "God" held by Pain was not just a mere appellation but a recognition of his role in liberating the rain country from the oppressive rule of Hanzo.

His actions had earned him the reverence and admiration of the people, who looked up to him as a savior. Pain's intervention had brought an end to the era of Hanzo's rule, a period marked by turmoil and suffering.

Besides Pain, the presence of an "Angel" named Konan added another layer of significance to their leadership. Together, Pain and Konan had emerged as the guiding forces that had quelled the long-standing civil strife that had plagued the rain country for decades.

To prevent further bloodshed and ensure the stability of the rain country, Pain and Konan had taken the radical step of sealing the country off from the outside world. By closing its gates, they aimed to maintain peace and isolate the nation from external conflicts.

This act demonstrated their commitment to safeguarding the well-being of their people, even if it meant sacrificing international interactions.

Owing to the incessant rainfall, all the water funneled into a sprawling circular trench encircling the entire village, forming a barrier that thwarted any attempts at entering.

However, today, an air of peculiarity hung over the country. Amidst the streets of the Rain Village, an incongruous sight unfolded—an amphibian toad was hopping along.

The toad came to a halt within a narrow alleyway. It proceeded to open its mouth, and from within emerged a man, none other than Jiraiya himself. Taking in his surroundings, he found the village utterly captivating.

Water droplets pelted against him, an effect of the constant rainfall.

"The security here is undoubtedly top-notch, which explains why infiltrating this village is so difficult," Jiraiya muttered to himself.

Having eliminated one guard and extracted information through interrogation, he had gained insight into Pain and the Six Paths of Pain. However, the true identities behind these aliases remained a mystery.

His interrogation had revealed that the leader of the village resided within the tallest edifice. With this knowledge in hand, he intended to breach the tower and confront the presumed Akatsuki leader.

He acknowledged that this endeavor wouldn't be straightforward, but the necessity of the task spurred him forward.

Jiraiya embarked on his path toward the tower, skillfully navigating through the shadows to remain undetected.

Progressing with a steady gait, he encountered no hindrances on his route. "Could this be a trap, or is the security around the tower truly so lax?" Jiraiya questioned silently.

His journey had proceeded remarkably smoothly since his entry into the village.

He couldn't suppress a creeping doubt that the situation was deviating from his original expectations. Nevertheless, he held firm to his purpose—to infiltrate the supposed headquarters of the Akatsuki leader.

Jiraiya navigated through the sewers, eventually arriving at the tower's base and making his way inside. Gradually, he began to perceive the distinct chakra signatures of living individuals within the tower.

While not a specialized sensor, decades of battle experience had endowed him with certain tricks of the trade. As he traversed the interior, he noted the conspicuous absence of security personnel within the tower—a detail that raised his suspicions.

After some exploration, he finally arrived at his destination. Before him stood a massive iron gate. He exerted force upon it, and with surprising ease, the gate swung open.

The room was dimly illuminated, allowing Jiraiya to perceive the presence of two living individuals within.

Initially, his attention was drawn to two purple, pupilless eyes adorned with distinct rings. Shock rippled through him as he recognized those eyes.

He had encountered these eyes before, having trained a young individual who possessed them. His mind raced, connecting the dots—three pupils he had mentored were now entangled in the throes of battle.

"Jiraiya-sensei," the man spoke, a hint of nostalgia resonating in his voice. As Jiraiya focused on the figure before him, the previously dim room seemed to illuminate with clarity.

Standing there was a vibrant red-haired man, radiating energy and vitality. His chakra levels surged beyond measure, surpassing anyone Jiraiya had come across.

The man reclined in a chair, one leg casually draped over the other. By his side stood a woman with azure hair. Swiftly, recognition dawned—these were his former students.

"Nagato, Konan," he addressed them. A whirlwind of emotions churned within Jiraiya's heart.

A mixture of happiness surged within him, knowing that his students were alive, yet sadness overshadowed it as he realized they were now the leaders of the Akatsuki, adversaries he had to face.

"You remember us, we thought you have forgotten about us, sensei," this time the girl spoke to him.

Jiraiya regarded them, his gaze shifting to survey the room where six motionless figures were positioned. Unbeknownst to Jiraiya, these were the six paths of Pain.

"I do remember you," he paused for a moment, "so, you're the leader of the Akatsuki," he questioned Nagato.

"Yes, Jiraiya-sensei, you're accurate in your assessment. I am indeed the leader of the Akatsuki," he replied in a straightforward manner.

"Why are you doing this, Nagato? You're sowing chaos throughout the world," Jiraiya's voice rose in frustration.

"This is for the sake of peace, Jiraiya-sensei," Nagato calmly retorted.

"Peace, you claim? This isn't peace; you're jeopardizing the entire world," Jiraiya countered, his voice laced with anger.

"The people never truly understand peace until they know pain," Nagato stated. He possessed his own motivations for traversing this path.

Life had imparted numerous lessons, with the most significant being the loss of his closest friend. Yahiko had harbored a dream—to achieve peace.

Yet, the world's cruelty had shown no mercy to the weak. Konoha's ninjas had extinguished Yahiko's life and his aspirations. Nagato now carried his friend's dream as his own burden.

The instrument of mass destruction became his objective. With such power, he believed that instilling fear in others would pave the way for genuine peace.

"Stand with me, Jiraiya-sensei. We can together forge a new era of peace... haven't you often expressed your longing for it?" Nagato entreated.

"No, you're taking the wrong path. True peace cannot be birthed through such means," Jiraiya retorted.

"So what are you going to now," Nagato asked him.

"I have to stop you before you commit any more crimes," Jiraya said to him, hearing him Nagato laughed.

"Crime, you call it? I view things quite differently. It's my goal that holds significance. If you intend to obstruct my journey towards that goal, then you'll have to perish, sensei," Nagato stated matter-of-factly. To him, his objective was all that mattered. The concepts of right or wrong held no sway in his perspective.

Hearing his words, Jiraiya understood that there was no alternative—fighting was inevitable. He braced himself, preparing for the confrontation. Gradually, a Rasengan began to take form in his hand.

Nagato rose from his chair, unaffected by the leg injuries that had once plagued him.

The integration of Naruto's cells into his own body had wrought a miraculous transformation. All the injuries that had once burdened him had vanished.

His life force, previously siphoned by the Gedo Statue, was now fully replenished.

The integration process had first purified his Uzumaki bloodline before seamlessly assimilating Naruto's cells.

As a result, he wielded perfect control over his Rinnegan, which now no longer consumed his chakra. The Rinnegan had unreservedly embraced Nagato as its true master.

Moreover, the purification of his bloodline alongside the infusion of Naruto's cells had endowed him with prodigious chakra reserves and an abundance of life force.

With the passage of time, his chakra reservoirs continued to expand. Collectively, he now stood as the most formidable presence across the Elemental Nations, empowered by his mighty Rinnegan.

Nagato turned his gaze towards Jiraiya, extending his hand with his palm aimed at him. Uttering a solitary phrase,

"Shinra Tensei,"

a tremendous gravitational force surged forth, propelling Jiraiya out of the tower. The impact obliterated everything in its path, a substantial portion of the tower vanishing instantaneously.

Jiraiya was catapulted through the air akin to a rocket, obliterating walls along his trajectory.

His body endured crushing impact upon impact, until finally colliding with the ground with devastating force. Numerous bones were broken upon impact, and he lay amidst a pile of debris.

The sheer force of the collision resulted in the creation of a sizable crater where he had fallen. It was evident that the gravitational force had been focused solely on Jiraiya, sparing the village from its impact, which could have easily leveled it.

Banshō Ten'in

Nagato spoke, and in response, an overwhelming force seized hold of Jiraiya's body. Despite his efforts to resist, the stones behind him succumbed to the pull, striking his form due to the inexorable gravitational attraction.

Jiraiya was lifted into the air, hurtling towards Nagato at a breathtaking velocity, his control over his body utterly stripped away.

Amidst collisions with numerous stones, he eventually halted in front of Nagato. Blood flowed from his mouth, the aftermath of extensive internal injuries and nearly every bone in his body fractured.

His body was further plagued by internal bleeding. Suspended in the air, Jiraiya gazed at Nagato, who extended his left hand. From Nagato's hand, black chakra rods began to emerge.

Jiraiya experienced excruciating pain coursing through his entire body as he became impaled by an array of chakra rods, a multitude of them piercing him with lethal intent. The agony was unbearable, and it was evident that his life was swiftly ebbing away.

Nagato directed his gaze towards his former sensei, observing the life fading from his eyes. With his final words,

" "Shinra Tensei," "

Nagato exerted an immense force. Jiraiya was forcefully propelled through the air, his trajectory marked by collisions with numerous buildings along the way.

Eventually, he crashed into the village's protective wall, shattering it upon impact, before plunging into the depths of the water that surrounded the village.

A legendary Sannin had met his demise at the hands of his own student.

Nagato and Konan turned their gazes toward the path that Jiraiya's trajectory had carved through the buildings. "Was it necessary?" Konan addressed Nagato with a somber tone.

"Yes, he stood in my path. I had no choice," Nagato replied to his companion. She merely nodded in response.


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