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Chapter 81~ Poor Lee and Crual Naruto.


Alternative Title~ bullying the weak for fun Part 3




As Naruto and Hinata walked hand in hand through the lush forest, the dappled sunlight filtered through the leaves overhead, creating a warm, speckled pattern on the forest floor.

They chatted happily, their voices blending with the rustling of leaves and the occasional bird's song.


Hinata's cheeks glowed with a rosy hue, her eyes sparkling with delight as she enjoyed this intimate moment with Naruto.


"Are we going to kill him?" she asked him.

"Yes, we will kill him, but not now," he said to her.

"Why not?" she asked, confused.

"I have received the memories from my clone that Tsunade is looking for me, and it's quite important," he said.


A few hours had passed since Naruto had received the memories of that arrogant Punk (clone) lurking in Konoha.

Through him, Naruto knew that Tsunade was looking for Him and it is an S-rank Mission.

Naruto didn't find this mission to be a problem. He had already completed his training, and he knew that there was no one in the entire Elemental Nation who could match his strength.

As he contemplated the mission, Naruto couldn't help but feel a sense of nostalgia. It had been a while since he'd on a mission, and he had almost forgotten the unique sensation of living among those less powerful than himself.


This mission was the perfect opportunity for him.

From Tsunade's words, he knew that the mission would take place in the Land of Demons.

Naruto had heard the name before, but he knew very little about it.

This mission had come unexpectedly, and it was precisely what he wanted—a break from his training. The concept of space-time had become exhausting for him.


"So, are you going on the mission?" Hinata asked him.

"Yes, are you coming with me?" he asked her.

"No, I will be practicing for a while before we kill that Otsutsuki," she replied to him.

"Hmm," Naruto nodded in understanding. He grasped her reasoning—she didn't want to make any mistakes that could endanger their lives.


Her reasoning to gain power was clear: to protect him from any danger, stand side by side with him, and be with him.

This simple goal drove her to go to any length, even if it meant taking on an Otsutsuki member. After all, Naruto meant everything to her.

Naruto completely understood her, knowing that she was doing all of this for his sake.


"Okay, you can practice," Naruto said to her.

Hinata opened a portal, but before leaving, she approached him, wrapped her hands around his neck, and kissed him.

"Hmmm," she nodded in satisfaction and entered the portal.

"Bye, Naruto-Kun. I hope you will have fun on your mission," she said as the portal closed.

Naruto touched his lips with his thumb, feeling a sweet sensation. "This girl..." he said with a smile.


Naruto disappeared without a trace and reappeared high above Konoha.

He gazed down upon his creation, the Konoha he had crafted with his own hands.


Naruto hovered over Konoha, utilizing the concept of infinity. Infinity, or space, was everywhere, allowing him to stand suspended in space, defying gravity.


With the concept of infinity, positive and negative numbers, he could teleport anywhere, without limitations.

Naruto employed the concept of negative numbers upon himself, while simultaneously bringing forth the positive numbers in the desired location of his teleportation.

These interplay of negative and positive numbers generated an attractive force, effectively forming a wormhole in space. Through this process, Naruto could transition from a negative point to a positive one, enabling his teleportation.

This was the mechanism behind his genuine teleportation ability.


Naruto gazed at the Hokage's office, where Tsunade was assembling the village's finest ninjas. In the office, Neji, Lee, Sakura, Yamato, and Might Guy were already present, and he was the only one missing.

Without hesitation, he vanished from his current location and reappeared in the Hokage's office.


Upon his arrival, they all became alert, but their tension dissipated as soon as they recognized Naruto. However, in truth, they couldn't even sense him when he appeared.

"Naruto, you arrived just in time. The meeting was about to commence," Tsunade said to him before addressing the rest of the group.


However, their attention was quickly drawn to the nine black orbs hovering behind Naruto.

Puzzled, they couldn't discern their nature and couldn't sense any chakra emanating from them.


Curiosity got the better of them. "What are these?" Lee asked, unable to contain his Curiosity.


Naruto looked at Lee with a smile on his face. "These balls are called Truth-Seeking Balls," he replied to him.

Tsunade, her eyes fixed on Naruto, asked, "What are these?"

"These balls are incredibly powerful, very powerful indeed," Naruto explained.

"They're a mix of all seven chakra elements. If you want to create them, all you have to do is mix an equal amount of chakra from all the elements, and boom, you have these babies." He chuckled softly, knowing it was impossible for anyone to create these balls.


First, you had to master all the elements above 75% and mix them in equal quantities, an achievement nearly unattainable. Naruto wanted to give them hope, only to crush it the next moment.


"Are you kidding me..." Tsunade thought to herself. She understood that Naruto was toying with them.

However, Lee was different. He didn't quite grasp what Naruto meant. For one, Lee didn't possess normal chakra; he could only use it when opening his inner gates.

Secondly, not everyone present was familiar with the concept of yin and yang.


"Amazing! You're so cool, Naruto!" Lee exclaimed in excitement.

Naruto smiled and waved his hand. A Truth-Seeking Ball materialized in front of Lee and gently fell to the ground.

"If you can lift it from the ground, you can have this one," Naruto said, pointing at the ball resting on the ground before Lee.

"Really?" Lee responded with excitement. He crouched down and extended his hand, eager to pick up the ball.


To his surprise, the ball remained immobile. Lee exerted all his strength, attempting to lift it, but it didn't budge.

His pride was at stake. He couldn't even lift a ball. How would he ever face anyone again?

"First gate, open!" Lee yelled, yet the outcome remained unchanged.

"Second gate, open!" he cried out, but his efforts were in vain.

"Third Gate, open!"

"Fourth Gate, open!"

"Fifth gate, open!" Lee shouted, channeling all his power, but the ball still lay on the floor, unmoved.

The ground around Lee shattered, his hair stood on end, and his eyes turned white.

He poured every ounce of his power into the effort, but that stubborn ball remained resolutely unmoved.


He started to build up the power in order to open the next gate but at this time.

"Stop it Lee you will hurt yourself," Guy sensei put his hand on Lee's shoulder and calmed him down.


Lee was ashamed that he couldn't even lift a ball.


Naruto looked at him mused, he waved his hand and the ball lifted from the ground and appeared in his palm.

"Look Lee you couldn't even lift a ball," Naruto said to him while playing with the black ball in his hand.

Lee lowered his head.


"Don't tell me this is your true power, Lee," Naruto remarked with a smirk, his words carrying a sharp sting. "You know, you're quite weak."

Lee's eyes welled up with tears. He had trained tirelessly, day and night, fully aware that he couldn't rely on Ninjutsu. His dedication to Taijutsu was unwavering, but now it seemed all for naught. His dream of surpassing natural talent with hard work had been shattered.

Naruto's words pierced his heart, but Naruto wasn't finished.


"Lee... Lee, I thought you wanted to become the greatest Taijutsu user," Naruto taunted, his tone mocking and cruel. "But look at where your power stands now... Pathetic."


Lee remained silent, tears streaming down his face as his cherished dream crumbled before him. Naruto's cutting words felt like icy arrows, piercing through the very heart of his aspirations.

"Naruto that's enough.."Tsunade intervened, putting an end to Naruto's hurtful comments. She recognized that Naruto was simply having fun at Lee's expense.


"But I'm only speaking the truth," Naruto insisted to Tsunade, continuing to wound Lee with his words.

"With his current power level, he'd be nothing more than cannon fodder in the upcoming war."

Lee's heart ached at Naruto's words. He wondered if all his relentless effort had been in vain.

Observing the pitiful sight of Lee, tears streaming down his face like a child, Naruto approached him and gently rested a hand on his shoulder. Their eyes locked.


Lee couldn't help but startle when he gazed into Naruto's eyes; they resembled a crimson nebula, appearing eternal and boundless.


"Look, Lee," Naruto began, his voice steady and filled with an air of wisdom, "with your current power level, you might seem like mere cannon fodder. I didn't lie to you. However, you have the potential to become truly powerful."

A glimmer of hope ignited in Lee's eyes.

"Really..." he inquired with a hint of excitement as if his shattered dream might still have a chance to flourish.


"Yes... when you become powerful enough to lift these Black Balls, I'll gift you one," Naruto reassured him, his words like a soothing balm for Lee's heart. "One of these Balls has the potential to obliterate a mountain with a single strike."

For Naruto people like Lee were very easy to manipulate, Lee was of a simple mind, and Naruto's blunt words and the stark reality of his own power had made Lee vulnerable and easily swayed.

Naruto was done with his fun, in reality, he helped Lee. now the boy will work hard in the future. And maybe he will not die in the war.

Naruto didn't hold any emotional attachment or any ill intentions to Lee, that's why he didn't destroy the frail heart of little Lee.


Determination gleamed in Lee's eyes. He was resolved to work harder than ever before.

Guy Sensei observed Lee's determination but remained silent. Dark circles marred the skin beneath his eyes, a testament to the sleepless nights he had endured. How could he sleep when his best friend, Kakashi, was no longer in this world? His rival had departed, leaving a void that couldn't be filled.

Naruto's gaze shifted to Guy, but he chose to remain silent. What could he possibly say to a man with whom he had no meaningful connection?

Naruto turned his attention to Tsunade. "Now, tell us about the mission," he inquired with a faint smile. Despite being the strongest, he also sought to have Fun.



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