7 #7 The Academy(3)

Two weeks have passed since the time I helped Kushina

Now every time I see her in the courtyard, I go and talk with her a little bit

Sometimes I ask her if she wants to eat ramen with me, in the beginning, she was shy, but now

she is the opposite.

Today is a crucial day I will try to talk to her about FuinJutsu,

I was already eating in the courtyard when I saw Kushina rushing towards me

I looked at her and just sat there eating waiting for her to speak

"Hey, Jin What are you doing?"

"I'm eating cant, you see."

"Hahaha yeah, sorry I wanted to ask you what you were going to do today."

"Today, I think I will go and study at the library."

"What, but you are already top of your class cant we go out and have some fun?"

"There is a difficult topic that I want to study today, so sorry, but I can't."

"A difficult topic I didn't think that there was a topic that is difficult for you, what is it?"

"It's Fuinjutsu. I still can't find a good book about it."

When I told her that it was Fuinjutsu, she grabbed my hand and, with an excited expression,

said."I can teach you!!"

And she started explaining the clan she came from and that her village was skilled in


I listened to her for a while and replied: "If you want to teach me, I would be thrilled."

When I said that she smiled very happily and said that we were going now to the library to study,

while she was talking I saw Minato looking at us I just smiled and nodded to him it seems that he still liked Kushina.

So like that, I spent my days training because I wanted to graduate in a year and a half.

My body was already at High-Chunin, and it wasn't advancing, so the only thing I could do for now was waiting for my body to grow.

My Chakra and Chakra control were Low-Jounin,

My Chakra wasn't Growing because my body hit the limit, but I could still train Chakra Control.

And My various Jutsus.

Legally I am still an Academy student, so I only have access to genin level Jutsus. I guess I will learn a few of them just because I don't have anything else to do.

These past days I was trying to learn the Rasengan and the Chidori,

The Rasengan Because it is an A-Rank Technique and will help with my chakra control

And The Chidori Suits Me, and it has a lot of variables that can be useful in combat; Maybe I will try to learn some Kenjutsu; it goes well with my lightning affinity.

These last few days, I have been thinking that I want a Byakugan. I already have a plan on how to obtain one of the main branches, but I will have to wait for it, and I will need to develop my knowledge about Fuingutsu if I want my plan to succeed.

This year Minato will Graduate. I still don't know what to do with him.

I will have to talk to him about Kushina she is not my type I will leave her to him after she has taught me the things I need and if Naruto isn't born I will have to

Search for the new reincarnation of Asura; it's not convenient.

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