Naruto: Pokemon Card System

A young boy named Varen gets transmigrated into the world of Naruto. In this world, even the weakest of the ninjas can kill hundreds of civilians. Fortunately, he awakened the Pokemon Card Drawing system. It is a system that consumes plot points for lottery draws. The prizes are four types of Pokémon cards, special rewards, daily necessities, and abilities in the Naruto world. Special rewards are special. The pokemons in the card can be given to others, effectively making them Pokemon Jinchuriki's Let's see how Varen changes the entire Ninja world. ......................................................... Read 20+ advanced chapters of all my fics on my Ko-Fi account: https://ko-fi.com/voidruler9

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Chapter 4: Rinnegan! Lucky Draw! 

"This is the headquarters of Pokémon Pavilion," Varen said expressionlessly. "I am the master of the Pokémon Pavilion. You can call me, Holy Lord."

"Holy Lord?" Rin had a lot of doubts in her eyes. However, just as she was about to ask, she was interrupted by Varen.

"You were resurrected by me. At the same time, you should also feel a restrictive force coming from your soul. The source of this power is me. I can use this power to influence your life or death. Even if you commit suicide, I can resurrect you again. Therefore, you must join my organization. You have no choice."

Nohara Rin trembled when she heard this. She felt very frightened. The young man in front of her gave her too much pressure. Besides, raising your hand brings people back to life, turning back your hand makes people die... This is simply not something humans can do!

"Certainly. If you obey and complete the tasks well, I will give you power beyond the Hokage and relative freedom. You can feel your own power. Are you much stronger than before you died?"

Nohara Rin subconsciously sensed her own strength. It turned out that it was indeed much stronger than before. In the past, she was just a newbie who had just become a Chūnin. But now, she finds that her strength has reached Jōnin's level. The reason for such a big improvement is mainly because the Phoenix King's resurrection skill has the effect of improving strength.

"I've really become a lot stronger... If I had such strength back then, Obito... Obito wouldn't have died either... Huh? My clothes?" Suddenly, Nohara Rin realized something. She quickly looked at her clothes. It was a very beautiful black dress. But!

"Where did you get these clothes? How did it get on me?" Nohara Rin suddenly thought of something, and her face suddenly turned red. Then she looked at Varen with shame and annoyance. Varen naturally knew what this look meant. But he is very good at playing dumb.

"Your friends, Uchiha Obito and Hatake Kakashi are still alive. The organization knows all the secrets in the world. As long as you are obedient and complete the organization's mission, you can get everything you want."

"Obito is still alive?!" Rin's mind was filled with such words at the moment. Her eyes were filled with disbelief.

"This world is far more complex than you think. After you think it through, just call my name out loud." After Varen said this, he suddenly disappeared into the attic of the bookstore. At the same time, in order to prevent Rin from running around, he directly used his invincible power to seal the attic.

"It would be great if I had such power outside," Varen sighed. He is currently invincible only in this bookstore.

"Lottery draw! I hope I can get something good this time!" Thinking like this, Varen began to draw prizes.

[Congratulations on drawing the Charmander (Bronze) card!]

[Congratulations on drawing the Squirtle (Bronze) card!]

[Congratulations on winning a box of Master Kong Braised Beef Noodles!]

[Congratulations on drawing a Chakra permanent increase pill (0.1%)!]

[Congratulations on drawing the Pikachu (Diamond) card!]

Varen, who was a little tired from the throbbing, suddenly became excited and energetic. "I really got a diamond card?" Varen quickly opened his backpack and checked it. After a while, he found the diamond card!

[Pikachu (Diamond): After use, you can get Pikachu Fairy and become Pikachu Jinchūriki. Special effects: All attacks have lightning attributes, and all lightning attribute attacks have a paralysis effect. Skill: One Hundred Thousand Volts (releases a powerful bolt of lightning). Increase: Greatly increase the total amount of Chakra, greatly increase Chakra control ability, and greatly increase physical strength. Nearby matching characters: Uchiha Sasuke, Hyūga Hinata]

"But who is this card for?" Varen only hesitated for a moment before deciding who to give the card to.

"The decision is Hinata!" Varen put the card away with a smile. Then he continued with the draw.

[Congratulations on drawing the Bulbasaur (Bronze) card!]

[Congratulations on drawing Rinnegan!]

"Um? Rinnegan?" Varen, who was drawing a lottery, was stunned. Then came the joy.

"My luck is really good today! Two good things came out. That luck buff that was released not long ago is really good!" Varen sighed. Then Rinnegan was used directly. Subsequently, he felt his eyes sting. At the same time, he also felt that he had become much stronger. Varen was so excited that he quickly took out a small mirror. He looked at his eyes in the mirror. They were a pair of Purple Magatama Rinnegan. And it's a Rinnegan that can be turned off and on on its own!

"Really not bad!" Varen smiled and continued to draw the lottery.

[Congratulations on drawing the Eevee (Silver) card!]

[Congratulations on drawing the Tathagata Divine Palm (god-level enhanced version) one-time special prop!]

"Huh?" Varen was delighted and surprised. "Today is really a good day. Got so many good things at once." He took a cursory look at the new prop. He found it a bit tasteless because this Tathagata Palm is like a magic scroll. It's a disposable prop. So, he continued to draw. After a lot of drawings, nothing valuable came out. However, Varen is already very satisfied. The harvest was quite good today.

"It's almost time to synthesize a diamond card. Let me create a wave and see!" Varen opened the system interface and began to synthesize cards.


Along with the sounds synthesized by cards, countless cards disappeared one after another, turning into a new card shining with diamond light!

[Celebi (Diamond): After using it, you can get the Celebi Spirit and become Celebi Jinchūriki. Special effect: Self-regeneration, no matter how severe the injury is, you can quickly heal yourself. Skill: Time travel (can go back to any moment in the past 24 hours at any time). Increase: Greatly increase the total amount of Chakra, greatly increase Chakra control ability, and greatly increase physical strength. Nearby matching characters: Nohara Rin]

"This ability... Very strong!"