18 Chapter 18: Hunt Melody: The Resonance of Sage Mode

Naruto had been in that literary environment for several hours. Surrounded by a forest of books, his attention was focused not only on reading but also on understanding the art of the Fire God.

However, he was only in the early stages of this learning. He was still far from mastering this art with the same intensity and power he held in the Wind God's art.

To his surprise, he discovered that most of the books on the shelves had been written or rewritten by his own parents, Kushina and Minato. They had left traces of their minds and souls on those pages, immortalizing their ideas and knowledge.

Among the stacked volumes, Naruto finally came across the book he had longed for: the Flying Thunder God Technique. This was not a mere record of the technique, but a compilation enriched with the experiences and insights of his father, Minato.

The work brought several points and ideas that Minato used when employing this technique, recorded in a meticulous manner. With each page turned, Naruto felt as if he were participating in a direct conversation with his father, learning directly from his words and thoughts.

The Flying Thunder God Technique was an S-class technique, one of the most difficult to master. Naruto dedicated a large purple orb and five common purple orbs just to acquire a basic understanding of this technique.

Of course, the theory would only take him so far. He needed to practice, experience the technique in action, and deepen his understanding.

There is a continuation to this knowledge, a second volume entitled "Flying Thunder God: Level 2." Naruto also assimilated the basic notions of this technique.

It was already late at night when he concluded this stage of his study.

Next to one of the books, a kunai lay. Upon inspecting it more closely, Naruto recognized the seal engraved on the blade - it was the marking seal necessary to use the Flying Thunder God Technique.

Naruto picked up the kunai firmly. The sound of his fingers squeezing the weapon's hilt echoed through the silent room, filled only with books and the faint glow of the moon that seeped through the window.

One of the shadow clones, watching the scene, placed his hand on Naruto's shoulder and shook his head in a silent gesture of understanding. In response, Naruto let out a deep sigh. His shoulders relaxed and the grip on the kunai loosened.

"It's time for me to enter the hunting dimension..." Naruto muttered to himself, his mind returning to the present. He noticed that darkness had already settled outside, bringing the promise of the night.

Leaving his shadow clones behind, he ascended to the second floor of the house, where he would prepare for the dimensional transition. He had already tested and confirmed that even when he entered the hunting dimension, his shadow clones remained intact in the real world.

Remarkably, Naruto remained in Sage Mode. He intended to enter the hunting dimension still in this state.

If Naruto's hypothesis was confirmed, he would be able to transit to the hunting dimension still in Sage Mode, allowing him to use his amplified powers in that alternate reality. If this were really possible, he would have discovered another way to maximize his abilities in the hunting dimension.

"I'm going to defeat the boss of the first map today," Naruto announced with determination before lying down on the bed that once belonged to his parents.

There was a room on the second floor that was supposed to be his, but the only piece of furniture in it was a small crib, totally inadequate for a teenager. Besides, there was a comforting and inexplicable feeling when sleeping in the room his parents once shared. It was as if he could somehow feel their presence there.

Initially, Naruto thought about sealing the kunai left by his father in his arm, but fearing losing such a precious object, he opted for a different path. He created two identical replicas of the kunai and sealed one in each of his arms, keeping the original item safe.

Finalizing all preparations, Naruto closed his eyes, keeping the Sage Mode active as he settled into the bed. When he reopened them, he found himself in the familiar green landscape.

"It worked!" Naruto exclaimed, realizing that he managed to stay in Sage Mode without being affected by the abundant energy of the environment, which would normally turn him into a toad. It was a bold bet, but it was a risk he believed was worth taking.

Using the Mind's Eye of Kagura, combined with the enhanced perception of Sage Mode, Naruto was able to sense the presence of all living beings around him.

With a quick hand movement, he created five shadow clones. Each of these clones was also in Sage Mode, further enhancing his perception and attack capabilities.

Marching forward, Naruto used his heightened perception to find and face the creatures of the dimension. At first, he only encountered harmless rabbits, but as he progressed, he came across a 1.5-meter-tall green wolf.

Naruto fixed his gaze on the creature, almost the size of a human when on all fours, and much larger if it stood on two legs. In his fist, a small Rasengan formed, floating like a concentrated energy sphere.


Sensing Naruto's presence, the green wolf let out a fierce roar and charged in his direction.

With a disdainful snort, Naruto disappeared, only to reappear in front of the beast.



Although it was a small Rasengan, its latent power was enough to pin the wolf to the ground, creating a hole in its head and leaving it with no time to react or even scream.

The green wolf was quickly turned into dust, leaving behind four deep red light orbs, two pistachio-sized purple orbs, and one elemental wind divine art orb.

Collecting the orbs, Naruto continued his journey, advancing through the dimension.

At this point, Naruto's shadow clones dispersed, moving in different directions.

Unexpectedly, a soft melody begins to resonate in the environment. It was Naruto, who, despite the dangerous situation, found space to hum a song, adding a note of lightness to a tense scenario.

"In the wild lands, where flames dance free,

I seek a challenge, a test for my spree,

A red flaming lion, eyes that burn bright,

Four meters tall, a majestic sight.


Oh, Red Flaming Lion, with your fiery mane,

Blood jade horn, a symbol of your reign,

In the Fire Tree where the fire rune lies,

Knowledge of Fire, the ultimate prize.

(Verse 2)

Strong and robust, your body burns like a flame,

Dense fiery fur, in this wild game,

A 30 centimeters horn atop your head,

In the path of fire, it's you I must tread.


Oh, Red Flaming Lion, with your fiery glow,

In this dance of flames, it's you I must overthrow,

From the Fire Tree, the fire rune I shall claim,

In the saga of fire, I'll etch my name~~"

As the gentle melody flowed from him, his effectiveness in eliminating the beasts that crossed his path noticeably increased. It was as if the music was acting as a stimulus, driving his performance and motivation, making him even more agile and focused on the task at hand. Each note that emerged seemed to create an echo of power that resonated, enhancing his determination in the fight against the beasts.


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