1 Chapter 1 In The Wrong Place

"Dog system, why did you still not have the guts to talk to me? It's been ten years since you left me here, and you say you will take me to another world, so why didn't you bring me to Konoha? Who doesn't know that in Naruto World, Konoha is the center of this world, and the most important thing is that there are so many Konoha's girls! Although it seems to be okay now, at least, I don't worry about being dismembered!"

Shinobi World, the Land of Earth, Iwagakure, in a barren land outside the village, a young man is sitting on a rock while cursing and complaining. This teenager's name is Asahi, he was originally a programmer, typing code all day long, and the money he obtained is only enough to make ends meet, but he then ushered in an opportunity to travel to another world.

At the time when he's typing code, his computer was electrocuted because of a power leak, and then he traveled to the Naruto World. This was originally a good thing. As an Otaku, isn't it a dream come true to travel to Anime World? But after knowing where he traveled to, his heart turned cold.

The most basic thing about traveling to Naruto World is to be in Konoha, and obtained some blood of the Uchiha Clan, and even if his luck is bad, he should still get some Byakugan, and then rely on his eyes to eat. After all, this is the world where eyes are the most important.

In the end, he wasn't sent to Konoha, but instead came as Iwagakure, a village with small screen time and few named figures. In fact, to be honest, he doesn't care about those bloodlines, but about those girls.

Although other villages are okay, but there is not much space to talk about the girls, especially Iwagakure. And in terms of strength, although this dog system took him to Iwagakure, it still gave him a good, but very painful novice welfare.

This system called the ability lottery system, is very simple compared to those bizarre systems. It is lottery, lottery ability. Anything can be drawn as long as it is from the Myriad Realms, everything can be drawn, and it does not need him to do anything. He just needs to perfect his drawn ability, and after that, he can draw abilities again.

Although his face was very dark when he crossed to this world, but after he crossed, his face turned red with excitement, as he got a super powerful ability from the lottery. However, this ability has both advantages and disadvantages.

This ability originated from the world of the Seven Deadly Sins, the grace of the four great Angels, Mael, the Sunshine, and later became power of the Sin of Pride from the Seven Deadly Sins, Escanor. Is Sunshine strong? It's strong, very strong, that's why Asahi is very excited.

As long as it is not at night, during the day, whether it is cloudy or rainy, as long as it is daytime and the sun hangs in the sky, then Sunshine will allow him to continue to grow stronger.

At night, like Escanor, he would become a waste, and this ability also requires continuous training to master. It is according to the percentage calculation, and based on the degree of mastery, which determine how much power can be mastered during the day and night.

As he would become a waste at night, Asahi would not appear outside the village. Only his soul come here, so he was born as a baby. Ten years ago, he was just born and the system didn't start yet.

But at the age of five, the problem came. After crossing to this world, his mother has died when she gives birth to him, and his father died during the mission when he's five years old, giving him the perfect 'orphan template'.

When he first came into contact with Chakra, his system awakened and he draw Sunshine from the lottery. Sunshine erupted that day, and over time, it began to change him wildly.

At night, he is just a normal person, but in the morning, when the sun just rises, his body begins to change wildly, his muscles start to grow wildly, and his strength also grows wildly. It can be said that he is getting stronger every second.

At that time, his situation was recognized as a special kind of Kekkei Genkai, but Asahi knew his super cheat had just arrived.

When the sun just rose, he could still control his power. After eight or nine o'clock, the skyrocketing strength made him completely unable to hold back. By ten o'clock, the terrifying temperature coming from him would sweep the surroundings.

At eleven o'clock, the ground was almost scorched by the terrifying high temperature coming from him. After that, the change is not in hour, but in minutes. And when it was twelve o'clock at noon, in that minute, his state has entered the level of destroying the world.

If it hadn't been for a large number of Shinobi using Earth Release to forcibly resist, and the Tsuchikage, Onoki also ran over here, it is estimated that the aftermath would have burned half of the village. The situation at that time scared everyone.

Then, Onoki directly issued an order to seal this matter a very top secret, and that night, Asahi was transferred to the outside of the village, and Onoki also followed him in order to find out about Asahi's situation. After a week of observation, Onoki almost got Asahi's situation right.

When it was the minutes of noon, Onoki was in a very embarrassing state. In that minute, even if Asahi didn't do anything, just him standing in place gave Onoki a sense of horror.

Therefore, Asahi was very logically isolated from the others, and lived outside the village, surrounded by many people from Iwagakure's Anbu, not to monitor him, but to protect him.

Although Onoki doesn't know Asahi's situation, in Iwagakure, they are one big family. What he says is what he says, and it is not as dark as Konoha, but Onoki is also very shrewd, and he also wondered if Asahi would be able to master this power for himself. With this power, wouldn't Iwagakure be able to crush the whole Shinobi World? It happened that Iwagakure has deficiency in talent, and just as he was panicked about the next generation, he finally had a good seedling, so how could he be persecuted?

So Onoki changed his mind and became Asahi's teacher. Of course, Asahi agreed to it. After all, it is better to have a backer than having none.

In the past few years, spies from other villages have also come to investigate Asahi, but the results are self-evident and they are all dead.

Kumogakure's spies is the first one to succeed. They managed to sneak into the vicinity of Asahi, and they took advantage of the night to kidnap Asahi. They planned to take Asahi back to study his secrets, but they did not know about the news being sealed by Onoki, so after dawn, they became ashes directly.

Over the years, the spies from the other villages have never given up on investigating the situation here, and the news about them has never been passed on, as this place is completely isolated from other civilians and Shinobi, and only Anbu people are here.

Those spies have no way to infiltrate the Anbu, and what they can do is to kidnap Asahi directly, but one day is not enough for them to return to their village, and even if they return to the village, what can they do? After dawn the next day, Asahi would go from being a weakling to being a monster.

He would turn the others into ashes instantly, and then Asahi will slowly come back by himself.

After the first time with Kumogakure, even Anbu got used to it as time went by. They were eager to see how many spies would die. The spies in other villages were not unlimited, so after a slow investigation to no avail, they also just gave up.

Asahi is also used to it. Anyway, he will be invincible in daytime. So when these spies come over, they can do nothing but send themselves to death.

(T/N: The Main Character name is Jin Yang, which can mean golden sun. As it is a Chinese name, I wanted to change it to Japanese name. However, I don't know the best way to make his name means golden sun, so I named him Asahi, which means Morning Sun/ Rising Sun.)

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