Naruto: No one knows that I can use Wood Release! Book

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Naruto: No one knows that I can use Wood Release!


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Araki unexpectedly crossed over to the world of Naruto and became an unknown child in Konoha Village. He had no prestigious clan background, no assistance system, but he had obtained a Bloodline Limit of Wood Release that he couldn't control. In order to survive in the cruel ninja world filled with slaughter and pain, he diligently trained his body, accumulated chakra, and quietly developed himself. Before he had enough strength, he would never expose his Wood Release talent, fearing being treated as an experimental subject for research, just the thought of Orochimaru's eyes sent chills down his spine. He thought he could practice peacefully and fully master Wood Release before revealing himself to the world. However, just before graduating from the ninja academy, he unexpectedly encountered a troublesome roommate... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 chapter per day For Advance 40 chapters:- patreon.com/Novel782