Naruto: Ninja for Hire

When the hidden leaf village won't let you join the academy why not go in to business for yourself? I know there will be spelling mistakes and I apologise if there are any timeline inaccuracies but nobody is perfect. Also updates might be irregular as I do have to actually work and have a life haha sorry, not sorry.

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Chapter 9: Hokage

I spent the rest of the week training. Using my theory I had started to condense my chakra and continue to train my body, however, my stats hadn't moved yet. I had also tried to use Water Severing wave jutsu I acquired, the 30% water element affinity helped a lot but after my first try I was once again drained of most my chakra, the jutsu itself barley managed to cut through a regular tree. However, given that it's an A-rank jutsu I wasn't surprised it had drained most of my chakra.

I had also managed to recreate the Fire jutsu Kakashi used against me, once again it wasn't as powerful as when Kakashi used it but it didn't use as much chakra as the Getsuga Tensho or the Water Style: Water Severing Wave Jutsu.

After my encounter with Naruto I had an idea which made me also training in a different aspect, I started to meditate a few hours each day, pushing my senses to their limits and my chakra out of my body and was able to sense nearby animals and people with Chakra, my range was only 100 feet but the more chakra I had the further I would be able stretch my new sense. This new ability wasn't automatic though, I had to keep a constant stream of chakra and attention to keep it active. The most surprising thing about this new ability was that I found out I was being watched. From the chakra signature I would say it was Kakashi, which means he is either suspicious of me or the Hokage has ordered him to watch me. 'Oh well, either way it doesn't matter right now'

Other than my new jutsu and Chakra sensing I had focused my training on tree climbing, so far I had been climbing my home from branch to branch and tree to tree, but now I was able to climb to the top using only my chakra.

[Light (Discarded Genius)

Body - Chunin - Low

Chakra - Chunin - Low

Bound Sword - Abilities - Getsuga Tenshou - Locked (Jonin Chakra Level Required) - Locked (Kage Chakra Level Required)

Elements - Fire 21% - Water 32% - Earth 30% - Wind 0% - Lightning 0% - Yin 0% - Yang 0%

Kekkei Genkai - ********* (Locked - Requirements Unknown) & **** ***** (Locked - Requires two elements at 50%)

Control - 43%

Allegiance - Self/Hidden Leaf]

(One Week Later)

While my chakra was still showing at a low Chunin level it was denser and stronger than before, in the same clash my Getsuga Tensho wouldn't draw with Kakashi's fire ball jutsu. My control had also improved thanks to my tree walking exercise. Using the Water and Fire style jutsu had increased my understanding of both elements but only by a short amount, if I can get some tips or books from Kakashi regarding training Chakra nature I would. At the moment I only knew how the wind nature training works and without any jutsu to use it would be useless to me right now.

I made my way to the field and to my surprise Kakashi was already there. I expected him to be at least a few hours late.

"I didn't think you'd be here before me" I said in a surprised tone.

"Oh why is that?"

"You have a... reputation"

"The Hokage has requested that you meet with him"

I stood there staring at him and he back to me.


"What? Why not? I can assure you he just wants to talk" Kakashi looked surprised at my refusal.

"You mean he wants to recruit me after the village has rejected me twice already, and had me thrown out of the orphanage that was suppose to take care of me?"

Kakashi looked surprised at my being kicked out of the orphanage, he was obviously under a false impression regarding why I was staying in the woods.

"He didn't share what he wanted to discuss with you"

"It's still a no" Meeting the Hokage didn't benefit me at all at the moment, I knew he just wanted to recruit me.

Kakashi looked trouble for a moment. "You can consider it my favour then, for teaching you the Hatake sword style you promised a favour in return"

"Are you sure you want to use your favour for something like this? I don't give out favour's often you know"

He went silent again, probably weighing his options. The Hokage had obvious tasked him with getting me to him, however as I had said a favour from me is hard to come by, seeing my talent he must have gauged I would at least become a Jonin class ninja if not higher. But as a loyal ninja of the leaf he had no other choice.

"Yes, that is my favour, please accompany me to the Hokage"

"Very well, I hope you don't come to regret your decision" I let out a small sigh as he gave his answer, it was predictable but not a wise choice.

"So do I" He said quietly

Kakashi walked me to the Hokage's office and knocked on the door. I could feel the third Hokages chakra as we had gotten closer and closer, it was large and powerful, other than Naruto it was the strongest chakra I had felt in the village.

"Come in"

As my eyes landed on the 3rd Hokage I quickly checked out his, information.

[Hiruzen Sarutobi

Rank - Kage - low

REP - 10]

Ok he already had a good impression of me, I assume that his power ranking is low because of his advanced age, in his prime I would think he was, intermediate starting to reach high.

"This is the boy I was telling you about lord Hokage"

"Yes, yes thank you Kakashi" he gave Kakashi a nod. He turned to me, giving me a warm grandfather smile "So your name is Light if I'm not mistaken?"

"That's right" I nodded

"No last name on record" He said looking over a few sheets of paper.

"My father was expelled from his clan and my mother chose the life of a civilian, she didn't want anything to do with the world of ninja's and gave up her last name. When they died I had no last name to inherit from either of them, I don't know which clans they both derived from anyway"

"I am sorry to hear about your losses my boy, I don't see you listed on any of the orphanages registers though, why is that?" He gave me a suspicious look, obviously he was doubting my story. As I had already told Kakashi I was kicked out he gave the Hokage a glance as if he was saying he had made a mistake.

"After I was rejected by the academy for the second time I was 'Politely' asked to leave the orphanage" I put a lot of emphasis on the word politely.

"Oh, why didn't you speak to anyone about this? or come to my office?" he looked shocked at my being kicked out of the orphanage but he was even more shocked I didn't go straight to him.

"And who should I trust in this village? The ninja of the academy that obviously rejected me for unknown reasons? the people who had me thrown out of the orphanage? You? who allowed it to happen?" I felt myself getting angrier as I spoke.

"It's true we have failed you, however, it is in the past and we can make up all of it, I have spoken with the academy and they have said they will accept you, I doubt it will take you more than 3 or 4 months to graduate"

"No" I immediately rejected him, the possibility of losing my titles effects was too much to even think about it.

"Oh, does the academy no longer appeal to you? do you not want to be a ninja?"

"I am already a ninja, I am just not under the command of anyone but myself. You have rejected me twice, you have left me on the streets to fend for myself, I learned to fight, I learned to live without any help from you or anyone else. Now you see how strong I have become on my own, now, you come to me, asking me, to join you because you want my power nothing more. If I had no power, no skill, no ability, I would already be dead on your streets, I would be a footnote, a statistic on one of your papers not given a second thought. Am I right?"

There was a long silence, I had let out all the frustration I had been feeling since arriving in this world. Kakashi, had closed his eye, looking down on the floor. The Hokage had pulled his hat down over his face blocking me from seeing any kind of expression.

"You are right. We have failed you, in more than one way. All I can do is ask you to forgive us and to let us try and make it up to you"

"I will not be under the control of anyone, I will be a free ninja, free to go where I want, free to do what I want and free of the boundaries the five great villages" If I was to join the leaf ninja then I would be hated by all the other villages automatically.

"And what does being a ninja mean to you light?"

"That I can live my own life by my own morals, I may be a villain to some, a hero to others, but I will be free to choose my own path" I honestly answered.

"If you are so set on using my power, Hokage, then you must hire me"