Naruto: Ninja for Hire

When the hidden leaf village won't let you join the academy why not go in to business for yourself? I know there will be spelling mistakes and I apologise if there are any timeline inaccuracies but nobody is perfect. Also updates might be irregular as I do have to actually work and have a life haha sorry, not sorry.

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Chapter 11: Time skip and meetings - Part 2

"A spar? you want to fight me?" Lee looked confused.

I did want to fight him, desperately, however he is still young and not nearly as strong as he would become. He hadn't even heard of the eight inner gates yet, let alone practiced it.

"Yeah don't worry just think of it as a test of skill"

"Ok then I accept your challenge"

We both moved to an open area and stood 10 feet apart. I placed my sword against the tree to prevent it from getting in the way.

"You ready?" I asked

"Of course" he nodded back

"Ok start"

Lee rushed towards me and jumped in the air, I jumped towards him letting his leg sweep past my head and slammed my elbow in to his stomach.

He flew back and slammed in to a nearby tree. Obviously I held back so I didn't seriously hurt him, but he was still a bit winded.

"Is that all your resolve is worth?" I let out a snort to taunt him.

"No way" Lee got back up and rushed towards me, this time trying to use his fists. He seems to be moving so slowly, I guess this is how Kakashi felt fighting Naruto, Saskue and Sakura. I focused chakra at my feet and suddenly appeared behind him. Slamming my elbow in to his side.

Lee stopped and held his side as he felt the pain from my strike.

"Anymore?" I asked

He rushed back at me, bringing his leg up high and then just as quickly bringing it down to me. I moved quickly to his side, seeing him off balance I swept his remaining leg and pushed him the ground, sending a quick jab to his legs as I he tried to get up.

"I.. can.. still.. move" He tied to get up but his legs didn't seem to be listening to him, they kept buckling under him every time he managed to stand.

"Fine" I disappeared from his sight and immediately appear in front of him. Raising my fist I bring it down towards his chest and he falls flat to the ground. Stopping only a few centimetres away from him. I could see his body shaking as he was unable to move.

"You are weak" I said looking down on him. I wasn't saying it to insult him, I was saying it so he knew how hard he was going to have to work.

He was quiet, very quiet, he must have seen the difference in our power and had quite a shock.

"But you have potential"

"Really?" Lee was finally able to get up.

"You just need to train and get some more techniques" I wonder if Lee would be able to use my taijutsu?

"How about I teach you a few things?"

"Really? Really you would be willing to teach me?"

"Sure come over here and take this stance" as he moved over to me I got in to the basic Muay Thai stance. Lee copied my stance and then moved along with me.

"What is this Style called?" Lee asked as he followed along with me.

"It's called Muay Thai, it focuses on using your knees and elbows to perform powerful strikes on your opponent, however, you must be careful when using this style."


"Using your knees and elbows is very dangerous if you use them wrong you can kill your opponent."

"But, then why are we using them?" Lee looked confused

"Because if you use them right you can kill your opponent"

"I don't want to kill anyone" Lee stopped his movements. He really was a good person, he had a clear sense of right and wrong, it was one of the reasons I decided to go with mauy thai, it's powerful and fast perfect for his style of fighting, the strong fist, but he also had the right heart to use it.

"There is no need to worry, as long as you control your strength you will be able to fight without killing. However, you must understand than in the world of ninja's sometimes fighting to kill is unavoidable" I don't think I ever saw Lee kill anyone in the anime other than the white Zetsu clones and I'm not sure they really count. Although having these skill won't hurt Lee's chances.

"I understand" Gave me a quick nod and continued to practice.

Lee continued to visit me asking me for advise and tips on how to get stronger, I helped where I could but he was still searching for Might Guy all over the village in his free time.

I headed in to the village myself to keep an eye on everyone's lovable hero. While his chakra control was already much better than it was, it would be a close call if he would pass the academy's exams or not.

As I was about to leave I saw that I wasn't the only one spying on Naruto, his stalke.... I mean, his future wife Hinata was staring at him from afar. Her head was clearly in the clouds. I was able to move myself directly behind her without her even noticing, she really needed to be more careful.

I decided to play a small trick on her.

In my best Hinata impression I stood behind her and whispered.

"He's amazing"

"Yeah" she replied

"He's always works so hard"

"Yeah" she replied

"I'd like to hug him"

"Yeah" she replied

"Then kiss him"

"Yea.. wait k.. k... kii.. no I... I can't I"

Seeing her panic was quite funny. I could help but let out a loud laugh, she quickly turned around and turned red as she realised she has been caught.

"Wh.. who are you?"

"Me? I'm Light a pleasure to meet you" I gave her a slight bow

"Oh yes, a pleasure" Her noble training kicked in and she returned my bow.

"So you like Naruto huh?"

"Whhaa. I... I.. he... I mean"

"That's a yes in itself, you know if you want him to notice you, your gonna have to go on the attack, he is rather dense when it comes to girls and relationships"

She shook her head "I'm fine with the way things are right now, Naruto is stronger than people think, he never gives up and is always striving to be greater" I knew that Naruto had already saved her from some bullies, she was definitely already in love.

"You admire him then? you want to be stronger as well?"

"I do, but I don't like fighting, I don't like to hurt people either"

"Your clans style not gentle enough for you?" The gentle fist is only called that because people can't see the damage being done. That doesn't mean they aren't causing significant damage.